Twenty Years Old Episode 1 Recap


Drama: Twenty Years Old / 스무살 / Seumoosal

Starring: Lee Da In & Lee Ki Kwang (B2ST)


Twenty Years Old is a cute and short drama that feels more like a live adaption of a fanfiction.

In episode one, the main girl, Hye Rim is getting ready for a party amongst her classmates. However, she is very much unused to dressing up and stumbles over putting on mascara or even walking in high heels. Having finally arrived at the gathering, she is then pressured into drinking large amounts of alcohol by her sunbae.

1.2 1.1

Soon the object of her affections, Kim Tae Woo walks in and she notices happily that he sits by her. A bit of cute flirtation occurs and she happily fangirls over it in the bathroom even though it was cheesy. He then asks her to take a walk outside. While walking, Hye Rim fantisizes about herself as a princess and him as her prince. However, this illusion shatters as he leads her to a motel room in the lieu of letting her rest! He puts the moves on her and she runs out! She ends up walking sadly back in the rain and even gets blisters on her feet. Like in a true kdrama, she sits down by the road and sobs her heart out.

1.3 1.4

But like some of us girls, she ends up back home whittling her time away watching shows and eating ramyun/(pounds of snacks) after her failed romance. Sounds like the life to me! Her best friend scolds her for not taking care of herself. Then proceeds to take her out to see a B2ST concert! WHAT. Is it that easy to get tickets?

1.5 1.7

She ends up going, in her sloppy home outfit though, and sits next to a bunch of high school fangirls. We find out that she had gone to middle school with him! And even went as far as giving him her first kiss! After the concert, the fangirls crowd around Ki Kwang (our main lead playing his idol self), in an effort to see the kpop star. In the crush, Hye Rim loses her slipper and crawls on hands and knees trying to find it until Ki Kwang himself picks it up.

1.6 1.8

She asks him if he remembers her, and fantasizes him putting a crystal slipper on her like Cinderella. He coldly ignores her and walks away. However, later we see that he sends a Kakao friend request to her with the message, “It’s been awhile, Kim Hye Rim.”

Comments: Twenty Years Old is refreshing and breezy. Shot from a young girl’s perspective, searching for love, she embodies some of us single ladies! However, throw in a kpop idol, it’s a fangirl’s heaven. How many of us have secretly, well not so secretly now, dreamed of our bias sweeping us off our feet. To be honest, this type of fantasizing has probably occurred  once…if not more in our kpop-addled minds, at least for me! However, this is even better, the kpop idol actually remembers you and wants to befriend you…(not looking at you saesangs..!)


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