Love’s Band Aid (愛的創可)

Our Love

Also called: Our Love

Original Title: 愛的創可

Episodes: 36

Year: 2013

Country: China

Channel: Jiangsu TV

Theme: Romance, comedy

Our Love is an optimistic and uplifting Chinese healing drama.  Zhong Ke Ke (Chen Yan Fei)  and her brother Zhong Yi Fan (Wei Xian Qiang) come from a modest, but loving family whereas Tang Shao Lei (Bryant Cheng) and his sister Tang  Shao Yin (Joanne Zheng) come from a filthy rich but broken family. The Tang parents are separated and the mother hates her husband because she felt neglected throughout all those years they spent together. When the Tang first got married, the father had to break his relationship with Ke Ke and Yi Fan‘s mother. You can imagine how Mama Tang will feel when she discovers the feelings between Shao Lei and Ke Ke. Shao Lei’s sister also left home almost ten years ago and no one has heard from her since then.

Coming from such a background and having experienced the heartbreaks of love himself after his girlfriend left him eight years ago,  Shao Lei is sceptic when it comes to love. Everything revolves around money and their family business Ding Heng Corporation. To the extent that Shao Lei enters a business alliance via an engagement with Xu Ying (Yang Rong), a daughter from a prominent family. Xu Ying, who is obsessed (but really though: she ‘s crazyyy!!!), unsuccessfully uses every trick in the book to make Shao Lei fall in love with her.  Things change when Shao Lei meets Ke Ke, who is a creative designer in Shanghai. When they first meet, Shao Lei is waiting in front of her apartment building – the same where his ex-girlfriend Ruo Jie (Yang Kai Lin) used to live. Ke Ke accidentally spills water on him, hits him with a flower pot, and then rescue him from a fight – so much for a first encounter! To after have him stole her motorcycle from her!

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White Christmas

Original Title: 화이트 크리스마스 / Monster

Episodes: 8

Year: 2011

Country: South Korea

Channel: KBS 2

Theme: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Melodrama, Artistic, School

             Plot: White Christmas, an 8 episode drama, is a psychological thriller that coldly portrays the different facets of human nature and morality. At Susin High School, a private elite academy that only takes the top 1% of the students in the country, Winter Break approaches and all go home except for 7, well and a surprise 8th,  students and one proctoring teacher.

However, these aren’t just any students, all of them had received a mysterious black envelope with a chilling fragment of poetry that threatens murder. As a result, all of them stay behind that break to find out who wrote these messages to them. To introduce the core students, there is Moo Yul, the second smartest student in the school with an inferiority complex. Next, there is Young Jae, a hotheaded bully who hides his cowardice by teasing Kang Mo and Yoon Su. Kang Mo is a hearing impaired student who has a complex about his disability and uses a hearing aid. Yoon Su is a traumatized young man suffering for psychological problems that has him downing drugs to control his hallucinatory spirals. He is constantly afraid a blue “corner monster” and nicknamed the Angel because his family is rich. Jae Kyu seems like Moo Yul’s right hand man and friend, but a little socially awkward. Eun Sung, the only female to stay behind rarely smiles, seems to have frozen over and has a complicated past with Yoo Mul and an intense love/hate relationship with Young Jae. Then we have Chi Hoon who is a genius, but apathetic to his peers.

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Raeng Pradtanah (แรงปรารถนา)


Original Title: แรงปรารถนา

Episodes: 15

Year: 2013

Country: Thailand

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, romance, drama

Pittaya (Nadech Kugimiya) was adopted by Khun Nop (Kriengkrai Oonhanun), after his mother passed away. He grew up along with Khun Nop’s three other children and was given the same care and love as them. His childhood was especially marked by his close relationship with Thae (Kimberly Ann Voltemas), the youngest of Khun Nop’s children.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 4.56.27 PM

But now that they are older, things have completely changed and both of them can’t stand each other anymore. The headstrong and sassy Thae continuously does her best to ruin Pitt’s love life and career, but Thae’s childish ways toward Pitt are only ways to demand his attention. After Pitt started dating Rawee (Mint Natwara Wongwasana), Thae felt neglected and didn’t clearly understand what she had done wrong. Things get further complicated when Khun Nop announces his desire to have Pitt and Thae get married and that despite Pitt already being with Rawee.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 4.59.50 PM

Always arguing

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 5.00.30 PM

Always crying (God please make every woman a pretty crier… ^_^)

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Kingyo Club

Original Title: 金魚倶楽部, Kingyo Club

Episodes: 10

Year: 2011

Country: Japan

Channel: NHK

Theme: Friendship, Slice of Life, Angst, School

         Plot: Kingyo Club is a short 10 episode slice of life Japanese drama, very much played out like a whimsical dream. Haru, a third year high school student, is completely uninterested in school and dramas within it. He often skips class and hangs out in an abandoned club-like room. His two best friends  Kida Kayoko and Yanagihashi Sho are the ones who keep him from totally isolating himself. Furthermore, Kida has a crush on Haru while Sho is pinning for Kida. One day Haru’s apathy is broken when he sees a young girl named Koto being bullied by several other girls. These girls beat her up as well drench her clothes in paint, and Haru steps in to stop them. However, later he sees Koto up on the rooftop of the school and runs there in a frenzy thinking she is about to throw herself off the top. However, Koto is merely enjoying some time alone, trying to make sense of her troubles. Much of comes from the fact that her mother is basically a prostitute and she herself is painfully shy. Haru takes an odd interest in her and thus forms the friendship between the two teens. They form a unique little Goldfish club in the club room when Haru wins some goldfish from a game. The story flows along, angst filled, and overflowing with cuteness as the two figure each out and heal the wounds that each have suffered. Slowly Koto comes out of her shell while Haru takes more of a interest in his peers. Slowly, a romance blossoms between them.

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School 2013

Original Title: 학교 2013

Episodes: 16

Year: 2013

Country: South Korea

Channel: KBS 2

Theme: Friendship, Slice of Life

                Plot: School 2013 brings back the fleeting memories of one’s high school days and makes you wish that teachers cared about their students as much as they do in this drama. The drama is akin to a puzzle, each of the pieces are characters who need each other to become whole. Like a puzzle piece, each character has jagged edges that are looking for a counterpart to fit in with. The drama starts out with Go Nam Soon, played by Lee Jong-Suk, who seemed to be on the low end of the social hierarchy at Seungri High. Bullied at school everyday by the Terrible Three, he never seems to fight back and just takes it with a grain of salt. Sleeping through classes, and generally just ignoring the others seemed to be a daily routine for him. Meanwhile, two teachers, Jung In Jae and Kang Se Chan, who seemed to be on the opposites sides of teaching attitudes are trying to find their place at the school and in Nam Soon’s class. In Jae, a sweet young teacher, tries to care about each and everyone of the students. Meanwhile, Se Chan seemed jaded, a “it’s your life” type. One day, the school gets turned upside down when a transfer student, Heung Soo, arrives. It was the wakeup call that Nam Soon was waiting for. With their dark troubled past, Nam Soon and Heung Soo were at odds with each other immediately.

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One Warm Word (따뜻한 말 한마디)

Finally a drama for a more mature audience!


The story of two couples –  Na Eun Jin+ Kim Sung Soo and Song Mi Kyung + Yoo Jae Hak .

Na Eun Jin and her husband have been going through a rough patch since he first cheated on her five years ago – justifying his infidelity by her postnatal depression. Since his affair, things have never been the same in their couple. They are unable to communicate, or even have any form of physical contact. Their couple is also suffering because of the feelings Eun Jin has developed for Yoo Jae Hak, Song Mi Kyung’s husband.

Eun Jin and Jae Hak have been having an affair for quite some time when they decide to stop seeing each other, mainly due to the guilt Eun Jin is feeling and her decision to sincerely give another chance to her marriage.

Meanwhile Mi Kyung found out about her husband’s affair and hire a private detective to follow him. She also tries to know more about the woman her husband is having an affair with…


It’s hard to appreciate it if one doesn’t keep an open mind. I have been reading some of the comments made about the show and I feel like a lot of people seem to hate Eun Jin’s character – making it seem like she’s the vilain. The thing is that there is no bad guy in this show. Every single character has a reason for their actions and that’s something to take into account. The comments I have read are quite eye-opening. It shows how quick society is to judge adultery and other couples without fully understanding what’s truly going on.

The theme of adultery has been tackled in so many dramas, but I think this is a rare one that doesn’t demonize it. I am not trying to defend adultery at all, but this drama shows that it’s not something that is completely black or white – more grayish. No matter the reason, it’s clear that no one should cheat, but it’s important to realize that most people don’t know how they will truly react if they were in the same situations.

The only character that slightly bothers me is Jae Hak’s. His indifference to his wife’s feelings is quite annoying. I wish he could be less selfish. His wife has been supporting him and his God awful mother for so long – cooking, cleaning, raising the two songs, and running errands from dawn to dusk. He half ass an apology and serves it to her and then calls her crazy because she is being emotional over him cheating. Seriously what woman would remain calm if she found out that her husband was having an affair?

Episode 8 is airing today! It seems like Sung Soo is going to discover his wife’s affair. He is obviously not going to take it well, but what I am more interested in is how he will confront her. When he had his affair, he complained that she kept bringing it back in their conversations and arguments. Will he do the same and finally understand how his wife felt back then?



– maniac Ride

Secret (비밀)


Original Title: 비밀

Episodes: 16

Year: 2013

Country: South Korea

Channel: KBS 2

Theme: Romance, drama

Secret is the story of Kang Yoo Jung , a woman who goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. The night her long time boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon, proposes to her, is also the night they get into a car accident and kill Jo Min Hyuk’s girlfriend, Seo Ji Hee. Do Hoon decides to hide the fact that they hit someone  and leaves Ji Hee dying on the side of the road. When the case is reported to the police, Yoo Jeong decides to take the blame. Do Hoon was on the track to fulfill his dream of becoming a prosecutor and she didn’t want him to lose everything he had worked for. She will spend four years in jail, where she will give birth to a baby boy. While in jail, she will suffer all kind of abuses from other inmates and will even have her baby taken away from her. Some of the difficulties encountered are by no means by the will of God or luck, but rather deliberately provoked by Min Hyuk, who is seeking revenge for the dead Ji Hee. When she gets out of jail, Min Hyuk keeps making her life impossible  – neglecting his fiancee Shin Se Yeon.In the meanwhile, Do Hoon, who is now a prosecutor is not the same as four years ago. Blinded by greed, he will do anything to get richer and  recognized even if it means throwing the woman –  who saved his life – under a bus.

 Character analysis

 Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum)

hwang jang eum

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