Samee (สามี) Episodes 11 and 12

Linda and Prasit kill Jao Sua with the help of Wasin and Sih. Sih “accidentally” drops the pills of Jao Sua and Ying Ai and Roong head to the hospital to get new ones. At the hospital, Wasin harasses Ying Ai causing her to drop the bottles of new pills, Linda then sneaks and exchange the pills. Wee also happens to be there with his sister.

Later when Ying Ai feeds Jao Sua, he has a seizure and dies. Touching how each member of the family has flashbacks of Jao Sua – remembering all the sweet moments they spent together.

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While the family is trying to organize the funeral, Ram loses it and is arrested after a fight in a bar.When Ram is taken to the hospital to treat his injuries, Rarp and Ying Ai learn about his bipolar disorder.

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Rarp shares it with the other siblings who now feel guilty. Ram’s bipolar disorder might also be linked to the death of the first wife of Jao Sua who was sick, heartbroken, and bothered by Linda; Ram was traumatized by his mother fighting with the first wife and later the siblings accusing him of causing their mother’s death. The siblings change their behavior toward Ram, who is greatly but happily surprised.

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Sih keeps trying to seduce Rarp especially when she learns that he is trying to arrange a wedding between Ram and her. Although she is unsuccessful, there are a lot of suspicion that arise about the two. Roong eventually learns the truth. Sih also gets more and more jealous of the relationship between Pallop and Ying Ai. The child now calls Ying Ai mother and is obviously really attached to her.

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Ying Ai starts to suspect Sih, who has been doing petty things out of revenge: cutting Ying Ai’s clothes, throwing the flowers Rarp gave her, etc. Ying Ai also learns that she is pregnant! She has mostly mixed feelings about her pregnancy, I guess she would have expressed her happiness a lot more if it didn’t happen at such a time. The only person who knows about her pregnancy is Wee, he is also the one with who she shares her suspicions about Sih.

Wee accepts to look into Sih’s past and her relationship with Rarp for Ying Ai. Meanwhile Rarin, Rarp’s baby sis, and Ying Ai’s friend who is a police officer, Sakan, are also investigating. The little detective group see Rarp meeting with his friend Manok, the one who has been pretending to be Sih’s brother.  Rarp is obviously stressed out and scared that Ying Ai will find out about Sih and him. He wants to tell her the truth (It’s about time!).

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When Ying Ai learns about the meeting between Rarp and Manok, she suspects that they used the accident with Sih (and her debts) to force her to marry Rarp. However things are so hectic in their family  that she wants to take the time to figure out the best solution. She asks them to remain quiet about the matter. Ying Ai confronts Manop and tells him that her intuition and Sih’s behavior make it clear that there was something in the past. She wants to know the truth while she is still willing to accept it.

The autopsy reveals that Jao Sua died due to poison and not his sickness. The cops obviously directly suspect Ying Ai. Reporters go after her and ask her if she is the murderer (seriously even if she was, do they think that she would tell them ??!!!) . I thought the reporters were bad, but well you know who is  worst – Linda. She goes on a rant accusing Ying Ai and causing a ruckus in the house. She also talks to the reporter and tell them about Ying Ai marrying Rarp for money.

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Roong and Wee’s relationship takes a turn for the worst when Surisong implies that he helped killing Jao Sua. Roong feels betrayed and refuses to listen to Wee’s explanations. She was already feeling emotional due to their dad’s death  and now she believes the man she loved and trusted might be responsible. She decides to end their relationship. Wee is also discouraged but Ying Ai tries to mediate and asks him to give some time to Roong (Question for the director: can we have a drama just for Roong and Wee?!!!)

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The last relationship that is in for conflict is the one between Rong and Charnchai. He starts to be unusually nice in order to have her help him create his own company, but he doesn’t know that she is highly suspicious of him: both for attempting to kill her dad and embezzlement!

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