Inspiring Generation Episode 2 Recap


Episode 2 starts with the Dobinori gang realizing that someone has been using their name falsely. Hong Sik, the leader sends of his members to go find out who. Meanwhile Gaya is on the receiving end of the smuggled goods network and transports items such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc.  that have been swam over. It is implied that the transportation is long and arduous for the smuggler swimmers. Jung Tae however is laid up in the hospital from when he was beat down by the gang. Of course, Ok Ryeon steals money from the medicine to rush over and see if he is alright. He also gets another visitor at the hospital, second in command gangster Poong Cha who tries to get him to join their gang. Poong Cha is also in charge of keeping the town gangsters in line, the ones that make the deals with buyers after the goods are smuggled in from the trains.

2.1 2.2

We also see that a mysterious man is being released from prison, most likely Jung Tae’s father. Meanwhile mysterious Japanese underling arrives in town and sets out to find “Lady Gaya”. Gaya is selling American cigarettes under the cover of darkness when she get’s interrupted by a rival gang. They beat her down and are about to kill her when the Japanese savior arrives. He punishes the gang members with ease and she desperately calls after him wondering who he was. Same guy also kills a roomful of men, though we don’t know who they were other than the Japanese head official wanted them dead.

2.3 2.4

Jung Tae also finds the guys who had dooped Jjang Ddol (his friend) and takes out some of his anger at them. However, Poong Cha just chides him saying the money has already disappeared and to find another way. Instead, he leads him to their leader and they explain try to persuade him to join. In order to join the gang, he must jump from a river from 30 feet up. However, there is a likelihood that he will faint during the drop or his body will be swept up by the currents. This is after making a jump onto a train while it’s still chugging away. However, the other members of Dobinori are not so happy with this recruitment. They think Jung Tae is too young and that he is being favored.

2.5 2.6

Ddol and Jung Tae now are working with the lumbering labor force. They earn even less than pulling rickshaws and Ddol even gets an injured leg. However, Jung Tae brings up that he is going to joying the Dobinori gang, a fast way to earn the 100,000 won needed for his sister. Ddol, joyous, gives the lumbering manager a piece of his mind for bullying him and quits with Jung Tae.

2.7 2.8

The bully who beat up Ddol  in episode 1 (I forget his name, so I will call him Nasal Boy) now finds out where Jung Tae is and wants to punish him from breaking his nose last time and losing face. He brings weapons and boys to chase down the pair. Having cornered them in an alley, Nasal Boy and company almost beat them into a pulp before they are saved by Poong Cha. Poong Cha tracks down Nasal Boy’s Hyungnim and warns them not to cross into their territory or touch their boys. The fight was also seen by the Japanese fighter who is seeking an apprentice of his own, but one that doesn’t “think” and just needs to be a puppet. Something that Jung Tae is surely not.

2.9 2.10

Jung Tae’s father walks by his old house and debates about whether he should go in or not. He then hears a cry for help inside and finds Ok Ryeon with Chung Ah who has passed out. He hurried rushes her to the hospital. Jung Tae finally comes home, elated that is taken under the wing of the gang, but upset to find his sister in the hospital. He cries into her hand, sorry that he was out fighting when he should have been taking care of her. Outside, he meets his father and rages at him for not being there when he was needed most. Jung Tae said he only saw his father 3 times and doesn’t want his sister to know her father is still alive since he was not in their life at all.


Even more desperate for money now, he tells his friend to tell the members that he will take the jumping test now. The gang members are worried that his inexperience will make him die and others scoff that he is a coward and won’t jump anyways. They arrive at the scene to find him on the bridge, walking carefully to the middle. Gaya had tagged along in the back and also worriedly sees him on the bridge.


As he climbs to edge, gathering his courage to jump, the shaking of the bridge foretells the coming of the train! He debates internally whether to jump or not as the train speeds towards him. If he doesn’t, the wind of the train will suck him onto the tracks. BUT HE JUMPS!

Comments: YES! Finally, I feel like it has veered off the Bridal Mask train a bit, and is taking a different direction. I really enjoy the plot-line of him being taken under the wing of the gang members, who show a soft side. Although they have a dirty reputation publicly, they take care of their own. Furthermore, I am really interested to see what Gaya’s story is. She doesn’t seem to know that she has a seemingly “higher status” and still trudges along poorly. However, I love her stubbornness and eventual viciousness. She is no doormat. One of the scenes that I thought was acted pretty well was of Jung Tae screaming at his father. You can definitely feel his anger and rejection, and most definitely hurt that his father was not there to help them through the difficult times, especially since his sister is sick.  Also, sometimes, the sheer amount of characters is a bit confusing to keep tracks of names and such! That’s why I’ll use nicknames….especially for that bully…his voice, I can’t seem to stop laughing when I hear it.


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