Samee (สามี) Episodes 13 and 14 (Final)

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Sih and Rarp have a huge argument. Rarp catches her while she is tearing apart Ying Ai’s dress. He tries to calm her down but she threathens to tell everyone the truth. He throws her out of the room and make sure that no one hears them. However Ying Ai and Ram hear everything. Ram wants to make a fuss, but Ying Ai dissuades him. Seems like she just wanted him to see Sih’s true colors.

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Ying Ai gives hints to Rarp hoping that he would be honest with her. However he hesitates and she finally lets him know that Sih has already confessed. She decides to forgive him because she believes in their relationship (and she is also pregnant but he doesn’t know that yet!). Ying Ai decides to leave their home for a few time in order to give Rarp time to solve the problems; she is also worried about the safety of her baby and stays at Sakan’s house outside of the city.

 Wee investigates Jao Sua’s murder and found out about the people involved: Linda, Chaicharn,Wasin, Sih, his father and sister. He tells Rong, Rarp, and Ying Ai about it. Rong realizes her mistake and asks Wee to start over. They are not the only one to learn the truth. Ram also learns that his mother was involved causing him to fall in despair and rage. He already felt like his life was falling apart because of Sih. 

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Ram also learns that he is HIV positive. His family is supportive, but Sih, who is most likely positive too, resents him and turns this additional hatred toward Ying Ai (of course she would). She blames Ram (too) for ruining her life and vows to never let his family be happy.

Wasin and Charnchai get arrested and when trying to run away Surisong and her father are attacked by Mr. Yang, the debt collector who is after them.Wee and Rarp come to the rescue, but Surisong is shot and dies shortly after.

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With all those arrests, Linda panicks and tries to flee with the help of Sih. Their plan was to get their hands on Ying Ai and have Rarp transfer Ram’s inheritance to them. Sih, who is sure about Ying Ai’s pregnancy, has more personal motives. She wants to infect Ying Ai and her baby  by cutting herself and Ying Ai with the same knife (psycho much!).

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Ying Ai is able to run away and is saved when Rarp and Ram get there. The brothers hear the altercation between Linda and Sih. Ram’s reaction is so heartbreaking. He hears Sih telling Linda that she is a awful mother and that she only cares about herself. Since Linda went to the extend of having Sih use Ram’s feelings to hurt the other siblings. Ram can’t believe that his mother went so far. Their argument is interrupted when the cops try to catch Sih who flees in a car, Ram tries to stop her but gets hit by her. He dies in Rarp’s arm and next to Roong and his mother. Ram tells Rarp that is proud to be his brother and that what mattered to him the most was his family.

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At Ram’s funeral, Sih is accompanied by police officers to say goodbye before returning to jail. We see Linda sitting in a wheel chair holding a doll and referring to it as her son. We find out that she completely lost it since Ram’s death. She is mostly haunted by remorse.

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Rarp doesn’t attend the funeral and only comes visit Ram’s grave when everyone is gone. Other family members are worried about Rarp and how is coping with his brother’s dead. Ying Ai decides to go visit him at the beach house. She expresses her support and understanding, they are about to have a cute hug and kiss but Rarp feels the urge to throw up. Everytime Ying Ai gets close to him, he has to throw up He also loses his appetite and has mild headaches. That’s when he finds out that he is experiencing pregnancy symptoms instead of Ying Ai ~

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I didn’t expect that many people to die although it made some sense especially for Ram. I don’t know how it would have lived his life after losing Sih and finding out that his mother betrayed him. There is no way he could have coped with it. He is one of the characters that grew the most. To see him going from this person full of hatred to this loving and caring character was one of the best thing in this lakorn. Ram always longed for love and because he didn’t know how to express it he was misunderstood.

Sih and Linda are quite similar in many aspects. They both loved someone who didn’t really love them and couldn’t let go. Their love turned into hatred and that hatred hurt the only person that truly loved them: Ram – something that Ram’s grandmother points out.

Thinking about Rarp and Ying Ai’s happy ending,  I don’t know if he should have been forgiven so easily. It’s true that he lost a lot, but he mainly caused all this series of event. At the beginning of the lakorn, I remember Sih being a sweet and caring lover and he kind of ruined her life and also her dreams. He is the one who walked into her life saying that he would take care of her. Without their relation, Sih would have met someone else and obtained a good job as an accountant. It’s admirable for Ying Ai to still trust him. 

Alex Rendell’s acting never stops to amaze me! He perfectly portrayed the character and it was so hard to hate him no matter what he did! I felt the same way about Sih too, I felt bad for her character and thought everything she did was justified until she attacked Ying Ai in the bathroom and helped with the murder of Jao Sua. That’s when her level of craziness sort of exploded. I am impressed by Jaja Primrata’s acting. I have only seen her in Raeng Pradtanah and her character didn’t do much.

– maniac Ride


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  2. If you want to see more great acting from Alex whom I absolutely love and pray he gets lead role one day. Check out Plerng See Roong but his role is very short 1st two episodes, but it has left a big mark on me. I thing it was his first drama I ever watched

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