Inspiring Generation Episode 3 Recap


The episode starts with Jung Tae jumping off the bridge just as the train speeds by. Everyone watches in horror as he disappears into the waters below.  Both Ddol and Gaya are teary eyed when Jung Tae doesn’t resurface. Even Hong Sik thinks that he didn’t survive and was prepared to send his men to find the body. However, Jung Tae resurfaces a little ways down the river suddenly and swims towards the bank. Everyone is astounded and proud that he made the jump and survived. Jung Tae immediately asks if he can now “jump the train” with the Dobinori. Hong Sik ruffles his hair affectionately in approval. Jung Tae even gets admiration from the other members. Who wouldn’t after surviving that while still injured?

3.1 3.2

Nasal Boy (Do Ggoo) meanwhile is recuperating with his gang hyungnims. His boss warms him to not mess with the Dobinori right now because Poong Cha is there. However, when they are falling apart, that is the time to attack. Jung Tae visits his mother’s grave and talks about missing his father when he was away. However, he confesses to his mother that he is scared to jump the train, but he has no other way now. Gaya finds him at this spot and scolds him that he should see his mother when he is happy, not grumpy. She confesses that she couldn’t breathe when he didn’t come back up for air at the river. She gives him back the scrape ointment. She is about to leave when he holds her wrist to have her stay and watch the sunset. Such cute banter between them! He walks her home and she asks him if she could visit his mother when she is fustrated because she doesn’t have one herself. Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek….which is seen by Ok Ryeon. Teary-eyed Ok Ryeon starts running away and Jung Tae tires to explain but, isn’t able to hold her back.

3.3 3.4

The Japanese underling with amazing martial arts skills meets with Do Ggoo. We learn his name means rabid dog and that he had a sad past where he was born in a brothel. (awww man, I like my nickname better). Turns out he was that Japanese underling….but more badass, wants Do Ggoo to work for him, be his “dog”. Do Ggoo tries to refuse, but is overwhelmed with a well placed finger under his nose by the Japanese underling.


Jung Tae is taken to see a smuggler jump off the train. Because the smuggler did not jump at the right moment, the guy ended up bashing his head on the rocks. However, the Dobinori guy that came with Jung Tae and his friend just gleefully pockets the money off the corpse and begins to look for a place to bury the body. Jung Tae gets angry that the gang member is treating the body so disrespectfully and punches him. The gang members beats Jung Tae saying don’t be so high and mighty and what’s the use of the leaving the money with a corpse. If it was 100,000 for his sister, he would have taken it. He asks Ddol to cry for him if he dies since he would do the same.

Jung Tae’s father meets the elder sitting on the street. The elder tells him to kill a person named No Ro so that he can live with his children. No Ro seems to have a lame leg….and who also seems to be Gaya’s father. A trio of trashpicker bullies pushes No Ro around, but No Ro has a bit of fighting skill of his own even though he is injured. The kickfest is interrupted by Jung Tae’s dad who is equally powerful and dispatches a bully. Turns out Jung Tae’s dad had been looking for him for 18 years. No Ro is afraid of an assassin will come soon. Meanwhile Jung Tae’s dad seemed hung up on a betrayal that No Ro committed years ago. No Ro and him decide to duke it out tomorrow night behind the old building.

3.6 3.7

Dobinori gang are having a gathering and Jung Tae is told to take the money to the street elder. Meanwhile, they commemorate the death by having a toast. Hong Sik demands none of them die before him or he will mess them up.  Jung Tae’s father visits Chung Ah in the hospital and brings a teddy bear for her. She wakes up and thanks him for the present, but doesn’t know that he is her father. She gives him a letter that she wrote to her father and wants him to deliver it to her father if he ever sees him. So heartbreaking……a fatherly daughter hug. She says that Jung Tae misses his father so much and that’s why he is so mad, but Chung Ah will hold up cheerfully. Her father cries as she wipes away his tears. Maybe she knows that he is her father ….I wouldn’t be surprised. She cries alone in her room after he leaves.

3.8 3.9

Jung Tae is seen digging a grave for the dead Dobinori smuggler while the previous member that scolded him comes to help. Jung Tae wants to jump now, but he doesn’t want to wait for HOng Sik’s approval. Suddenly he takes off running after the train and tries to jump on it. HE FAILS and almost dies. He is getting desperate for his sister’s surgery. Meanwhile Gaya bribes the servant girl to let her into a gisaeng house to sell face powders. Her deal goes rotten when Ok Ryeon steps in (her mother works in this house). It leads to catfight outside over Jung Tae. Ok Ryeon wants Gaya to stay away from him while Gaya doesn’t see a reason to. Of course, their fighting is found out by Ok Ryeon’s mother who scolds them.

3.10 3.11

Turns out No Ro married a Japanese lady….since he was looking at a picture of his past. Aka, a creepy eye assassin (who I actually thought was the other Japanese guy who saved Gaya..trick of the light…) comes looking for No Ro and calls him Shin Jo. Meanwhile, Jung Tae’s dad is waiting for No Ro by the bamboo grove. A flashback in the past shows that No Ro may have killed a room full of men.

3.12 3.13

Gaya approaches Jung Tae to apologize for the kiss yesterday, but he just walks her home. Meanwhile, Gaya’s father is faring badly in the fight against Aka. He is receiving multiple knife wounds in his body. He begs the assassin to leave Gaya alone. Aka stabs the knife in for the fatal blow. Jung Tae’s father ,Young Choul, finds No Ro dying on the floor. No Ro confesses how much he regrets selling out his comrades. He begs Young Choul to kill him since he is still suffering from the assassin’s blow. He promises No Ro that Aka will die by his hand. No Ro thanks him and dies.

3.14 3.15

Jung Tae finishes walking Gaya home while she works up the courage to ask him on a date. HE KISS HER SWEETLY and says yes. She leaves before he can give her a rose pin he had bought. He hears a scream and runs in to find his father standing next to No Ro’s body and Gaya standing in shock and horror. She finds out that man is Jung Tae’s father. She threatens him and says she will kill him if he doesn’t kill her now. The father tries to explain the misunderstanding, but she isn’t having it. Jung Tae’s father knocks her out temporarily and tells Jung Tae to take care of her while he chases the killer. Jung tae lies her in the other room and hears the Japanese savior guy walk in. Jung Tae attempts to fight the new guy to protect the body, but is no match for the skilled fighter. As he is about to be impaled by the sword, Gaya steps in…..but not to protect him. She wishes to be the one to kill him. She wants revenge on father and son. She asks him to stay alive until she kills him.


Comments: WELL….okayyy. So I really liked the action of this episode. Finally we are seeing pieces come together and the storyline gelling. This episode is more focused on the relationships of the side character more than on Jung Tae, which is nice! I also enjoyed how the episode shows Jung Tae’s raw skill and courage, but that he still needs refinement. It is a good set-up for future him. We can also now see the sides dividing and unfortunately the halting of young love. HOWEVER, what I don’t understand is how Gaya came to hate Jung Tae with his father. I totally understand her blaming the father for killing her father, who wouldn’t if you saw that guy holding onto the knife. But Jung Tae has been nothing, but nice to her and she knows vaguely how he doesn’t like her father (first encounter). Now she has her sights set on killing him too. WHAT. A little exaggerated I should think. Plus it almost seemed like she knew the other Japanese guy when she hadn’t the previous episode. BAHH. Well,  I hope this works itself out later. Still I am for the Gaya-Jung Tae ship!


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