Inspiring Generation Episode 7 Recap


Episode seven opens with the gang surrounding Jung Tae. The fight stars with Jung Tae having the upper hand against what seems like at least 20 people with bats. However midway through the fight, Jung Tae is knocked upon the head and something in his body also snaps terribly. The gang leader chuckles ominously commenting how he didn’t believe he should have brought so many guys, but now is glad he did. Meanwhile, Ok Ryeon waits outside the Chinese restaurant while it closes down. Jung Tae crawls out of the warehouse, barely any strength to hold himself up. He manages to crawl to Ok Ryeon who holds his head in her in horror. He tries to find the lost ring to give to her.

7.1 7.2

Ok Ryeon nurses Jung Tae while he holds her hand pitifully. Then he actually manages to kiss her, well make out….on the bed. No strength to turn himself over, but strength enough to kiss. HAHA. Meanwhile, Ggoo’s hyungnims meet Poong Cha who had found out that Ggoo sent the gang members to beat up Jung Tae. A fight is about to ensue while Ggoo hides behind the gathering circle. Poong Cha doesn’t back away and actually gets thrown by the other guy. However, he recovers quickly and pounds the guy into the ground. Ggoo meanwhile finds out that his name has been leaked and now the hyungim is looking for him. The hyungnim interrogates Ggoo and aks him if he tried to kill Jung Tae. Ggoo confirms and gets beaten to a pulp just like his hyungnim was.

7.3 7.4

While Ok Ryeon is still nursing Jung Tae, he whispers Gaya’s name on his lips while half asleep, apologizing to her. Ok Ryeon’s eyes fill with tears and she leaves him to her friend instead, unable to take it any longer. Like a true fangirl, Mal Sook, her friend touches Jung Tae’s glorious abs while he is sick on the bed. Ok Ryeon goes to find Gaya to confirm it wasn’t her doing. She mentions that Jung Tae is still alive and judging by Gaya’s worried expression, she then leaves and says for Gaya not to leave herself in Jung Tae’s scars. Ok Ryeon knows that Jung Tae is still hung up on Gaya.

7.6 7.5

Gaya goes to find Shinichii who is looking at the picture of Gaya’s mother, and says for Shinichii not to do such things no matter who he thinks it is for. Shinichii replies that she shouldn’t have any feeling towards those she has forgotten. This one incidents breaks all of Gaya’s trust in Shinichii. Jung Tae goes to see Poong Cha and Hong Sik. Bool Gom brings his lackey Ggoo all bloodied up to the Dobinori Gang. Ggoo gets down on his knees in front of Dobinori and says it was his doing. Jung Tae is furious. Bool Gom brings in the promise they had made back in the day that they won’t bring in others to their fight. He knows his side broke it first, but tries to save Ggoo’s ass anyways. Jung Tae is asked to be the judge and he says there was someone else behind Ggoo.

7.7 7.8

Ok Ryeon goes home to her mother who worriedly watched her go in. Her mother ends up meeting Jung Tae at his house. She counsels him to not let Ok Ryeon experience Jung Tae dying because she knows how it feels since her husband die. He is chastised. Meanwhile, the old Japanese official, Gaya’s grandfather, is meeting with another high up official who wants to wipe out the rebels in Joseon. This guy funds Ill Gook Hwae which is the grandfather’s group. OMO. He reminds the guy that he can kill him easily since he has already bloodied his sword.

7.9 7.10

Aoki finds the assassin ahjussi who tries to leave after brief banter and is immediately stopped by Aoki. However, no fight ensues as Aoki says he will see him later. Gaya tries to sneak out, but of course ultimate stalker Shinichii knows. She goes to her old house where Jung Tae had first kissed her. Her house seems relatively unchanged inside. In her memory, she remembers how she hated her name because other kids teased her. Her name means free as the birds and it was her mom who gave it to her. Her father had made her a lovely rocking horse.

7.11 7.12

Soo-Ok meanwhile was waiting for Ok Ryeon in front of her door. He reminds her that she broke her promise of tutoring him and needs to make up 6 hours for the three days she was gone. They go to a restaurant to eat and she feels burdened. He tells her of the time he ate alone in Japan wishing he had someone to share a bowl of food with. Ok Ryeon goes into the kitchen and makes one for them to share. He is incredibly touched and they happily together. CUTE. Shinichii waits for Gaya to get back and reminds her he is her shadow. They are interrupted by Aoki who had blocked all the borders from smuggling at Dangdong which stops Mo Ill Hwa. Aoki wants to lock up the Dobi Gang, but Gaya vetos saying she will take care of them. I SEE YOU…Gaya…trying to protect Jung Tae. Aoki wants to spread opium. Shinichii and Aoki then have a little power struggle where Aoki delivers several well placed insults. Staredown is still in progress after Gaya leaves.


Shinichii is furious that Jung Tae is still alive and Ggoo kneels in front of him. He suggests that Ggoo stabs himself to atone for his mistakes. Bool Gom was listening outside and makes fun of “prideful dying by stabbing himself in the stomach” while Shinichii looks on angrily. Bool Gom tries to persuade Ggoo to come out from under Shinichii while Shinichii crushes tea cup to dust. Shinichii tells him to kill Bool Gom who knows he will wiped out. Meanwhile the lower ranks of Dobi are examining what looks to be bottles of Cocacola. They have no idea what is and think it is pesticide until Poong Cha pops one open and drains the whole thing…without dying. The Dobi leaders are now worried about their livelihood because all their routes have been blocked.

7.14 7.15

Suddenly Shinichii arrives on scene while there is dissent going on between the second in commands of Dobi. Hong Sik is called out to meet Gaya who recognizes him. An exchange of glances are made between Gaya and Jung Tae while Shinichii looks on. Hong Sik and Gaya talk by the river. Gaya tries to recruit the Dobi gang to preserve their lives. Hong Sik rejects immediately and Gaya gives them 10 days to wrap everything up before she descends with hell at her heels. Bool Gom’s second in command drives his hyungnim home after the guy is super drunk. However, it looks like the second guy and Ggoo made a deal for this trap with money between them. Bool Gom takes a piss while Ggoo stands behind ready to stab. Not as drunk as he seems, Bool Gom gives him the chance to stab which Ggoo actually takes when his leader turns around.


As Bool Gom lay dying , he tells the story of the first person he killed at only 8 yrs old. Turns out he had saved Ggoo’s mother who was being beat up by her husband. Ggoo is silently crying in anger, fear, sorrow. Bool Gom goes on to warn Ggoo not to side with either Dobi or Il Gook Hwae or else he will die. He tells him not to touch the Dobi gang, but looks like Ggoo already chose his side. Bool Gom passes. Ggoo cries and says for Bool Gom to watch as he wipes all of them off the face of the Earth.  Shinichii meets Jung Tae on his way home. Jung Tae blames Shinichii for putting Gaya in hell. Shinichii wants Jung Tae not to make Gaya weak with love. Fight ensues with Shinichii overpowering Jung Tae real fast. Shinichii offers to fight him in front of Princess Gaya. If Shinichii wins, the only way to save Dobi Gang is for him to die, but if Jung Tae wins, Shinichii won’t kill the Dobi Gang. Jung Tae also requests for Gaya to leave her “prison”. They seal the deal.

7.17 7.18

Jung Tae waits for Hong Sik and tells him he knows a way to help the Dobi Gang. Hong Sik says that Jung Tae is family too no matter what. Jung Tae requests to learn how to fight with swords!

Comments: I like how this episode focused more on the side stories. I enjoy the Soo-Ok and Ok Ryeon ship sailing, they seem very good together. Ok Ryeon’s cheerfulness really counters Soo-Ok’s deceptive loneliness. Meanwhile, Jung Tae is still hung up over Gaya, and her over him. Unfortunately, there is too much debt and death between them right now for feelings. It was also interesting to see Shinichii’s less stable side. He seems so in control all time, but in this episode his plans don’t go as smoothly as he wanted. I enjoyed the Ggoo backstory as well! I knew that Bool Gom must have had a deeper connection to him to take care him well over the years. He was almost like Ggoo’s pseudo father…but more violent. Poor Ggoo, making all the wrong choices when he should escape while still can. There will be bloodshed soon…starting with Jung Tae’s fight!

What do guys think? COMMENT below please! ;]


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