Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 4

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Mike picks her up and give her some money to go shopping. She needs to find a cute outfit since they are going for dinner. When Mike picks her up later, she’s all prettied up! There is this short pause when Mike is staring at her (And almost drooling too…)

Mike and Aom arrive first. While Aom is focused on the menu, Guy and Min get there too. Imagine her surprise when she sees Guy (No way to run).

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Guy immediately recognizes her and strikes a conversation. He’s overjoyed to see her and explains how they first met. Mike smiles slyly – understanding that she tricked him in giving her the money. During dinner, Aom and Mike keep texting back and forth. Mike accuses her of being a con artist, which she denies, explaining that she got tricked and had no other choice.

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Mike insists in dropping off Aom, she refuses but doesn’t really have a choice. Guy has prolonged goodbye with Aom – cut short by Min who is begging for more attention.

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While they are leaving, a guy seating at a table is listening to their conversation – pretending to be texting (That was so random; my guess is that he’s a paparazzi).

Mike drags Aom in the parking lot and threatens to take her to the police station. Aom replied that she was tricked (Mike’s logic, which I love: you’ve been tricked, I’ve been fooled, let’s go report it together). Aom is so desperate that she tells him the truth about her friend selling her house. At first he pretends to believe her but that’s only for a few seconds. He yells at her and accuses her of turning a lakorn (Like that wasn’t the case :-D).

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Finally annoyed, Aom replies that he is the one that paid for her not to disturb his friend but now he brings her to meet his friend ( I know right…). He can go report whatever he wants but she will not go down alone and is even willing to involve his fanclub. Revealing the truth about him: liar, back stabber, badmouth, etc. Our girl got some fight moves! She ends up bitting his finger, kicking him to the ground, and throwing him a heel. She successful makes her escape but he warns her to never let him meet her again (You would be surprised Mike).

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On the car ride back, Min asks Guy about Min and Aom. Aom is pure and cute but she couldn’t have anything long term with Mike, according to Min. Guy disagrees. He says that comfort is what everyone wants and if Mike feels comfortable with Aom things will be different. Min then asks Guy if he feels comfortable with her; he doesn’t answer (Min, let me answer for him: NO!)

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Pictures of Mike and Aom are on the front page of gossip magazines. The topic is discussed in Mike’s agency and everyone wonders who is the girl: a fan, dara(celebrity), or hi-so???

Movers arrive at Aom’s house and install all the new furniture for the new owner. She is forced to stay outside, although it is raining, until they leave. The first night she sleeps on the couch and leaves in the morning when the movers come back.

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Mike moves in and Aom is found out – dancing on the counter and talking to herself. She had finally found the inspiration for her character but her artistic moment is cut short.

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She explains the situation to Mike and he calls the real estate agent. It is confirmed that Aom was tricked but Mike refuses to return the house. He changes the lock and kicks Aom out.

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Having no where to go Aom camps outside under the rain. The next morning she is found out by Mike. He tells her to leave immediately but when she tries to she faints. Mike realizes that she has a high fever. He takes her inside and takes care of her. He also reads her diary and starts to reconsider his behavior toward her.

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Mike doesn’t have feelings for Aom yet, but I can see it coming. His facial expression when he sees her wearing that cute colorful dress is priceless; he is almost drooling.

Mike’s interest for Aom is also shown during dinner. Mike pays more attention to the interaction she has with Guy than to Min – his so called love. My assumption is that Mike’s interest in Min is certainly a form of love, but it’s also due to the fact that she keeps rejecting him. How many people struggle in order to obtain something to end up disappointed by it when it doesn’t meet their expectations???

Guy telling Min that comfort is what make people stick together/happy is so true and what Mike will most likely find with Aom is comfort  – someone with who he can be himself. He always tries to impress Min and he’s not as rude and arrogant with her, which I think are integral parts of his personality that he hides when with her.

– maniac Ride


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