Killer Girl K

Original Title: 소녀K / Sonyeo K

Episodes: 3

Year: 2013

Country: South Korea

Channel: CGV

Theme: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

               Plot: Killer Girl K, a short drama of only 3 episodes packs a punch, figuratively and literally! Being a cable drama, Girl K is able to fill its short broadcasting span with much intense, uncensored violence and lust that is usually taboo amongst the longer dramas. The story tells of a young girl Cha Yeon Jin played by a newbie actor (Han Groo) who masks her hidden identity by pretending to be a normal student. With a family shrouded in mystery, Yeon Jin grew up as a rebellious teenager who gave back as much as she got, if not more. However, an unfortunate run-in with a group of dangerous people and her friends changed her life forever. With her mother kidnapped and all of her friends dead, Yeon Jin inevitably set out to rescue the one family she has and avenge the deaths. Coming up against trained assassins and hitmen, her fighting skills were not up to par and she narrowly escaped death, but unfortunately she lost her mother.

Revived by a mysterious organization, she ended up making a deal with them to work as an assassin for a chance to avenge the deaths of her kin and family. Little did she know, she was tied to the organization in more ways than one. On top of her job, she must continue to attend high school as a cover. She tries to keep both worlds separate, but it was only a matter of time before they crossed. Though at school she tries to keep a low profile, she manages to capture the attention of a popular boy. Interspersed in the this dark drama are those fleeting moments where she tries to be an ordinary girl and explore this young love. Unfortunately, the boy stepped too far into her world and ends up dead. Broken beyond repair, she sets out to avenge the organization who used her with the help of the neighborly ahjussi of her childhood. A bloodbath later, she finds the truth behind her birth and achieves the justice she wanted. Though after the ordeal, she tries her hand at being a schoolgirl again while danger always follow her.

               Comments: What makes this drama so watchable is its tight and simple storytelling. Girl’s family and friends get killed. Girl tries to get revenge, ends up joining the wrong organization. Girl exacts revenge on all those who wronged her. But it is the emotional impact and the rawness of each scene that grabs your attention. You feel her raw emotions, a young girl pushed to her limit, physically and emotionally. She has entered a world full of violence, gore, and lust that she has no business being in at her age. The scenes are gritty, dark, and twisted. Yet, those few moments of pastel dreaminess that Yeon Jin manages to capture, only highlights the harsh reality of Yeon Jin’s real world and the things she can’t have. There is something in this drama for everyone. There is intense fighting scenes with amazing choreography that showcases many types of fighting with different types of weapons. There is of course romance, a blossoming love between two young high school students and darker, more twisted love amongst the adults. There is that yearning, the hope that the wrongs will be righted and that justice will be had. This drama, of course delivers. The ending, true to the rest of the drama leaves you wanting for more, to see where her skills will really take her in the future. For Yeon Jin, revenge is always better served cold.

               Actor Review: Han Groo, our heroine, plays Cha Yeon Jin. As a newbie actress who has not been in any dramas before Killer Girl K, she portrayed the character amazingly well. Her rawness, anger, and yearning felt realistic and intense. You lived, cried, and held your breath with her. With the large amount of fighting scenes in the drama, she pulled those off (with or without a stunt double, I’m not quite sure) as well, albeit a little dramatic at times. Kim Jung Tae playing our resident badass ahjussi, Yoo Sung Ho, was also a nice addition to the cast who acted as a supportive friend to Yeon Jin in her childhood. Before this one, his drama repertoire contained several action dramas so he is no stranger in acting this type of role.  Park Hyo Joo plays Min Ji Young, Yeon Jin’s trainer and almost mother figure. Her acting was also superb where she tried to keep her distance from Yeon Jin, but could not help protecting her as well. Lastly, for those K-pop lovers out there, Kim Dong Joon from ZE:A, made a nice cameo in her high school as a love interest.

Quotes: “Just so you know, spending today with you was the second happiest moment of my life. The happiest being… the first time I met you.”



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