Samee (สามี ) Episodes 6 to 10

Roong gets rid of Ying Ai’s ex boyfriend Wasin, who finally realizes that Roong was doing her best to keep him apart from Ying Ai. Hahaha I love how Roong tells him: “You did great. My family is very happy.”Wasin doesn’t take it like a gentleman and keeps harassing her. Wee sees that and follows her. He is able to save her on time when Wasin abducts her. Wasin’s face takes some serious punches. After this incident, Wee and Roong get closer and start sharing their feelings and thoughts. Unfortunately Surisong quickly finds out about the relationship between the two.

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Sih started working at Ying Ai’s company and gets to know her. She plays the nice girl card and tells Ying Ai all about her  boy problems without telling her who is the guy who broke her heart. Serisouly she is now in full psycho mode! She can’t stand to see Rarp happy with Ying Ai. She even attacks Ying Ai incognito – a woman’s wrath is no joke!

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Unluckily for Wasin, Rarp thinks he is the one who attacked Ying Ai. Rarp was already furious that he attacked his sister so poor (not really tho – kind of deserved it :-D) Wasin gets hit really hard again.

Company side, Ram starts working in the family business, but he is acting like a complete fool by disrespecting other employees and neglecting seniority and hierarchy.

Sih also gets closer to Ram. When she sees Ram arguing with Rarp over Ying Ai, she realizes that both guys are siblings. Her evil plan is simple: using Ram to get closer to Rarp’s family and make the latter pay.

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Poor Ram… Being used once again

Sih eventually gets married to Ram and  moves in with him in the main house with all the other siblings. I am not sure if they are legally married :-$. Linda has been pushing so hard for her son to move in the main house so that they can make everyone miserable. Rarp, with the help of Ying Ai, convinces his siblings to let Ram move in order to mend their family relationship. Only problem is that they get the package: Ram+ Sih+Linda (she doesn’t live there but she spends all her time – such a busybody)!  Everyone seems to be fond of Sih except of course Rarp and his younger sibling Lin, who doesn’t trust her at all.

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Linda introducing her monster of daughter-in-law

Linda also knows that Sih is the former lover of Rarp. With Prasit and Surisong, they agree that having Sih with Ram can help them toward their goals: making Ying Ai and Rarp divorce, and getting the company for Linda. The pression for Prasit to get back Ying Ai’s family mansion is increasing because of his debts. Wee tries to help his father by proposing other business alternatives, but his help is denied.

Meanwhile Ying Ai is fighting her feelings for Rarp. She is obviously in love with her husband but tries to deny it. First because of her father, she feels like she is betraying him. Second because she doesn’t want to go back on her word. Ying Ai had promised that she would never develop feelings for Rarp. She runs away and Rarp pursues and they make up – *bed scene time* Ying Ai accepts to give a chance to their couple and admits her feelings for Rarp.

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Rong Lin’s husband, Charnchai, is caught embezzling even more money and Jao Sua plans to take actions this time. Before Jao Sua gets a chance, Charnchai pushes him down the stairs, causing him to go to the hospital. Prasit, who sees it, doesn’t say anything – making them allies. Meanwhile Surisong sends people to take care of Ying Ai and Rarp during their little trip. They are saved by Wasin and Roong.

Prasit and Linda try to kill Jao Sua while he is at the hospital. When Jao Sua comes back home, he is  paralyzed and can’t talk anymore. The family welcomes him and pray for a speedy recovery.

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In the midst of all this ordeal, Ying Ai learns that Prasit is the one responsible for her father’s death and not Jao Sua like she thought. Her mother tells her that Jao Sua has been providing for her family for so long: paying her dad’s medical bills, her tuition, etc. She explains that her relationship with Jao Sua is one of friends that support each other.

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Comments: Happy that Ying Ai understands her in laws now. What I am worried about is how she will react when she finds out that Sih is Rarp’s former lover and that the child she accidentally killed was Rarp’s. I wish he could tell her the truth. I understand that he is scared of losing, or hurting her but by not saying anything he is making it worst. That bomb is going to drop soon.

I also wonder if Sih will develop feelings for Ram. That would be understanding. If she does, she would let go of her hate. Hopefully she will realize what Ram can give her before it’s too late.

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