Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 1

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Starring Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul as Mike D. Angelo and Aom Sucharat Manaying as Aom

The episode starts with the director of Mike’s agency (Ananda Everingham) signing a new contract that marks the beginning of the singer’s career in Korea. The director insists on Mike being enthusiastic and fully prepared for this new project, which is obviously a lie.

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Meanwhile Mike is practicing for his next performance. The song he dances to is “Break You Off,” one of his real life song. After his performance he is acclaimed by hysteric fan girls.

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On the other side of town, Aom is talking to herself and obviously lacking inspiration. The first lines of her script are so cheesy that it makes you want to cringe. She begs for inspiration, but that actually would have to wait as she realizes she is starving. While eating dinner with her friend Orawon/Oom, they discuss selling the house. Orawon  is trying to convince her, because she is sure to get a commission if she is able to convince Aom to sell her house. The dinner is cut short – the dishes look good, but the taste is something quite different.

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Bubbly Aom then discusses her new novel, which is quite similar to Autumn in my Heart, with Oom. She is almost sure it would be a hit and that the Korean entertainment industry would remake it. Oom isn’t paying attention to her and obviously worried about something else. She goes into her room, take a look at her calendar and calls her boyfriend. She tells him they need to meet tomorrow if possible, she has something to tell him.

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Still in search of inspiration, Aom is totally frustrated and takes a walk in the garden. She stares at a wall, which has three or four characters drawn and them. She has a flashback of her dad making her stand against the wall and using her height to make a real life size painting of her.

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Next day, Orawon meets with her boyfriend Pao. He comes to see her at work. She works as a salesperson for a coffee company. They act all cheesy and cute, but that’s before Pao tells her he has both a good and a bad news. Good news: he will have plenty of time to spend with her but that’s due to the bad news: he is now unemployed. To which, she responds that she is pregnant.

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Aom is working from home and she is writing down ideas for her story when she is interrupted by a phone call. The woman who calls ask to talk to Orawon. Since she isn’t there, she tells Aom to have Orawon contact her as soon as possible – it is regarding her credit card balance. Aom immeditaly calls Oom, who is as shocked. The culprit is none other than Pao. Since Oom is a free rider – lives and eats for free – there is no way she could have spend that much money.

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Mike’s agency is trying to persuade him to be the presenter for a brand and maybe gain the opporutnity to be featured in a movie. Mike isn’t convinced and wonders what would become of his singing career. His agent insists that music doesn’t sell. Mike makes it clear that he is not one of those pre-packaged artists.

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While he is practicing in the gym (work it Mike!!!), his assistant gives him a detailed schedule – interviews, shooting, etc. His assistant gets annoyed but quickly asks him to bring him back some beauty products from Korea. He complains that she is not coming, but concludes saying that it might be best. He would have the chance to flirt with all the pretty Korean girls there. Player much? Mike’s player side is only a facade, we see him sitting in his car staring at his designer and love interest Mintra in her clothing store. He calls her and asks her out for lunch, but she nicely turns him down. Mike tells her he is going to miss her and would like to meet up before he leaves for Korea. She is oblivious and my guess is that she isn’t aware of his feelings for her.

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Meanwhile Aom walks by Mike’s car to meet with her editor. In the waiting room, she dreams of being a hot-shot writer with many fans attending her book-sigining events. Her bubble is bursted when her editor tells her to start her story all over again and then re-submit it. She leaves discouraged and has another flashback where she felt off her bike. Her dad wiped her tears and sung her a song. She told her dad she would never ride a back again and instead ride his shoulders forever. She sings the song to herself in order to cheer up!

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Oom is dealing with her pregnancy and the increase appetite that comes with it. Pao is also searching the newspapers for a job. They discuss the loan they took and how they are going to pay it. Pao suggests reaching out to his mother when Oom receives a phone call from people interested in buying Aom’s house in order to demolish it and build a condominium. She insists saying that they will not sell the house. Pao starts fostering the idea of selling the house, but Oom scares him by saying that Aom’s dad might haunt him and break his neck.

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At home, Aom shares how her novel was turned down. Oom suggests that she looks for another job because her restaurant reviews won’t be enough. Aom doesn’t want to give up although she doesn’t know where to start; her dad always wanter her to be a writer.To cheer her up/To scam her Pao and Oom send her to a surprise 5-day trip to Korea. It’s all free so she signs the papers without even looking at it.

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Oom feels guilty but Pao promises that they don’t need to act right away. He will keep it safe in the meantime. The swindler couple send her  to the airport.  They exchange money for her , but Pao lies and purposely doesn’t reserve an hotel for her.  Mike’s agent sends him off too – giving him advice and pressing him to take this opportunity seriously.

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Mike and Aom finally meet on the plane. She is really excited by this trip is all up in his space. She also strikes a conversation with him and she recognizes him. She can’t really recall his name and mistakes him for Golf – it’s brother and co-singer in real life. She also imitates his song “Break you Off” and makes references about the shirtless (and sexy) part.

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She ends up throwing up on him and passing out.

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The episode ends up with the plane landing in Korea and Aom still passed out in the empty plane…


This version is so far pretty much the same as the original Full House. I hope that they will add some twists. I wasn’t particularly disappointed or surprised. I just hope that it will get a lot better. Rain portrayed the a****** character a lot better. His rudeness was one of the kind and I hope that Mike will match that. One thing that I liked was the clothes they wore and the setting. Full House came out in 2004 and I watched it in 2011 so Rain’s v-necks  (almost a stomach neck) were a little too much for me.

– maniac Ride


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