Twenty Years Old Episode 3 Recap


Episode three starts off with a background of idol singer Ki Kwang, affectionately named Lee Ki by Hye Rim. Though on TV he says his ideal girl is Suzy, in reality he had been dating Hye Rim for at least a month. While performing on stage, he shoots a “love arrow” for his girlfriend to watch at home. He then texts her and asks her if she received his heart. She teases him that she missed it, but in reality she loved the cheesy romantic gesture. She then opens her locked album and browses through the adorable photos of their couple dates.

3.1 3.2

Next we see them on a date at the theater. However because he is an idol and doesn’t want to be followed, Ki Kwang had to come in after the movie started and leave before it ended. Hye Rim finds it lonely sometimes, but thus are the woes of dating an idol! Later he makes it up to her in the car by cutely giving her a pair of shoes that she had admired when they were young. He jokingly teases her that now she will run away (Korean saying that giving shoes as a present will make the receiver leave).

3.3 3.4

Unfortunately, now Hye Rim needs to keep all her dating adventures secret from her best friend. Luckily their first kiss was not found out by Ga Young when she came home from the club that day. For the past month, Hye Rim tries to tell her friend about her secret by posing hypothetical questions such as what if Ki Kwang started dating Suzy…..or her?! Of course Ga Young is horrified and said she would be angry if someone dated her bias.

Soon she goes to another her friend’s gatherings. Awkwardly she meets her sunbae Kim Tae Woo again. However, things get even more awkward for her when that other drunk sunbae of hers confesses that he likes her and wants her to go out with him. She rejects him multiple times while he persistently wants to know who her mysterious boyfriend is and thinks she still likes Tae Woo. She had no way of proving him wrong.

3.5 3.6

Things take a turn for the worst when pictures of her and Ki Kwang are captured at the theater. However, her face is not publicized yet. His company tried to cover it up saying that they were “just friends”. Hye Rim guiltily tries to spill her guts out to her friend, but fails yet again. It had been a week since Ki Kwang last contacted her as he waits for the clamor to die down. However, he picks her up on her birthday to take her out! In the car, she asks him until when should they keep their dating a secret. He responded that the backlash now may hurt her and the other members of B2ST, but they should give it time and come out with the secret with style later!

3.7 3.8

They end up having cake together outside by the Han River. The Han River, commonly known as the RIVER OF TEARS…where all kdrama breakups happen. While they are happily celebrating her birthday, a telltale flash occurs. They have been found by reporters! The paparazzi rushes overwhelming both Hye Rim and Ki Kwang. In his nervousness, Ki Kwang rushes into the car leaving Hye Rim outside with the reporters. Later they both drive home and Ki Kwang tries to deal with the consequences. Hye Rim walks home in the rain realizing that she can’t make another person happy just by love alone.


She decides to not answer Ki Kwang’s phone call and thinks that parting ways will be good for each other. Hye Rim then arrives home to find out that Ga Young now knows about her and Ki Kwang. Her best friend is angry at her for not trusting her enough to tell about the secret relationship. Hye Rim falls apart in her room.

Comments: Ah, the secret relationship finally comes to an end….foreshadowed by that rendezvous at the Han River! There is never anything good coming out of meeting at that river, it seems like in kdramas. Unfortunately, like all Korean idols, Ki Kwang now must deal with the scandal backlash and the horrid hardcore fangirls that are bound to be yapping at both of their heels. It is heartbreaking to see that one momentary mistake could break such a fragile young love, but that is the price one must pay in the entertainment industry it seems. Your private life is your public life.



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