Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 11

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Aom waits for Mike to come back. She prepares his medicine and bandages but runs away as soon as she hears him coming back. The next couple days she keeps avoiding him and Mike feels it, which makes him slightly remorseful. Mike keeps having flashbacks of all the happy moments he had with Aom and the latter tries to ignore him so badly but can’t help but worry about him especially after she sees the new pop singer – Mike’s competition – on TV.

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Whores’ Glory

This documentary takes you to Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico. It explores the lives of prostitutes and we get a glimpse of their mindsets as well as their customers’. It is hard to think of prostitution as multi-faceted, but this documentary shows that it’s possible. Some of the sex-workers in Thailand try to enjoy their jobs while others in Bangladesh hate it with a passion. As a woman, I was touched by this documentary and it helped me keep in mind that sex workers are human beings first.

Inspiring Generation Episode 10 Recap


Episode Ten opens with Gaya walking out to meet Yamamoto who is in charge of Shanghai. He greets her and she ignores him completely. She insults him that he has not been able to take over Shanghai yet and then delivers a slap right in front of all his people. She decides to tour the city in a rickshaw even though it is more dangerous than a car. Meanwhile Jung Tae walks the streets of Shanghai as well. These two barely miss one another, passing just a few feet from one another. In a moment of distraction, Jung Tae gets pick pocketed by a girl….maybe his sister?!?! Anyways, he manages to track her down and get his stuff back. He also asks her if she knows a place where he can stay.

10.1 10.2

Gaya decides to walk alone and manages to track several black clad gangsters behind her until she is sandwiched in the middle between two armies. Mysterious ahjussi who wanted Jung Tae to go to Shanghai appears to greet her. Wang Baek San is his name and he is in charge of Hwangbang. Gaya invites him to a party at the Shanghai Club and he agrees to come, but she wants Seul Do Sang, the leader of Shanghai to come. Bangsamtong is her next target. Baek San goes to visit Do Sang, but gets scolded for letting Gaya into the city. He tells Baek San to pay back the insult or else he is humiliated. They worry that Bangsamtong will crumble and want Jung Tae to protect it.

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Inspiring Generation Episode 9 Recap


Episode nine starts with Il Hwa deciding to go all out against the fight with Gaya. They are quite evenly matched and both land hits on one another. Meanwhile Hong SIk wakes up from being knocked out and asks the Dobi member watching over him where the keys are. The Dobi member breaks down and tells Hong Sik, Poong Cha’s last words. Both sob desperately for the loss of their brother. Hong Sik cannot contain his sorrow.

9.1 9.2

In the last round of the fight, Gaya purposefully exposed her weak spot so that Il Hwa could land some hard punches. She then voiced, “I lost” so that Il Hwa could take Jung Tae away. Il Hwa realizes that Gaya loves Jung Tae and approves of her foresight to save the man. Meanwhile, Shinichii is very suspicious of Gaya’s loss. As Il Hwa and his servant are carrying Jung Tae home, they are accosted by about 30 men wanting a fight. However, Il Hwa deduces that they are not acting out of Gaya and Shinichii’s order because they wouldn’t do something so cowardly. They realize that their headquarters in Dandong is being attacked and is lost now too. We see that old Gramps and Aka have destroyed the place. They have taken over the gateway to China.

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Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 10

Mike hurts himself while practicing. Aom tries to help him but he refuses at first. That’s until he realizes that his injury is more serious than expected.

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Aom gets a pack of ice and applies it on Mike’s ankle. She tries to be really careful and not press too much on it but she has to get it done anyway. Mike keeps asking her to be gentle and she keeps apologizing each time she hurts him.

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Jiro: Dreams of Sushi

This is a must watch documentary! Not only because of the story of sushi master Jiro Ono, but also because of the cinematography. The documentary is a day in the life of Ono and how he perceives his restaurant and the art of sushi making. We also learn more about Ono’s path to success. Ono had nothing when he started and it’s through constant thoroughness on himself and others around him that he was able to achieve success. Ono’s life goal: striving for perfection.

Inspiring Generation Episode 8 Recap


Episode eight starts with Jung Tae and Shinichii hashing out the details of the deal. Jung Tae and Hong Sik then go to the gisaeng house where Ok Ryeon comes out. They ask her if Choi Po Soo is in who happens to be assassin ahjussi. They beg him to teach Jung Tae how to fight with a sword. Po Soo teaches Jung Tae how to take hits from a professional swordsman and Jung Tae adapts to even getting a few hits in. Po Soo comments on how his fist is like steel and he’s only felt a fist like this one other time. He thinks that Jung Tae may die because the opponent is so much stronger, but he says Jung Tae’s father won in such odds. Jung Tae continues practicing and training, shirtless. He goes to his mother’s grave and puts the letter from his sister at the grave because he is too afraid to read it.

8.1 8.2

Jung Tae goes to meet Ok Ryeon and says he wants to make up for the eight hours he missed with her. She is suspicious something is wrong. She agrees to stay with him all day long. They go for a ride on the same bicycle, and he teaches her to ride it by herself as well. They go shopping cutely at the market and play dress-up. SO CUTE. And feeding each other cotton candy. Meanwhile the Dobi gang are suspicious where Jung Tae is going, noticing he is going to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya slips into Shinichii’s room and finds a photo of her mother and Shinichii from the olden days. Shinichii barges in and tries to take the picture from her, but she is too fast for him. She wants to know their connection, and the fight over the picture ends up ripping it in half with Shinichii holding the mother’s side and Gaya holding his side. She orders him to tell her, but he smashes a table and refuses.

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