Inspiring Generation Episode 6 Recap


Episode six starts with the reunion of Jung Tae and Gaya. He apologizes for the past and she accepts. However she apologizes in advance for needing to hill his father or everyone he loves. However, he defends back that if she harms anyone he loves, he won’t stand aside. She who has no one else to protect is stronger than him. They part on bitter terms.

6.1 6.2

Meanwhile Jung Tae meets Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa throws a knife at Jung-Tae as a greeting while Jung Tae throws it back in return. An exchange of metaphor threats are made before the knife is returned to the wall, but cutting Jung Tae’s ear passing by. A fight ensues, one where Jung Tae is losing against the more skilled Il-Hwa. Il-Hwa overpowers him and Jung Tae faints. Meanwhile, the old Japanese elder gives Aoki, the fighter who helped Gaya before, orders to expand into China.

6.3 6.4

Jung Tae wakes up in bed to Poong Cha handing over dumplings. Meanwhile Ok Ryeon is waiting for Jung Tae to come back. However Soo-Ok worms his way onto the bench with her and hits on her. He has a hard time trying to seduce her. However, he pays a couple of gangsters to bother her. Soo-Ok stands up to pretend to stand up to them. However, Jung Tae arrives on scene knocking out the three gangsters, and is stopped before he punches Soo-Ok out. As Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae leave, Soo-Ok pretends to punch Jung Tae in the face but stops at the last minute. However, Jung Tae doesn’t flinch at all, and Soo-Ok is so surprised.

6.5 6.6

Jung Tae tells Ok Ryeon that Gaya has returned. She changes the subject by saying she has to do this list of activities she’s written for her birthday the next day. He agrees and smiles fondly as she leaves. Meanwhile, the gisaeng house has Japanese soldiers as guests. Aoki meanwhile has dinner with a superior who wonders why he would work under him when Aoki has a higher status. Aoki fires back that the superior is embezzling money. He wants to conquer Dandoong and Shineuijoo while the superior officer growls in anger and hopes to report him. However, Aoki has a powerful backing of Il Goo Hwae. Meanwhile the assassinator ahjussi goes back to the gisaeng house while Aoki sets a person on his tail. The ahjussi has many bullets in his body and no one recognizes his efforts in the rebellion. Ok Ryeon’s mother’s tearfully beseeches him to save himself while Ok Ryeon hears this conversation outside.

6.7 6.8

Jung Tae dresses smartly for Ok Ryeon’s birthday the next day, per her directions.  Meanwhile Poong Chas gang is worried about all the trouble Jung Tae is bringing and how their people are getting hurt. Furthermore, the rival gang is recruiting as well. They see Jung Tae dressed up and Poong Cha says don’t bother him today, he’s on a date. Next, Jung Tae needs to buy Ok Ryeon a present from his heart. However, when his friend gives him money in the safe, another member of the gang scolds him severely for bringing trouble to the gang. The other guy picks a fight and threatens if he loses, Jung Tae needs to leave the Dobi gang. However, Jung Tae is obviously more skilled, but doesn’t want to fight his hyungnim. Ok Ryeon however is still waiting for Jung Tae to appear, poor girl, stood up. Hong Sik rushes in and misunderstands when he see the other guy punched out by Jung Tae. Hong Sik scolds Poong Cha for letting the pecking order run amuck.

6.9 6.10

Aoki meanwhile practices his shooting until Gaya walks in. They haven’t seen each other in a year and two months. She borrows his gun and shoots bulls eyes, the same as Aoki. WOW, I love her even more. They decide to take a walk and she thanks him for comforting her back then. He had been taking care of her the whole time they were training. She requests that he give her list of all suspicious people. Ok Ryeon however is still waiting for Jung Tae to go skating. Soo-Ok meanwhile shows off his fighting skills when the previous singer manager comes to bother him. Why is everybody so good at fighting? Soo-Ok requests the manager to find Ok Ryeon. She puts on her skates to skate alone since Jung Tae didn’t come. To her surprise Soo-Ok lugs a phonogram onto the ice and starts skating with her. However, he is pretty bad at all and falls down a lot. She starts smiling in his presence, having a little fun.

6.11 6.12

Jung Tae tries to find Ok Ryeon at the frozen pond, but sees the tracks. Shinichii arrives at Ggoo’s and Ggoo ends up pulling the rickshaw with him in it. Ggoo requests to be backed up by Il Goo Hwae, and Shinichii requests that Ggoo bring Shing Jung Tae to fight. Soo-Ok brings Ok Ryeon back in his car. She tries to make Jung Tae jealous by saying it was fun with Soo-Ok today and that she will see him tomorrow for lessons. How awkward for Jung Tae. Ok Ryeon is angry that he fought again and couldn’t come. He tries to ask her on a date again, she responds that she has singing lessons tomorrow. However, she allows him a date at 6pm tomorrow.

6.13 6.14

Ddol tries to comfort Jung Tae about his conflict with Hong Sik. They get into a mock fight. Meanwhile Ok Ryeon is looking for more pretty coats to wear for her date. Jung Tae is looking at rings and buys a silver one with a purple stone. On his way to dinner, Jung Tae sees a girl being beaten up by another guy. She hinds behind him and the other guy pulls out a knife. She said there are other children besides her in a warehouse and gives her a coat before telling her to leave.

6.15 6.16

Poor Ok Ryeon is still waiting for Jung Tae AGAIN. God, I feel so bad for her! The restaurant tells her that they are closing now. Jung Tae arrives at the warehouse and STEPS INTO A TRAP set by Ggoo. Jung Tae is accosted by a bunch of men with bats. He says, remember his name, because it will be one they can’t forget.


Comments: As much as I love Gaya, I felt really sorry for Ok Ryeon this episode! She keeps getting blown off by Jung Tae, always waiting for him to come back to her. Soo-Ok is his slick self, trying to seduce Ok Ryeon away from Jung Tae. Aoki also seems like an interesting character. I think he is the son of the Japanese elder according Dramawiki character names. He also seems to have a good relationship with Gaya, which seems sweet since they went through the hardship together. However, I don’t think Gaya knows her relationship with elder, which would make her and Aoki related…? As for Jung Tae, he keeps on getting misunderstood this episode, things are just not turning out well for him! The thing I really love about this drama is that it consistently delivers amazing fighting choreo. From his fight with Il-Hwa to little skirmishes between gang members, always awesome.


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