A Frozen Flower (쌍화점)


The King of Goryeo (Ju Min Joo) finds himself under pressure from his kingdom and the Yuan Dynasty, from which his Queen (Song Ji Hyo) belongs, to have an heir. The Queen and him have been married for several years, but have never shared the same bed. Rather the King shares his bed with one of his close guard Hong Rim (Jo In Sung).

Hong Rim being the only one he trusts, the King asks him to sleep with the Queen. Reluctantly he accepts. The first night leaves both Hong Rim and the Queen feeling uncomfortable. However the following nights, the two seem to develop feelings for each other – leading to the King’s jealousy when he overhears their intercourse.

The Queen and Hong Rim start meeting more often, exchanging gifts, and sharing personal thoughts. The King, who feels threatened, orders them to stop seeing each other, but his order is hardly followed.


1) Portraying homosexual love is pretty daring. I would have never expected that from a Korean movie. I was happily surprised. The director was able not only to capture the physical relationship, but also the emotional connection between the King and Hong Rim.

2) The sex scenes are way too realistic. Maybe that many bed scenes weren’t necessary, but anyway they are there so be aware!

3) I am still not sure how I feel about the King although I watched this movie twice. I felt like asking Hong Rim to sleep with the Queen was not his best decision. First, because you never know what can happen between two people, especially when they get physically involved. Second, it was totally unfair to the Queen: imagine your husband asking another man to sleep with you so you can carry a child. Song Ji Hyo’s facial expressions also showed pain and a humiliation. The King was often selfish in his decisions and the way he loved, or maybe he loved too much.

4) The costumes and the scenery were breathtaking!

5) One question remains: who did Hong Rim really loved? Did he love the King, but felt lust for the Queen? Or did he simply love the Queen?

– maniac Ride


One thought on “A Frozen Flower (쌍화점)

  1. I truly believe that Hong Rim loves the Queen because he felt different physically and emotionally. He shares that bond with the Queen, while with the King, he’s just serving the King as a servent. I think Hong Rim eventually understand what “LOVE” means through the relationship with the Queen.

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