Secret (비밀)


Original Title: 비밀

Episodes: 16

Year: 2013

Country: South Korea

Channel: KBS 2

Theme: Romance, drama

Secret is the story of Kang Yoo Jung , a woman who goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. The night her long time boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon, proposes to her, is also the night they get into a car accident and kill Jo Min Hyuk’s girlfriend, Seo Ji Hee. Do Hoon decides to hide the fact that they hit someone  and leaves Ji Hee dying on the side of the road. When the case is reported to the police, Yoo Jeong decides to take the blame. Do Hoon was on the track to fulfill his dream of becoming a prosecutor and she didn’t want him to lose everything he had worked for. She will spend four years in jail, where she will give birth to a baby boy. While in jail, she will suffer all kind of abuses from other inmates and will even have her baby taken away from her. Some of the difficulties encountered are by no means by the will of God or luck, but rather deliberately provoked by Min Hyuk, who is seeking revenge for the dead Ji Hee. When she gets out of jail, Min Hyuk keeps making her life impossible  – neglecting his fiancee Shin Se Yeon.In the meanwhile, Do Hoon, who is now a prosecutor is not the same as four years ago. Blinded by greed, he will do anything to get richer and  recognized even if it means throwing the woman –  who saved his life – under a bus.

 Character analysis

 Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum)

hwang jang eum


She is the representation of pure love. She gave her soul and body to the man she loved. She barely hesitated in taking the blame. Even when he was the prosecutor in charge of the case, working to get her the maximum sentence, she never resented him, or blamed him for what happened. While in jail, she held on to the thought that she would be able to build a home for her son and Do Hoon in the future.

Her dream was shattered when her son San was taken away from her and when she was betrayed by Do Hoon. Although the faith she had in Do Hoon erodes, the faith she has in love stays the same and that’s what makes her character so strong. Yoo Jeong had the ability to get back up and keep fighting.

And when she starts developing a romantic relationship with Min Hyuk, she is once again willing to give her all.

Min Hyuk (Ji Sung)

ji sung


That could be his description in one word, but luckily there is more to his character than his sickening obsession.

When Ji Hee is killed, they had actually already broken up. But unknown to him, she was pregnant with their child. Learning about her death and the baby was a double shock for him and therefore he sets himself on a path for revenge. However, I think there is more than revenge to it. Guilt was another component to his hatred for Yoo Jeong. He felt guilty that he couldn’t protect Ji Hee and that he had abandoned her. When threatened by his father, he barely fought to keep his relationship with Ji Hee. It’s that guilt that he disguises in the form of revenge.

Once he gets closer to Yoo Jung, he slowly starts having some doubt about her guilt and tries to make up for what he has done to her. It’s also his first chance to experience true love and fight for it.

 Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin)

bae soo bin

Greedy and ungrateful

I am not sure if he ever really loved Yoo Jeong, or anyone except for himself for that matter. If he did love Yoo Jeong, he would have never let her take the blame for him, or at least after finding that she was pregnant, he would have tried to set the record straight. I think Do Hoon’s background had him wanting to do more to make up for what his family never had – money and fame. Maybe a little too much. He was so blinded by greed that he forgot what truly mattered. Until the very end, he never realized what he had: the love of a family. Basically, he destroyed his own happiness and that’s what makes him so pitiful. His downfall is the result of self-inflicted casualties.

Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee)

se yeon


She is the perfect example of love gone wrong. All those years, she waited for Min Hyuk to turn and look at her (never going to happen). She had to wait for Ji Hee to be gone, but then as Ji Hee exits, Yoo Jeong enters AND because she knows Min Hyuk so well, she can tell that his love for Yoo Jeong is at another level.

At the beginning, I felt bad for her character but at the end she got more and more cruel and delusional. There is a point in life when everyone needs to give up because it’s simply not  meant to be. It took her way to long to realize that.


I haven’t watched such a good drama in such a long time. I’m currently in drama rehab because I haven’t been able to find something that matches the level of intensity of Secret. It had everything: romance, suspense, drama, and the tears!

I think this drama and the theme of pure love made me rethink the extend to which one should sacrifice herself or himself. I believe it’s more a matter of finding the right person to give your all to. Obviously Min Hyuk was able to appreciate the love she gave him because despite all the money he had, true love was something that was never really in the picture.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 8.46.30 PM

Bae Soo Bin’s acting had me mind blown. His character was the hardest to play, but he portrayed it so well. He was so into his character that I sometimes forgot that Ji Sung was the main lead.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 8.36.24 PM

– maniac Ride

2 thoughts on “Secret (비밀)

  1. Love LOve LOVE!!!! In my life of watching dramas for 12 years now, I can only watch 1 melodrama a year. I’ll do 2 the most if the 1st drama didn’t leave me breathless and heartaches. Secret blown me away. It’s going to take a while for me to recover.

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