One Warm Word (따뜻한 말 한마디)

Finally a drama for a more mature audience!


The story of two couples –  Na Eun Jin+ Kim Sung Soo and Song Mi Kyung + Yoo Jae Hak .

Na Eun Jin and her husband have been going through a rough patch since he first cheated on her five years ago – justifying his infidelity by her postnatal depression. Since his affair, things have never been the same in their couple. They are unable to communicate, or even have any form of physical contact. Their couple is also suffering because of the feelings Eun Jin has developed for Yoo Jae Hak, Song Mi Kyung’s husband.

Eun Jin and Jae Hak have been having an affair for quite some time when they decide to stop seeing each other, mainly due to the guilt Eun Jin is feeling and her decision to sincerely give another chance to her marriage.

Meanwhile Mi Kyung found out about her husband’s affair and hire a private detective to follow him. She also tries to know more about the woman her husband is having an affair with…


It’s hard to appreciate it if one doesn’t keep an open mind. I have been reading some of the comments made about the show and I feel like a lot of people seem to hate Eun Jin’s character – making it seem like she’s the vilain. The thing is that there is no bad guy in this show. Every single character has a reason for their actions and that’s something to take into account. The comments I have read are quite eye-opening. It shows how quick society is to judge adultery and other couples without fully understanding what’s truly going on.

The theme of adultery has been tackled in so many dramas, but I think this is a rare one that doesn’t demonize it. I am not trying to defend adultery at all, but this drama shows that it’s not something that is completely black or white – more grayish. No matter the reason, it’s clear that no one should cheat, but it’s important to realize that most people don’t know how they will truly react if they were in the same situations.

The only character that slightly bothers me is Jae Hak’s. His indifference to his wife’s feelings is quite annoying. I wish he could be less selfish. His wife has been supporting him and his God awful mother for so long – cooking, cleaning, raising the two songs, and running errands from dawn to dusk. He half ass an apology and serves it to her and then calls her crazy because she is being emotional over him cheating. Seriously what woman would remain calm if she found out that her husband was having an affair?

Episode 8 is airing today! It seems like Sung Soo is going to discover his wife’s affair. He is obviously not going to take it well, but what I am more interested in is how he will confront her. When he had his affair, he complained that she kept bringing it back in their conversations and arguments. Will he do the same and finally understand how his wife felt back then?



– maniac Ride

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