Inspiring Generation Episode 5 Recap


Episode five starts with Jung Tae fighting his way into the inner quarters of a rival gang. He takes them out with practiced ease. He meets Il Myung Sam Chi Gi, a group of small time smugglers. He beats out the inner circle before punishing the leader, asking him where the kids are located. However, in a moment of distraction, the beaten inner circle get up and get the better of him. Luckily Poong Cha come sin to save the day before anymore damage is done. Jung Tae finds the hidden kids in a room.

5.1 5.2

We flash to where grown up Ok Ryeon is bandaging up Jung Tae. Looks she still has a large crush on him, though I’m not sure if they are a couple yet. He meets up with Ggoo (who didn’t change appearance, Nasal voice and all) and appears to be working for him now. Ggoo says he saw Chung Ah who was wearing a butterfly headband, looks like Jung Tae is looking for her. I KNEW SHE DIDN’T DIE. In his anger, Jung Tae smashes his shot glass, shouting at Ggoo to tell him who kidnapped her.

5.3 5.4

Gaya, who seems to be a shade crazier now, is talking to Shinichii about the cliff they are looking. Suddenly she gets up on the railing and starts walking on it fearlessly, tottering here and there. Shinichii angrily slaps her when she gets off, for living so recklessly. Meanwhile Poong Cha and Jung Tae talk about his past family. When his father had left and his mother had died, Jung Tae left his sister with a grandmother hoping she would get fed. However, she walked long and far to find him again. He had sold his sister for 10cents so he could eat. From that day onwards, he promised he would protect her until he died. He has lost Chung Ah now.

5.5 5.6

Meanwhile Gaya looking quite gorgeous in her red Japanese garb, enters an official looking building. Shinichii gives her a specific set of direction to follow while appearing in front of the imperious looking Japanese elder. She is to swallow liquor filled with carp scales. As she tries to swallow, she spits up blood because the scales are sharp. The guy says, “to loyalty, the liquor will follow, to betrayal, the scales will follow.” Now Gaya has become Shinichii’s new master. He presents her with a sword. Now as she looks upon the elder’s face, she asks him if the person who killed her mother is in the organization. I suspect the elder is her grandfather…..just saying. He tells her to follow him.

5.7 5.8

Ok Ryeon goes for a singer interview. Meanwhile, Kim Soo-Ok played by Kim Jae Wook is shacking it up on the train. Looks like we found a gigolo. Hurhur. She chugs a full glass of wine down. Wow. Meanwhile this slick guy gets off the train and passes by Ok Ryeon singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the interview. Soo-Ok comes in and lands a punch on the interviewer’s face first thing. Gosh, I love him already. Soo-ok seems to have his eyes set on Ok Ryeon, but Ok Reyon rejects him.

5.9 5.10

Gaya now goes to see a guy in prison with a bag over his head. The elder asks her to kill him, her first kill. Her fingers tremble as she holds the katana and Shinichii thinks Gaya is not read to kill. Gaya drops her sword when she hears the bagged man say that he still has a daughter. His story rings true with her own. However, in the meantime he is already untied his own bindings. Gaya walks out with blood all over her and finds that a man named Il Gook Hae is the one who killed her mother. The elder tells her to go to Shin Eui Joo to plant the flag. Gaya meanwhile tries to clean all the blood off of her, sobbing her eyes out. Shinichii and elder basically confirm that Gaya is of the elder’s bloodline. Gaya still has the bandage Jung Tae used to bandage her hand when they first met, but now she is going back to conquer it. Meanwhile, Ggoo seems to be a tad crazier as well, trying to get his feet wet with dealing Japanese business. In another location, the ahjussi whose name is Soo Ri (the one who talks with Ok Ryeon’s mother a lot), is pulling bullets out of his shoulder after he sniped a couple of visiting officials.

5.11 5.12

And it looks like Jung Tae and Ok Ryeon are an established couple as they walk hand in hand down the street. Gaya walks down the streets of Dan Dong in China while everyone stares at her. Shinichii requests to see Moo Doo Young with a seemingly harmless street ahjussi playing chess, until the guy blows a whistle and knives appear out of nowhere from the surrounding players. A fight ensues. Gaya and Shinichii quite badass together until a new player comes in. New guy Il-Hwa (baddie in Two Weeks) greets Gaya. The three talk over tea, until the veiled threats between them tenses up the atmosphere. Poong Cha’s second in command and Jung Tae visit a poor part of town, full of homeless people. He finds the two people who knifed him a few years earlier when he jumped the train. He asks them who asked them to do such a deed, but of course the couple’s lips are tight. A fight ensues with Jung Tae having the upper hand bashing butcher knifer’s head into the table. Moo Doo Young is the name he gathered from the excursion., the same one Gaya is looking forward. Gaya and Shin Jung Tae meet in the middle.

5.13 5.14

Comments: First episode with the adult counterparts, and my verdict is a thumbs UP! The three main leads seem very in character and similar to their younger ones, down to haircuts as well as voice intonations. I’m loving the consistency. I am especially liking Gaya’s transformation, from helpless little girl, to an amazing fighter who can take care of herself. Jung Tae also matured, but his story isn’t so interesting at the moment. I am interested in the new Soo-Ok though, Jae Wook has always been a favorite actor of mine. Right now, he seems like just the player, and I wonder what bigger part he will play. Perhaps a love quartet will now form. Although Jung Tae is with Ok Ryeon now, the comeback of Gaya will no doubtedly bring back old feelings between them too. With Soo-Ok enamored with Ok Ryeon, we’ll have a mess on our hands soon. I am still all for the Gaya and Jung Tae ship! Imagine their fighting together, it will be breathtaking!


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