Sealed With a Kiss


Original Title: 千山暮雪 (Qian Shan Mu Xu)

Episodes: 28

Year: 2011

Country: China

Channel: Hunan TV

Theme: Revenge, romance, drama

Tong Xue (Ying Er)  has been living with her maternal uncle since the death of her parents in a car crash. When the CEO of YuanZhong Corporation Mo Shao Qian (Hawick Lau), who plans on revealing her uncle’s embezzlement to the police, threatens Tong Xue, she has no other choice but to become Shao Qian’s mistress.

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Despite already being in a union with Mu Yong Fei (Wen Zheng Rong), Shao Qian makes of Tong Xue is mistress in order to get revenge for his father’s death and the ruin of their family corporation. Tong Xue’s father, a former employee of the corporation, caused Shao Qian’s father death.

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Slowly, Shao Qian starts falling in love with Tong Xue. Every time he would feel his heart becoming softer, he would mistreat her even more.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.29.42 PM

The relationship between the two is further complicated by the residual feelings of Tong Xue for her first love Xiao Shan (Li Zhi Nan).

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.45.13 PM

The hardships encountered will bring Tong Xue the unexpected support of Mu Zhen Fei (Zhao Chu Lun), Yong Fei’s brother, who sometimes displays what seems like feelings toward Tong Xue.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.43.21 PM


Yong Fei, Shao Qian’s wife and daughter of the Mu family, deeply loves him but he remains distant despite her efforts. Her being possessive and forceful turns him away. He also sees her as part of the family who acquired his father’s company. Entering this political union saved what was left of Mo Corp., and allowed Shao Qian to remain part of the executive board.

It will later be revealed that Yong Fei was the one behind the death of Shao Qian’s father. Yong Fei wanted to put Mo Corp., in a difficult situation, which would result in Shao Qian needing her help.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.34.40 PM

Yong Fei had never expected that her scheme would lead her father-in-law to his death. Tong Xue’s father was not the mastermind behind the plot but rather a tool Yong Fei used.


This was the first Chinese drama I have watched. It’s also how I became a die-hard fan of Hawick Lau! Watching this, I felt all sort of emotions: sadness, happiness, anger, confusion…The story is overall pretty dark and twisted, which is translated by the colors in the drama – mostly gray and black.

Shao Qian’s behavior toward Tong Xue would never be tolerated in society, but his internal struggle against his growing love for her made him a somewhat likable character. It is so painful to see him struggle against his own heart. I can’t imagine what he would feel like to torture the person you love. I enjoyed the few romantic scenes between Tong Xue and him. One of my favorite episodes was when they spent a couple of days at the beach together.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.47.56 PM

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Shao Qian’s father didn’t die, maybe he would hate her but not as much, or maybe they wouldn’t have met at all (internally screaming : Nooooooooooo).

The character that left me totally confused from beginning to end was Yong Fei’s. She wasn’t in love, she was obsessed – trying to possess Shao Qian like he was some kind of pet. She was focused on the wrong things since the beginning, she should have first learned to love herself and mend her family relationships before looking for Shao Qian’s love.

The drama’s ending is different than the novel’s ending. It made me really sad to have this open ending because I wanted to see the main characters happy together. For me, they were the perfect fit for each other, they understand their relationship and mutual feelings more than anyone else. I also don’t see anyone who can heal their wounds and they’ve been through so much. It would be a pity to leave them suffering. I think that the open ending might be due to the controversial topic addressed in the drama (i.e. rape, adultery, embezzlement…). That’s just one of my assumptions; I might be wrong. To make up for that ending, I watched the sequel, which is not as good.  Some parts of the novel were also translated on Jole Cole blogspot. I think the novel provides the best ending since it’s a happy one (Definitely check out her blog).


Thousand Mountains by Hawick Lau

Unofficial M/V


“Do you know how to really torture a person in the most brutal way? That is, to tell the person the truth when that person is flowing in fantasy, destroying her most beloved dream.”

“Man prefer soft than hard.”

~ maniac Ride

12 thoughts on “Sealed With a Kiss

  1. i loved this drama it was my first dark themed drama but heck i couldnt stop myself when i started, and i just fell in love with the story despite the not so forgivable scenes, it definitely caught my attention

  2. @picadrama… I think I found my soulmate in drama. You watched almost the same dramas as me and simply enoyed it too. I’m going to have to keep your blog on my watchlist. Anyhow, I watched this after Midnight Summer (highly recommended and it’s also Hawick starring). Hawick is a great actor, he can play that cold-hearted yet likable character. It’s so wrong for us to like him but we like him because he makes us feel so incomplete yet satisfied. If that makes sense. thank you for you review on this drama.

  3. i just finish watching this drama, impressive. i love it so much.. though im quite disappointed by the ending, but since i read the ending chapter from other blog, i could smile again 😀

    the scene that left very strong impression to be was the one when tong xue fall from stairs and miscarriage. because it’s frustrating to see she lost her baby because of other people.. 😦

    • They are together at the end. If I remember clearly, she works under him but no one knows that they are married. You should check Jole Cole Blogspost if you want to read the last chapter!

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