Inspiring Generation Episode 11 Recap


Episode 11 starts with Jung Tae fighting against Jae Hwa’s minions before getting distracted by Ok Ryeon’s appearance and her friend’s boiling water interventions. After he deems this fight unsuccessful, his gang and him leave. However, he wishes to see Hwa Ri, a man who picks up dead bodies. Once again Ok Ryeon watches over Jung Tae’s unconscious body while begging Soo Won unni (boiling water friend) who seems to be a doctor to help him. She assures her that he is okay and knowingly smiles and says that this guy was the one Ok Ryeon was waiting for five years. She takes up her old spot by his bedside.

11.1 11.2

Meanwhile Leader Seul tells Baek San to go get Jung Tae for his father’s funeral parade. The leader has high hopes that Jung Tae follows in his father’s footsteps. Jae Hwa goes and visits Soo Won and daringly puts his arms around her waist…before stabs his hands with a syringe. She threatens to inject air and he lets go as she digs the needle in deeper. Jung Tae finally wakes up and jumps from the bed when he sees Jae Hwa and refuses to shake his hand. His gang enters again and he tries to make excuses for them, fakingly having them bow to their past hyungnim’s son. He tries to draw Jung Tae out for the funeral, but Jung Tae tries to be indifferent. Even Jae Hwa is astounded by Jung Tae’s attitude. Ok Ryeon also tries to persuade him to bring his father’s dead body. We learn that her mother and the assassin ahjussi died in the river crossing when they were trying to escape. She calls it even that neither of them knew what happened to the other party.

11.3 11.4

Jung Tae is convinced to ride with his father’s body. Meanwhile Gaya is having a conference with a subordinate about the funeral affairs. Chirinbong which is like security forces that the public listens to has been recruited by Hwangbang to protect Club Shanghai that Gaya wants to take over. She calls for Sasaki who had been ordered to insult Leader Seul. She knows that his boss promised to protect his family, but she promises to send his mutilated body to his family and mutilate them the same way. As he is about to spill Yamamoto’s name, she twists a sword into his heart….as a warning to Yamamoto who she knows is behind this. He prostrates himself and says he will serve her with his life.

11.5 11.6

Baek San receives the news that Jung Tae and Jae Hwa’s gang have gone to get the body. He also hurries to go the morgue. Jae Hwa plans to make a grand funeral for Young Chool in order to show he can control Shanghai. Even Leader Seul would have to back down then. Gaya also receives this news and  news that Yamamoto will block the road for her. Meanwhile, Jung Tae goes into the morgue and looks upon his dead father’s face. His masks breaks a little and Jae Hwa tells him he will take care of this for him. Jung Tae also receives a package of his dead father’s belongings. He meets Baek San at the door who tells him to go with his escort home since there will be a lot of people moving the body anyways.

11.7 11.8

While Jae Hwa’s people are putting Young Chool into the casket, Baek San enters with his men. He pulls the superiority card saying they have Chiringbong’s backing and that they will take the body. Jae Hwa refuses and says that Chiringbong never approved of this move, so he will take the body to Bangsamtong for tributes instead. Jae Hwa provokes a fight first using his men to try to take Baek San down. However, Baek San is more than a match and takes out his guys easily. Unsatisfied, Jae Hwa requests a fight between him and Baek San outside. Jae Hwa is no match for Baek San, but Jae Hwa is a fast little snake and actually manages to land several hits on Baek San. Unfortunately with a few well placed hits, Jae Hwa spits up blood on the ground. Baek San gets to retrieve the body. However I think one of Jae Hwa’s men looks a little suspicious…maybe there is a deeper game played here?

11.9 11.10

Gaya will take this opportunity to meet all the Chirinbong elders and wants to go to the funeral. Jung Tae goes back to the hospital where Ok Ryeon had prepared hot water for him to wash for his father’s funeral. He opens his father’s package before getting into the tub. He finds a wallet with a picture of him, his sister and his father inside. His fingers shake as he reads a letter he had written to his father years ago and his father had kept all this time. Jung Tae starts crying as he looks through his father’s belongings which included a checkbook of all his saved money. He finally expresses his loneliness concerning why his father didn’t come to find him when his sister and father left. He finally realizes that his father cared about him all this time even though Jung Tae couldn’t see it.

11.11 11.12

Leader Seul finds out Gaya’s plan and sends men to see who is blocking the roads. Baek San encounters Soon Po which are border police…but actually Yamamoto in disguise. A fight ensues and while Baek San fights the Japanese men, Yamamoto drives away with the stolen body. Leader Seul is pissed that Hwangbang lost the body to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya dresses herself in traditional Chinese qipao for the funeral. Ok Ryeon walks with Jung Tae to the French territory border before she stops. Jung Tae tells her that he never forgot her and that when he returns, will she tell him what happened in Shineuijoo?

11.13 11.14

Yamamoto gleefully gloats over his acquisition before he is found by Baek San….who takes out Yamamoto’s men with experienced ease even though they wielded swords against him. Yamamoto pulls out his sword and draws Baek San into the house for a fight. Meanwhile So-So sees Jung Tae coming to the funeral and still accuses him of being a hoodlum.  He tells her that her Shanghai ahjussi is his father and she scoffs before Jung Tae is led off by Hwangbang’s escort. Leader Seul meets Jung Tae and Jung Tae is led away to change. Chirinbang is about to enter, but Hwangbang doesn’t have the body yet. Hwangbang tries to buy time as Baek San fights Yamamoto. A neat shadow fight scene is played out in the house rice paper windows. Without breaking a sweat Baek San defeats Yamamoto who isn’t exactly dead yet. Baek San takes the body with his men.

11.16 11.17

Leader Seul greets the Chirinbong as they come in. However as Jung Tae is changing, So-So barges in, thinking he is fake….but it is because Jung Tae is acquiescing to having the funeral in Hwangbang instead of Bangsamtong. She tells him that Bangsamtong was his father’s life and the funeral should be there because the people who want to pay respects can’t cross over to the French territory. Meanwhile, Gaya enters the funeral site daringly. She tries to butter up the Chiringbang elders by acting humble who take the bait. She lights incense sticks and wishes that he rest in peace. She requests to see Young Chool’s face directly because it is a Chinese tradition to view the dead person’s face during a funeral. The Chiringbang isn’t opposed to the idea.

11.18 11.19

The body meanwhile is on its way to the funeral. Gaya requests to open the casket…and help from the elders to pry it open. Leader Seul looks extremely frustrated and Gaya smiles as the casket comes up empty of a corpse. The Chiringbang is pissed and Gaya steps up to speak..but not before Baek San steps in with the stolen casket. Leader Seul explains that fear of the enemy desecrating the body, he kept it in  house while making a fake coffin for show. Gaya dares them to open the new one which doesn’t have Young Chool’s body either. HAHHAHAHA, Jae Hwa you sly snake! You switched out the bodies when calling Baek San outside to fight. NICEEEEEEEEEE!

Comments: Great episode! I like how the underdog characters are beating the ones who are superior to them. I’m looking at you Jae Hwa. You are so sly, and not a bad fighter either!! Very ambitious though. However, I must say, Jung Tae’s storyline is getting extremely boring. There is seriously not much going on with him, although we only have one break through. He finally accepts his father’s love for him. Maybe this is his turning point to protect the Bangsamtong his father loved? Now with Gaya…she is boring me with her scenes along, but I do like when she and Jung Tae clash, brings more flavor. Also, again this drama is vanishing off characters I feel like. Where is Shinichii or Il Hwa, I wonder?

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