Inspiring Generation Episode 10 Recap


Episode Ten opens with Gaya walking out to meet Yamamoto who is in charge of Shanghai. He greets her and she ignores him completely. She insults him that he has not been able to take over Shanghai yet and then delivers a slap right in front of all his people. She decides to tour the city in a rickshaw even though it is more dangerous than a car. Meanwhile Jung Tae walks the streets of Shanghai as well. These two barely miss one another, passing just a few feet from one another. In a moment of distraction, Jung Tae gets pick pocketed by a girl….maybe his sister?!?! Anyways, he manages to track her down and get his stuff back. He also asks her if she knows a place where he can stay.

10.1 10.2

Gaya decides to walk alone and manages to track several black clad gangsters behind her until she is sandwiched in the middle between two armies. Mysterious ahjussi who wanted Jung Tae to go to Shanghai appears to greet her. Wang Baek San is his name and he is in charge of Hwangbang. Gaya invites him to a party at the Shanghai Club and he agrees to come, but she wants Seul Do Sang, the leader of Shanghai to come. Bangsamtong is her next target. Baek San goes to visit Do Sang, but gets scolded for letting Gaya into the city. He tells Baek San to pay back the insult or else he is humiliated. They worry that Bangsamtong will crumble and want Jung Tae to protect it.

10.3 10.4

Jung Tae manages to get lodging at the pick-pocketer’s place and even a nice meal…although she rips him off 3 won more for that kimchi stew he craves. They eat together happily. Gosh, how much do you want to bet it is his sister or at least she knows where his sister is. Meanwhile, Yamamoto requests a private meeting with Gaya. Although he comes in with the intention to harm Gaya, Gaya approaches him unarmed and asks him if he will wield his sword against her or be her sword. He bites back his pride and agrees to be her sword. He kisses her foot.

10.5 10.6

Jung Tae wakes up at the girl’s table and has her guide him to Seolrok for 5 won. Girl knows how to make money. She tells him that only the richest can get into there. He approaches to the entrance anyways and gets blocked until he shows the badge that Baek San gave him. The girl is busy examining the riches inside before getting called out for stealing a spoon. Jung Tae is guided in for a quick bath and transformation. Then he pays his respects to his dead father’s shrine. Jung Tae wishes to forget his father, but Do Sang wants to show him the real side of his father. Twenty years ago, Il Gook Hwae almost took Hwangbang, but Jung Tae’s father appeared and slayed most the Japanese and returned the city. Young Chul didn’t want any repayment other than one street, Bandsamtong, where all the homeless, prostitutes, and criminals gathered. He wanted this street to reopen as a haven for ex-Joseon people to dream again. However, since his father left, the place returned back to its poor state. Do Sang introduces Jung Tae to the people and they all crowd around him paying respect to his father and instilling their hope into him.

10.7 10.8

Meanwhile, Young Chul’s second in command…or I guess leader now meets with Jung Tae, Baek San, and Leader Seul. Jung Jae Hwa (second commander) says Bangsamtong doesn’t listen to anyone now, so don’t intervene. Leader Seul basically forces Jung Tae to come to the party later hosted by Il Gook Hwae. And we are brought back to the lovely club seen in Gaksital. I love the outfits of this period. Leader Seul goes in by himself and is met by Gaya. They exchange barbs…and I have to say, Gaya’s Chinese is way better than Leader Seul’s. Yamamoto is planning to drag out Seol Doo Sung for a fight so that if he dies, war will break out, and even Gaya will be scalded. Jung Tae makes his way into the club as well. He is under-dressed majorly. Leader Seul is served a red pigs tail which is the ultimate insult. He is unable to back down, but fighting he would surely lose. Luckily Jung Tae appears and fights the messenger with the sword instead. Of course he easily defeats the other guy. Gaya hurriedly arrives on scene and meets Jung Tae head on. Both are surprised to see the other there. The messenger tries to kill himself when he was asked who gave him the command before being stopped by Gaya. Gaya aims to find who told him to do this. She apologizes sincerely to Leader Seul who accepts. She then turns and greets Jung Tae, and he back. They look at each other longingly. THE TENSION!!! As they walk out, he tells her that his father died and she implies it might have been her.

10.9 10.10

Leader Seul goes to Bangsamtong to meet Jae Hwa while Jung Tae tries to go the girl’s house. The girl left a letter for him to go to NamKyungho, a funeral house if he wants the key to the locked house. Seeing a photo of his father at the food stall where he meets the girl, he asks what relationship the girl had with his father. She said he was her “father” as in he took care of all the poverty stricken people. He insults his father and she gets extremely upset saying what would he know and takes back the key. Ha, he is his son!

10.11 10.12

Leader Seul meets Jae Hwa who is gleefully going over the money they earned from Il Gook Hwae by letting them use the Shanghai club. The leader slaps Jae Hwa and says who left him the owner of Club Shanghai. Club Shanghai is for all the ex-Joseon people to relax and be treated equally, not for making money. Leader Seul says he will rechoose the leader of the club and Jae Hwa is pissed. Leader Seul wishes to make Jung Tae’s father’s funeral public and make the new manager of Club Shanghai, Jung Tae. Ok Ryeon finally makes an SHANGHAI as well, but just missed seeing Jung Tae. Jung Tae tries to get lodging with the girl who gave Ok Ryeon, but she says she doesn’t have room. Maybe, this is his sister? Jae Hwa is still throwing a fit and decides to block off all entrances to Bangsamtong before Hwangbang attacks. Jae Hwa is told that Jung Tae is at Dae Ha restaurant in Bangsamtong. Ok Ryeon finds out from So-So, pick-pocket girl that Jung Tae is in Shanghai and she urgently asks her where he is. Meanwhile Jung Tae unsuccessfully tries to find lodging, but is found by Jae Hwa’s men instead.

10.15 10.13

While Jung Tae manages to fight off most of the men with Jae Hwa watching, Ok Ryeon finds him. She screams at him, he is all the way here and still fighting? He stops in shock and gets beat on the head by a guy while distracted. Ok Ryeon shields him with her body and the guys stop hitting him. The stoic girl from the shop, Dae Ha comes out with boiling water to scare off the guys. Jae Hwa tries to calm her down and it may look like he feels something for her. Pissed that he couldn’t do anything to Jung Tae, he asks after the corpse picker-upper….wonder what he is trying to do then?


Comments: Finally, the story is picking up! I like how most of the characters are making their reunion in this episode. In the previous ones, I was annoyed with Gaya and her high and almighty attitude, but it is better to see a little emotion this time around when she finds Jung Tae. Of course in every episode Jung Tae manages to get into some kind of fight, but you can see the improvement in his style I suppose. Hopefully, he will shed some of the hatred for his father and take up the mantle to protect the people of Bangsamtong and even Shanghai from Il Gook Hwae. Can’t wait to see what next episode brings!

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