Inspiring Generation Episode 12 Recap


Episode twelve starts with Leader Seul’s surprised face as he sees the body in the coffin is not Young Chools. Instead, we see Jae Hwa’s gang carry the real coffin into the doctor’s place where Soo Won and Ok Ryeon are. As Jung Tae thinks back to So-So’s words, he quickly changes out of his funeral attire. Gaya is told by her subordinate that Yamamoto lost the body, but Gaya could tell by Leader Seul’s eyes that the corpse isn’t the right one. However, before she could check the body again, Leader Seul gets a letter from Jae Hwa who requests to meet him. He tells Baek San to escort Chiringbang out and contact them later about the burial. The Chiringbang are lead out and Baek San tries to stop Gaya from seeing the body. However, they are evenly matched and Gaya manages to open the coffin and confirm that the body was the wrong one.

12.1 12.2

Soo Won checks over Young Chool’s body while Jae Hwa’s underlings freak out over stabbing Hwangbang in the back by stealing the body. Soo Won determines the cause of death by first looking at the stab wounds that Gaya had made. However she notices bruises elsewhere that shows that the amount of internal damage before the knife wound would have killed Young Chool anyways. Therefore, an indirect and direct cause of death. Meanwhile Jae Hwa meets Leader Seul and he gloats about his success. Jae Hwa requests to keep Club Shanghai as well as have Leader Seul tell Chiringbang that Bangsamtong is under Jae Hwa’s care. Jae Hwa threatens humiliation for Leader Seul who lost the body. Meanwhile Leader Seul’s goons tear apart Club Shanghai to look for the body, and Leader Seul guesses correctly that the body is actually hidden in DaeHa Restaurant which is the International Red Cross Foundation which Hwangbang can’t touch. Leader Seul is willing to let go of Bangsamtong, but not Club Shanghai.

12.3 12.4

The plot thickens as Jae Hwa muses that his body has a bruise from the fight with Baek San earlier that matches the one that Young Chool has on his body. He implies that Baek San murdered Young Chool as not many fighters can leave that kind of mark. He is going to drag the Chiringbang into the autopsy investigation as well. Leader Seul actually looks worried for awhile. Jung Tae comes in to see Leader Seul who fakingly says that Jae Hwa and Jung Tae can of course hold the funeral in Bangsamtong. Leader Seul basically bends to Jae Hwa, though unwillingly.

12.5 12.6

Jae Hwa’s gang greet him back warmly and his underling announces to the street that their leader brought Young Chool’s body back to its rightful place. However, the street is a bit confused to be honest, with only scattered applause. Gaya decides she underestimated Jae Hwa and gleefully realizes that Hwangbang can’t pin their loss on Il Gook Hwae either or endure humiliation. She instructs Goichi, her subordinate, to report to the head of Il Gook Hwae that Shanghai rests on Jae Hwa’s shoulders. Shinichii and the head reasons that Hwangbang is the loser here because they could not hold the funeral and lost their reputation. Gaya however, hasn’t just been a sitting duck, she had set a bomb under Club Shanghai. Jae Hwa who overstepped his power boundaries is bound to die soon. The head is super proud of Gaya.

12.7 12.8

Meanwhile Jae Hwa and company are celebrating their acquisitions. Jae Hwa is proud that in 25 years from coming in as a beggar now has everything he wanted. Soo Won appears and gives him the report that he had two causes of death. As she is about to leave, he reminds her of her promise that she would date him if he became Bangsamtong’s owner. He insists that he is now, but she just scoffs and then leaves. Bangsamtong residents now are able to give their respects to Young Chool’s body. So-So explains that Young Chool even took several Russian refugees in their part of the town even though China wouldn’t take them. We see young children coming up to stroke Jung Tae’s hand, a superstition amongst the dying kids that if they touch Shanghai’s owner’s body, that they will be strong too and not die  sickness. Two cooks paying their respects almost get into a fight saying whose offer is better until a third person butts in and scolds them for using cheap ingredients anyways. They are chastised and go make new food offerings. The third person was the person who picks up corpses….and also the father of So-So. The guy’s sharp nose actually figures out that Jung Tae is still holding on to a lot of his feelings. He scolds him and forces him to vent his feelings.

12.9 12.10

Jung Tae approaches his father’s memorial and finally lets go of his feelings. He tells his father to forget all the painful memories and go with a peaceful heart. He says if his father didn’t have any good memories to take, to remember that he and his sister have never forgotten him. He breaks down and cries his eyes out. Everyone bows with head to ground. And again. Jung Tae spreads his father’s ashes in the ocean with Ok Ryeon. As she also spreads Young Chool’s ashes, he asks Jung Tae’s father to assure her mother in heaven that she is doing well. Meanwhile Leader Seul and Jae Hwa watch behind them.

12.11 12.12

Baek San challenges Leader Seul when he was asked to bring the Chiringbang elders. He says when they finally have a chance to take Club Shanghai, after “temporarily” giving it to Young Chool, why are they doing that again with Jae Hwa. We find that Jae Hwa’s suspicion was right and that Baek San did give Young Chool those internal injuries. He tells Baek San to erase anyone who saw the fight. Baek San asks if Leader Seul was going to groom Jung Tae, he answers that Jung Tae still lacks a bit of skill, as time progresses, he can become better. However, Baek San is skeptical and says that Jung Tae is not very good at fighting and wants to test time. Leader Seul allows this and Baek San asks what if Jung Tae dies during his test, and Leader Seul says that’s okay too.

12.13 12.14

Ok Ryeon wonders what Jung Tae will do now. Jung Tae says he will stay here and find the person who killed his father. He asks if he can help at the store with her, but Ok Ryeon wants him to forget about revenge. A whistle blows and Ok Ryeon looks extremely worried and says they must go to Daeha’s store now. What looks like border police rush in and start beating up people randomly on the street. Damn. They beat everyone, elderly, women, kids, and Jung Tae becomes extremely pissed off as he watches. Ok Ryeon tries to loosen his clenched fist and they are almost discovered from their hiding place. Every month either the French or Chiringbong come and check the identities of people and beats the people of Bangsamtong. Jung Tae looks at her worriedly and holds her hand, but she pushes his hand away. She wonders why he didn’t send any new of himself and says didn’t he care about her and her family? We find that Soo-Ok died as well, and she went back to Shineujoo to find him. For six months she stayed there, but Jung Tae can only say he is sorry. She tells him not to expect too much from her now. She goes back to Soo Won and distracts herself with restaurant work. Jung Tae stands outside the shop, listening in to Soo Won comforting Ok Ryeon.

12.15 12.16

Jae Hwa has started canceling contracts with supplies since is now acknowledged by Chiringbang as owner of Bangsamtong…and now the newly called Club Rome instead of Club Shanghai. His gang complains that those vendors only ever trusted Yoong Chul and treated the rest of the gang like dogs. They see Jung Tae delivering water and wishes that he leave Bangsamtong. So-So is a little jealous that Jung Tae likes Ok Ryeon and not her.

12.17 12.18

Jae Hwa meets with Gaya to return the silver he got from her saying that he is going to redo the interior design of Club Rome. However, Gaya counters with gold pieces to stay, but Jae Hwa refuses it and tells her to go back to Japan. Gaya asks Jae Hwa how Young Chool died, and Jae Hwa responds by two swords. Meanwhile, Jung Tae comes back from a delivery only to be attacked by a guy dressed in black who had been following him. The guy pulls a sword on him and a fight ensues. Jung Tae tries to defend against the sword like he did with Shinichii before, but this guys’ swordsmanship is different and Jung Tae manages to get cut in several different places. On the other side, Gaya tells Jae Hwa that she knows Young Chool didn’t just die from the knife wounds. Jae Hwa becomes curious and grabs her shoulder as she leaves. Gaya’s double swords come out and Jae Hwa makes the connection that the cutting was done by her. Meanwhile JUng Tae is grievously injured in the side AGAIN by the tester samurai.

Comments: Alrighty, another episode down..and I have to say sometimes I wonder where this drama is going. Jung Tae’s plot is not going forward fast enough in my opinion. All he ever does is get into fights, I feel you know Ok Ryeon!! And plus, it doesn’t seem like he is getting better yet….*sigh* However, I like in this episode that Hwangbang shows its true colors and their dirty dealings with Jung Tae’s father’s death. Poor Jae Hwa is about to get killed it seems soon as well, a character who I think is pretty interesting! I wonder what will happen next and hope the plot becomes a little tighter.

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