Twenty Years Old Episode 4 Recap


Episode Four starts with a flashback of Hye Rim ignoring Ki Kwang because of the first kiss incident. Reluctantly, current Hye Rim has to go to school if she doesn’t want to fail. On the bus, we see hopeless drunk sunbae realizing that Hye Rim’s boyfriend was B2ST’s Ki Kwang, someone he can’t compare with. At school, she is stared at and talked about after the scandal articles spread like fire. Soon she is even chased by those hardcore fangirls through the streets! Although she escapes onto a bus, she is even whispered at on there.

4.3 4.4

Depressed, she sits at home, having no confidence to face this netizen fueled backlash. Brokenly, Ki Kwang bangs on her door, wanting her to open up. He says he is sorry several times and cries as he call her, but she won’t pick up at all. Unfortunately, they separate.

4.6 4.7

Hye Rim tries to go back to her old life and tries to patch up her relationship with her best friend who won’t respond to her texts at all either. Ga Young comes home, but refuses to talk to her or listen to Hye Rim’s apologies. Her friend then rushes to her room to take back an expensive purse she had bought. However, Hye Rim and her have a little spat about who owned the purse that culminated into them ripping the bag by accident….but spilling their pent up feelings. The two had a teary reconciliation.

4.8 4.9

Two months later, the scandal died down and Hye Rim was no longer pointed at or talked about. Ki Kwang also hadn’t contacted her for month and was on an Asia Tour. His company also made her out to be just someone Ki Kwang had known in middle school. She still misses him a lot and thinks back to their sweet memories. She comes home to find that Ga Young had bought two hard to get tickets for another BEAST concert. Her friend tries to plays it off like nothing and does not pressure Hye Rim to go, but Hye Rim knows that her friend still likes the band a lot and decides to go with Ga Young.

4.12 4.13

Hye Rim attends the concert, but sits sadly in the audience, noticing how thin Ki Kwang had gotten. Although she assures her friend that she is alright, you can tell she is still very broken up about what had happened. As she listens to the concert, she remembers a flashback where Ki Kwang promises to play her a song on guitar during their middle school years. Ki Kwang starts playing the acoustic version of BEAST’s “On Rainy Days” (the song he had promised to play) and both of their tears fall. Soon, Hye Rim can’t take it anymore and leaves the concert, sobbing.

4.14 4.15

The scene then flips to Hye Rim having dinner with a strange new guy. Turns out, her friend Ga Young had set up the date because the guy was pestering her to meet Hye Rim. However, Ga Young would get the guy off her friend’s back later since Hye Rim had no interest whatsoever….because SHE WAS STILL DATING KI KWANG SECRETLY. what. When did this happen??


However, now Ga Young supports their relationship. Hye Rim and Ki Kwang continues their candy sweet romance and celebrates the New Year (with Ki Kwang hurriedly rushing to her side after a performance)! The credits roll and we see what happens to the other characters. Her drunk sunbae tries to romance his hairdresser before going to the army. Previous crush Tae Woo gets slapped for bringing another girl to a motel. Ga Young makes Doo Joon of BEAST her new bias. Annnnd of course, Ki Kwang and Hye Rim make their relationship public at last and happily walks through the crowds.


Comments: Thus ends a sweet cute flick which is heaven for our fangirl minds……but kind of unrealistic. In a happily ever after world, we wish all of our romances could end this way, but as we know sometimes idol romances are short and fleeting whether due to netizens criticisms or the companies’ denials. However, we can also hope that one day idols do find their true love and are able to maintain a stable relationship without the public affecting them too much. We must always remember that idols are HUMANS first and idols second.


13 thoughts on “Twenty Years Old Episode 4 Recap

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  2. I truly enjoyed this mini series. I only watched it b/c I knew it was short and it was 4 episodes. Without reading the summary or anything, I’m glad I watched it. This drama can relate to so many crazy fans and idols themselves. Fans need to take a notch down on their idols. I’m also a huge fan of idols (BIG BANG) but there will be some disagreement on some of my babies’s relationship but…. it is what it is and we have to learn to accept it. As long they are happy, we should too.

    It’s like, your parents can’t agree with everyone you date but you still date them b/c you like them… At the end of the day, it’s your choice and your life. We all have to deal with it.

    To all the CRAZY fans out there…. love them for acting and their music. But don’t love them like you own them b/c you will just ruin your life over someone you will never be able to have. Plus, you probably will never be able to even touch. So… enjoy the moments that our idols are willing to give us. The least you can do is love them with passion and support them through it all. True fans, only want their idols to succeed in the entertainment industry and succeed in love & life.

    Also, fans need to stop the fan wars about who’s idols are better b/c no one will ever win this battle.

    • Well put, well put. I totally agree with all of your comments. Fans can get so obsessive, it’s almost sad to watch. We can only hope that this dynamic loosens up so that idols can breath.

  3. thank you for the recap! this drama is so sweet it made me cringe a lot but then again it’s enjoyable to watch. at the end i replayed the scenes since i thought…when did i miss their reconciliation? the last scene at the bus clearly shows that they got separated because of the agency and tour stuffs. but it escalated quickly lol

  4. A drama with 4 episodes that beats out other dramas with many episodes,bravo to the casts and crews .good work guys.kindly like my blog on wordpress@bi081678

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