Samee (สามี) Episodes 1 to 5

Samee 2013

Starring: Grate Warintorn as Rarp and Preem Ranida as Ying Ai/Rasika

Note: This is a remake of Samee (2000)

Rarp is the rich heir of a family of Chinese descent. For a long time now, he had feelings for Ying Ai, a hi-so, who works in a design firm. He gets to know her more when his father Jao Sua (Dilok Thong Wattana) marries Khun Ying’s mother (Jariya Anfone).

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.41.12 AM

The parents are so cute!

Ying Ai fiercely opposes this union because of her deceased father. Her father believed that Jao Sua was responsible for the downfall of his business. She looks down on Jao Sua’s family, which makes it harder for Rarp to approach her. Nonetheless he is able to force her to marry him with the help of his sister Roong (Mint), who pays/seduces Rasika’s boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.13.35 AM

Roong and Ying Ai’s ex-BF

In exchange for saving their family mansion, which her paternal uncle has set his sight on, Rasika accepts to marry Rarp. She makes it clear that they are only married in name and that she would never love it (what every nang’ek says but we all know how the story goes~)

Meanwhile Rasika’s uncle and her cousin Surisong try to figure out a way to get rid of her, which results in several failed attempts of murder. We also learn that the union between Rasika’s and Rarp’s families is a way to protect mother and daughter from the uncle.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.52.17 AM

The evil uncle and cousin

They get married and are confronted with a series of obstacles.  Rasika puts a barrier between her and Rarp. She looks down on him and has too much pride to see the good in him.

Family issues are also there to spice up the drama. Jao Sua had two wives before Rasika’s mother:  Rarp and his siblings’ mother, who died because she was sick and heartbroken after Linda, the second wife. Linda (Couldn’t find the actress’ name)  was never his legal wife, more like his wife in bed. She had a son with Jao Sua, Ram (Alex Rendell). She is THE  troublemaker of the family. She wants to get more power and is concerned by the succession of the family business. Right now her main goal is to secure a safe amount of money and a position for Ram  (let’s be real: more for herself…).

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.45.06 AM

Her eyes scream crazy!

Ram has been studying abroad and when he returns he hopes to get accepted by his siblings. He has been suffering from a mental illness for several years, which is apparently caused by childhood trauma, the lack of affection, and his mother’s brainwashing.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.10.27 AM

Meanwhile another of Rarp’s sister, Rong Lin (Jieb Pijitra) has to deal with her crazy and greedy husband , who is embezzling company funds.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.16.59 AM

Ying Ai also has several men after her including her cousin Wee – the son of the the uncle who is trying to kill her –  and a police officer who saved her.

Sih (Jaja Primrata), who is Rarp’s former lover, represents another crazy in the making. The relationship he had with Sih was pretty clear from the beginning. He told her that they would never be more than friends with benefits, but she fell in love with him. When she gets pregnant, Rarp tells her she can’t keep the baby. Before she makes up her mind, she gets in a car accident with none other than Ying Ai and loses the baby. She is obviously devastated and even more after Rarp’s wedding. She soon goes on stalker mode and applies for a job at Ying Ai’s company!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.14.24 AM

Sadness phase for Sih. Let’s see how long before she becomes psycho…

Things get further complicated because of Jao Sua’s declining health :-(, but on a happy note… Rarp and Ying Ai get closer because of Pallop, Rarp’s son.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.18.00 AM

Comments: I haven’t watched Samee 2000, but I love this remake! Here the pra’ek isn’t perfect not because he is psycho (i.e. Sawan Biang lol), but more because of wrong decisions that each of us could make. Plus the pra’ek’s family dynamic is wonderful! The support the siblings have for each other is heart warming. I guess that’s why I feel bad for Ram because he is missing out on so much and it’s not even his fault. You can see that his character is yearning for love, but he is torn apart by his love for his mother and her manipulative ways. But seriously Alex Rendell’s acting is impressive.

Although I like Ying Ai, I was a little annoyed by her. Too much pride! And she is so stubborn – she isn’t even taking the time to give her new family a chance. Anyway we all know that’s soon about to change (who can resist Grate’s charm??), we got some cute family moments in episode 5. It’s so funny how Rarp uses Pallop to get closer to Ying Ai!

I can’t wait to see what happens with Rong Lin and her husband. I wonder why none of her siblings are trying to protect her, or give her advice – as in leaving him!


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