Inspiring Generation Episode 4 Recap


Episode Four starts with the  mysterious Japanese guardian almost killing Jung Tae before Gaya stops him, saying she will kill both the boy and his father. Jung Tae nods before passing out, as if he is agreeing to let her kill him. Jung Tae’s father meanwhile is still searching for the guy who killed Gaya’s father.  He meets the street elder who chastises Jung Tae’s father for messing things up and now having to leave. Gaya sits with her father’s ashes the next morning and finds a letter with her father’s marriage photo. The letter tells her to not trust the person who wears the other half of her amulet necklace. That person is the one who killed her mother.

4.1 4.2

Gaya starts asking the guardian what he knows about her mother and about the situation. He keeps his lips tight and tells her to find out for herself who she really is. She pulls out a knife and says she can kill herself, but the guardian stops her before she can do any harm . She says he can’t save her every time. Gaya promises she will follow the guardian only if he tells her who killed her mother and if he is still alive. However, he says he can’t tell her, but that before he dies, he promises she won’t be killed. hile she gets a makeover, her helper reveals a mysterious rose tattoo on her back. Now, she looks totally Japanese in her new garb. We flash back to Shinichii (the guardian) ‘s childhood, where he is caught looking at a woman named Princess Ryoko (who speaks…Korean?) He wants to protect her…..and probably in turn Gaya, WHO MAY BE HER DAUGHTER.

4.3 4.4

WDo Ggoo meanwhile is kneeling in obedience in front of Shinichii. He wants to get rid of the Dobi Gang, but is afraid of Bool Gom, his previous boss. Shinichii says cowards die three times, but  for courageous only once. Do Ggoo nods in understanding…but we see later that he rather die 100 times. He says he is not a dog who just wags his tail. Ok Ryeon sees Gaya get into the car with Shinichii and Jung Tae’s beaten up face again as he waits for her. He tells her whenever it is hard, he thinks of Ok Ryeon, but she tells him that she saw Gaya at the train station. He rushes off. Jung Tae manages to catch her before she gets on the train. Shinichii begins to pull out his katana, but Gaya grabs it before he does and rushes towards Jung Tae. However, she is unable to kill him, stopping right next to his neck. Jung Tae says he hates his father, but just this once he wants to believe that his father can find the real culprit. Gaya says she will only believe him when Jung Tae brings the killer, no matter who it is. Jung Tae says he will wait for her and for her to come back one day. He runs after her train.

Chung Ah meanwhile is buying groceries and an outfit before her heart causes her pain. Surprisingly it is Do Ggoo who kindly helps her take her stuff on and stokes the fire for her. Jung Tae mistakenly thinks he is harming her and punches the living daylights out of Do Ggoo before he can explain. He is stopped by Chung Ah. While cleaning his face up, Do Ggoo smugly says it looks like Jung Tae needs to money to cure his sister. Chung Ah thinks it is all her fault that her brother is fighting and says it might be better if she was dead.


Shinichii leads her onto a compound on Osaka, Japan which he says is real hell compared to where she is from. There two people are sparring. He tells her that the apprentice must make a scratch on the master within 10 hits or he will die. By the way, it’s Yoon Hyun Min , Soo from Heartless City, who is sparring with the white-eyed devil who killed Gaya’s father, Aka. Luckily the guy didn’t die and saved himself at the very last moment. Shinichii tells her that fifteen days, she will need to be tested against Aka too. Isn’t that moving a little too fast?

4.6 4.7

Shinichii goes to see the elder who asks about Gaya. He wonders if she is like his mother and says he will see her in three years after she is transformed. Shinichii wonders what will happen in Gaya doesn’t match up to her mother, the Princess. Jung Tae goes to see Do Ggoo who asks him to jump a train for 50k. Jung Tae counters with 100k and Do Ggoo smiles. Meanwhile Gaya trains with Shinichii on fighting and Jung Tae learns train jumping techniques. Both improve immensely.


The opponent who fought Aka before sneaks in while Gaya is taking a bath. He says they are in the same boat, dogs to their masters. He tells her the only way to survive the Jitte Spar with Aka. She is suspicious why he is telling her this. Jung Tae meanwhile is preparing the items he is going to smuggle. He meets the Dobi and receives a pair of jumping gloves. Meanwhile Chung Ah is preparing a uniform with a letter…is she leaving?

4.9 4.10

Jung Tae prepares his jump while Gaya prepares her spar. And Jung Tae makes it onto the train in a few heart pounding moments. Taking the other fighter’s words to heart, she doesn’t attack Aka directly. She tests his patience until it breaks and he becomes distracted. She throws her knife and it lands in his side. He says he will see her after 6 months. SHE DEFEATED HIM IN ONE MOVE. DAMNNNNN. Now it is time for Jung Tae to jump off and luckily he survives his fall. However, he is soon knifed several times by two bandits who take his items. Furthermore, Chung Ah looks like she is preparing to jump off a cliff, to take the burden off her brother’s shoulders. Ddol waits for his friend at night, but no Jung Tae appears. He meets Ok Ryeon along the way and both find that Chung Ah is not home…..

4.11 4.12

Ddol, Ok Ryeon, even the gisaeng house stops their business to try to find her. Jung Tae is still bleeding from his abdomen, dying on the ground before another group of mysterious men find him and carry him away to safety. The Dobi gang arrive to take him back. Jung Tae awakes to Ok Ryeon who starts crying when he asks where Chung Ah is. In his weakened state, he finds the place where his sister dies and weeps his heart out in despair.

4.13 4.14


We travel a few years in the future to see adult Gaya and Jung Tae. Gaya in her traditional Japanese garb looks ready to go. Jung Tae meanwhile gets even better at fight and takes out a whole gang.

4.16 4.18

Comments: AH, we are finally leaving the childhood years. I will miss young Jung Tae so much, the actor who played him is amazing! However I am so excited by the adult counterparts now. They look very much badass and driven. I really enjoyed the parallelism of this episode where it showed Gaya and Jung Tae training really hard to meet their goals. However, I’m not sure how realistic it is to have Gaya be so good at fighting in such a small amount of time before the sparring. I was also happily surprised when Ggoo helped Chung Ah, and him turning out to be not as stupid as he seemed. It is also so heartbreaking that Chung Ah disappeared. However, it did not show her jump off, so maybe we can have some hope that she is alive still? Jung Tae may meet her in the future if she did not jump off…just saying. And I wonder who killed Princess Ryoko, Gaya’s mother. We all know that Gaya will need to kill Aka sometime, seeing as he was the one who killed her dad. Also, the mysterious new guy, Aka’s opponent, perhaps the third leg to the love triangle, if we discount Shinichii (who is fatherly/brotherly, I believe)> Anyways, I am excited to see where this is headed!


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