Twenty Years Old Episode 2 Recap


This episode starts out with the same group of people in a bar again, very much drunk. Hye Rim reminisces about how seems to black out each time she consumes large amounts of alcohol, but unfortunately remembers it all later. Suddenly we fast forward to where she is on the couch with Ki Kwang leaning over her and just about to kiss her it looks like! But she is confused to how she got there. We then rewind that life tape back to when she is getting her hair perm-ed.

2.1 2.2

While getting her hair done, Ki Kwang starts sending her multiple messages. He wonders what she is doing, where she is, like they are super close friends…or like he is her boyfriend?  As she checks her KaoTalk more, she accidentally presses the call button after stalking her previous crush’s photo. She finds that he is dating another girl named Mi Jin and wants to keep what happened the other day secret.

2.3 2.4

Depressed again, she walks home after buying several beers. After dropping one, it rolls away until it hits……Ki Kwang! He had been following her for the past half hour! He reintroduces himself to her as Lee Ki (his middle school nickname). As she sees his face, she starts tearing up just like she had done when she was younger. Worried about her crying, he starts apologizing for not contacting her for a long time, and a slew of other things. She fondly remembers him self-confessing even when didn’t do anything wrong in his younger days.


Unfortunately they are spotted by some rabid fangirls who then chased the two down the streets. Ki Kwang of course grabs her hand as they run away. We also see that they had run for fun back in the day in a cute flashback. We find out they were best buddies! After escaping the fangirls by hiding in the bushes, they arrive back at Hye Rim’s house.  Her best friend, Ga Young, is at a club dancing away while thinking of her B2ST bias, Ki Kwang. They end up sharing some beers before Ki Kwang spots the girl’s underwear hanging out to dry. AWKWARD.


She tells him to leave, and finds the living room empty….before he pops out of the shower room! He teases her a bit before starting up the water. His singing in the shower reminds her of their first kiss. That memory becomes her worst when she remembers how his hand accidentally hovered over her breast during that kiss. He was her first love, but she avoided him after that incident and they grew apart.

2.7 2.8

Still dwelling in her lost first love experience she begins throwing all the empty beer cans she drank at him when he gets out of the shower. He apologizes sincerely for his actions back then and for not chasing after her to explain the incident. After they make up, she suddenly finds herself in that almost kissed position. She stops his kiss and finds out that Lee Ki had skipped out of the hospital earlier after fainting to come see her. He then confesses to her that he likes her! It culminates in a very adorable kiss, an actual kiss (no regular kdrama frozeness or deer in headlights). That is until we see her best friend come home ranting about her bias…who is sitting inside the house!

Comments: Another cute episode that tells us more about Lee Ki and Hye Rim’s cute heady romantic younger years. The parallels are gorgeous showing how they grew, yet still held their old habits. We also see more of Ki Kwang’s acting in this episode. While he still might be very green, his earnestness shines through, and that is what endears him to us! It was also funny and yet alarming to see how hardcore the fans are chasing him through the streets to get a picture or more. Idol lives aren’t very private and sometimes fans do make it worse by not giving them any peace. Again, the scenes are pure fangirl heaven. I am definitely excited to see where this second try of love takes us. But watch out for that best friend, who knows how she will take her bff dating her bias?


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