Inspiring Generation Episode 8 Recap


Episode eight starts with Jung Tae and Shinichii hashing out the details of the deal. Jung Tae and Hong Sik then go to the gisaeng house where Ok Ryeon comes out. They ask her if Choi Po Soo is in who happens to be assassin ahjussi. They beg him to teach Jung Tae how to fight with a sword. Po Soo teaches Jung Tae how to take hits from a professional swordsman and Jung Tae adapts to even getting a few hits in. Po Soo comments on how his fist is like steel and he’s only felt a fist like this one other time. He thinks that Jung Tae may die because the opponent is so much stronger, but he says Jung Tae’s father won in such odds. Jung Tae continues practicing and training, shirtless. He goes to his mother’s grave and puts the letter from his sister at the grave because he is too afraid to read it.

8.1 8.2

Jung Tae goes to meet Ok Ryeon and says he wants to make up for the eight hours he missed with her. She is suspicious something is wrong. She agrees to stay with him all day long. They go for a ride on the same bicycle, and he teaches her to ride it by herself as well. They go shopping cutely at the market and play dress-up. SO CUTE. And feeding each other cotton candy. Meanwhile the Dobi gang are suspicious where Jung Tae is going, noticing he is going to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya slips into Shinichii’s room and finds a photo of her mother and Shinichii from the olden days. Shinichii barges in and tries to take the picture from her, but she is too fast for him. She wants to know their connection, and the fight over the picture ends up ripping it in half with Shinichii holding the mother’s side and Gaya holding his side. She orders him to tell her, but he smashes a table and refuses.

8.4 8.5

Their argument is interrupted by the messenger telling Gaya that Shin Jung Tae is looking for her. Gaya and Shinichii come out and Jung Tae says he wishes to resolve the deal now. At Dandong, Il Hwa and another ahjussi are discussing how they will block Il Gook Hwae from destroying their territory. Il Hwa is impressed with Jung Tae and says he is like his father. The older ahjussi wants Il Hwa to help Jung Tae and Il Hwa responds that he may have a debt to Jung Tae anyways. He answers a call from Hong Sik. Hong Sik and Poong Cha then go out of the headquarters leaving their third in command in charge.

8.6 8.7

Shinichii says he will send Jung Tae out as a dead man. Jung Tae tells Shinichii to grab his sword, but Shinichii says he will only do so if he has to. The fight commences, but Shinichii has the upper hand saying Jung Tae’s body is too slow. Jung Tae draws from his past experiences from fighting people more skilled than him. He gets better and actually gets a few hits in on Shinichii, even kicking the other to the ground. Shinchii who has dealt with swords his entire life is not used to fist fighting as much as Jung Tae is. Jung Tae says he got hit his entire life and just wanted to hear Gaya laugh because it made him laugh. Gaya is very touched by Jung Tae as she watches them fight. Shinichii says it is wrong to want that and says it is a sin. Shinichii asks for the sword or two. Shinichii tells his servant to let Jung Tae leave if he loses. A bit unfair isn’t this….sword against fists…

8.8 8.9

Meanwhile Poong Cha has followed Hong Sik into the forest, worried for his hyungnim. Hong Sik tells him to get lost, kindly, but Poong Cha promptly knocks him out with a hand to the neck. He picks his  hyung up and sits him up next to a tree. With tears in his eyes, he says for Hong Sik to stop being so kind and stop caring for them so much and to just get married. A fellow Dobi member who had followed them both comes up with tears in his eyes as Poong Cha gives him a package. Poong Cha rushes down the road, taking the sacrifice for his hyungnim wherever the man was going to go. So far Jung Tae is evading Shinichii’s sword well and even gets in a few kicks. Jung Tae actually grabs the blade several times with his bare hands…DAMN….and headbutts Shinichii a lot. Unfortunately, Shinichii manages to stick the sword through Jung Tae’s stomach, but Jung Tae punches Shinichii several times even with it stuck painfully there before falling backwards. Gaya can’t take it anymore and begs Shinichii to stop. Shinichii says that if she interferes, she can’t take revenge anymore. He gives the sword to Kenjo, the servant to “end Jung Tae’s suffering”.  However, Poong Cha suddenly rushes in with several guards on his tail. He says he will save Jung Tae no matter what and puts his jacket over Jung Tae’s still body. He says he came here to die today and thanks for waiting for him to finish up.

8.10 8.11

Poong Cha is up against at least 10 professional swordsmen + Shinichii, but manages to take out several of them, though he is sliced up. Meanwhile Il Hwa is still deciding whether to help or not. He remembers that Jung Tae’s father had saved him while others were trying to kill him. He finally decides to go to Shineuijoo. Poong Cha is spitting up blood, but takes out a another guy. However his chest gets sliced by Kenjo, but he takes him out too. He staggers his way to Jung Tae and falls over his prone body. Poong Cha tries to pick Jung Tae up and repeats that they have to go home. However, Poong Cha is dying himself and is in no shape to take the almost unconscious Jung Tae anywhere. Poong Cha confesses he likes Jung Tae because he is righteous. He says he is sorry and that he loves him. And with that, Poong Cha passes in Jung Tae’s arms. Gaya is touched by Poong Cha’s sacrifice and commands Shinichii to take Jung Tae and treat him. Shinichii says it is Jung Tae’s fate to die anyways if not now.

8.13 8.14

Soo-ok meets Ok Ryeon to show her a new song. They hum the composition together outside on a bench. He walks her home, but some creepy guy watches her from inside. The Japanese officer that had been arguing with Aoki a few episodes ago is assaulting Ok Ryeon’s mother. She tells him that this is not a brothel and he slaps her across the face multiple times. Soo-Ok helps fight the guard outside while Ok Ryeon rushes in the room to help her mother, but she gets slapped around as well. Ok Ryeon slams a wine container on the guy’s head, effectively killing the guy who was about to rape her mother. Unfortunately, the guard comes rushing in saying that they have killed Lord Gokubo, waving a gun around. Luckily Po Soo knocks the guy out and tells the women to pack and escape. Po Soo sets up his rifle and Soo-Ok follows to help. Po Soo takes out the other guards, clearing the way for the women to escape. Aoki receives a letter which details Po Soo’s face and the caption, “killer of Hal Eol Bin”. Aoki is on the move now with his rifle. He goes to the gisaeng house, but finds the Japanese superior’s dead body and finds out that escapees are headed towards the skiff at Yogampo. Po Soo takes the sacrifice and stays behind to fight Aoki and pushes the skiff into the water. Ok Ryeon’s mother is unwilling to let him go…..and we find a spot of blood on her dress growing as they row away. OH I SEE….MUM and PO SOO were lovers…..she probably had a MISCARRIAGE!!!

8.15 8.16

A rifle fight ensues in the tall grass. Neither can see the other person until Po Soo hits Aoki in the leg. However, Aoiki gets Po Soo in the shoulder, then Aoki’s arm, and the shoot off continues as they move closer to each other. They shoot at the same time and both fall. Who died?? We don’t know.At Il Gook Hwae headquarters, old gramps is sending men to find Aoki; he is confident that Aoki survived though. Gramps wishes to destroy Dobi gang totally. Jung Tae lays on a bed recovering while Gaya comes to visit him. Meanwhile Shinichii is getting checked out by the doctor who says he was hit in 8 places with 4 vertebrae fractured, and blood pooling that could block Shinichii’s breathing. He tells Shinichii that he could die if he leaves this alone. He comes into Jung Tae’s room and tells Gaya he has to report what happened.


Il Hwa arrives on scene with his second in command to the Il Gook Hwae headquarters. He has his servant announce that the Dandong organization requests a combat with the Japanese one. Shinichii and Gaya are surprised with this cry for battle. Gaya goes out for the battle against Il Hwa. Il Hwa wants Shin Jung Tae if he wins while Gaya requests for Dandong. The fight ensues. Il Hwa holds back at first, but Gaya is quick with her knives. He comments that she is a genius with them and won’t be holding back any longer!

Comments: Poor Jung Tae who gets beat up again and again! I wonder when he will be able to improve his skill to match those around him such as Shinichii, Il Hwa, and Gaya. He is unfortunately losing to them everytime, but he has the potential to become great as can be seen with Shinichii’s injuries. And AHHHH Poong Cha is gone! That death brought tears to my eyes, his hyung loved him so much to the point of sacrificing his life to try to bring Jung Tae home. Jung Tae and Hong Sik will definitely be wanting revenge for their brother’s death! Ok Ryeon also killed her first guy in defense of her mother! However, is this the point of separation for her and Jung Tae? Will she have a temporary future with Soo-Ok for now? I also wonder how the fight between Il Hwa and Gaya will go. They seem pretty well matched up! I hope Il Hwa doesn’t die though, he still has to repay the debt to Jung Tae’s dad!

What do you guys think?

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