Love’s Band Aid (愛的創可)

Our Love

Also called: Our Love

Original Title: 愛的創可

Episodes: 36

Year: 2013

Country: China

Channel: Jiangsu TV

Theme: Romance, comedy

Our Love is an optimistic and uplifting Chinese healing drama.  Zhong Ke Ke (Chen Yan Fei)  and her brother Zhong Yi Fan (Wei Xian Qiang) come from a modest, but loving family whereas Tang Shao Lei (Bryant Cheng) and his sister Tang  Shao Yin (Joanne Zheng) come from a filthy rich but broken family. The Tang parents are separated and the mother hates her husband because she felt neglected throughout all those years they spent together. When the Tang first got married, the father had to break his relationship with Ke Ke and Yi Fan‘s mother. You can imagine how Mama Tang will feel when she discovers the feelings between Shao Lei and Ke Ke. Shao Lei’s sister also left home almost ten years ago and no one has heard from her since then.

Coming from such a background and having experienced the heartbreaks of love himself after his girlfriend left him eight years ago,  Shao Lei is sceptic when it comes to love. Everything revolves around money and their family business Ding Heng Corporation. To the extent that Shao Lei enters a business alliance via an engagement with Xu Ying (Yang Rong), a daughter from a prominent family. Xu Ying, who is obsessed (but really though: she ‘s crazyyy!!!), unsuccessfully uses every trick in the book to make Shao Lei fall in love with her.  Things change when Shao Lei meets Ke Ke, who is a creative designer in Shanghai. When they first meet, Shao Lei is waiting in front of her apartment building – the same where his ex-girlfriend Ruo Jie (Yang Kai Lin) used to live. Ke Ke accidentally spills water on him, hits him with a flower pot, and then rescue him from a fight – so much for a first encounter! To after have him stole her motorcycle from her!

Their paths will keep crossing especially when Ding Heng Corp., tries to acquire the village where Ke Ke’s parents live. Shao Lei goes undercover in order to sabotage Ke Ke and her brother’s plan to stop the acquisition. Shao Lei will pretend to be a poor man called Cao San Shi, which is also the name of Ke Ke’s dog – Zhong San Shi.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.57.04 PM


Spending time with Ke Ke’s family, Shao Lei will experience the warmth his family lacks.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.55.28 AM

He will also slowly develop feelings for Ke Ke. His intent to sabotage will turn into a desire to help the Zhong family. Before he could tell Ke Ke the truth, she finds and chases him away. Shao Lei’s engagement with Xu Ying will get broken off, but other third parties get involved in his relationship with Ke Ke – Ruo Jie, Yang Ming, and the couple’s parents.

The ex-girlfriend, Ruo Jie, makes a comeback and is determined to start over with Shao Lei. It will be revealed that she didn’t abandon Shao Lei to pursue her career but that she was rather pushed away by Mama Tang. 

Yang Ming will be the second lead when it comes to winning Ke Ke’s heart. Background wise, he has a lot more in common with Ke Ke, they are both from the middle class and feel comfortable with each other. Yang Min, who is an orphan, is won over by Ke Ke’s generous heart. At first, being close to Xu Ying, he misunderstands Ke Ke’s intention – thinking that she was a gold digger. However because he takes the time to know her, he totally falls for her and proposes.

The other significant relationship of the drama is the one between Zhong Yi Fan, Ke Ke’s brother and Tang Shao Yin, Shao Lei’s sister, who now has a child called Dong Dong (THE CUTEST KID EVER!). The child father – a total douche – has been out of the picture and doesn’t even know that Dong Dong exists. Simply because he has been too focused on his career as a dancer and choreographer, he neglected Shao Ying and eventually abandoned her. Out of all the characters, I think he is the most despicable. He shows no remorse whatsoever and he is so SELF-CENTERED. It’s all about him, him, him, him, and him again!

Eventually Shao Yin will realize that dance and getting back together with Dong Dong’s father is not what she really wants and needs. True happiness might be closer!  

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.47.44 PM


Watching this drama was a fresh breeze of air. Chen Yan Fei’s acting was really good. Her cheerfulness was contagious and every time she cried, I cried too! I loved the chemistry between the two main leads. They perfectly completed each other. Ke Ke is so bright and loving that she brings warmth to Shao Lei’s heart.

The drama remade me think the value of love versus money. Shao Lei had anything material one can desire but his heart was empty, while Ke Ke, who doesn’t have so much financially lives blissfully. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about money that we forget what really matters. When it comes to Yi Fan and Shao Ying, I, sometimes felt like she didn’t deserve him being so nice to her. True, she has been through so much, especially raising Dong Dong by herself, but she was so mean and inconsiderate of Yi Fan. She also couldn’t see the true colors of Dong Dong’s father. For so long, she had been holding on to memories and the fact that he was her child’s father that she was blinded. Almost to the point of missing out on true happiness.

And Dong Dong! I can’t not talk about him, he is one of the most adorable kid that I have ever seen.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.25.04 PM


“The most precious thing in a person’s life cannot be valued by money. For example, sunlight, air, love, family, friends, idea, belief, and health. None of them can be bought with money.”

“Business is like war.”

 – maniac Ride


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