Inspiring Generation Episode 15 Recap


Episode Fifteen starts with the fight between Shinichii and Baek San with Baek San using his special move that causes internal bleeding and obviously having the upper hand. Kazuki, Gaya’s samurai servant calls in Shinichii for him to go back. Nobody dies tonight as the fight is interrupted. Baek San tries to play the good friend who saved Jung Tae, but Jung Tae isn’t having it since his eyes are opened to who killed his father with the help of Ggoo’s observations. He says he will definitely repay the debt that he owes Hwangbang. Meanwhile Gaya is still talking to Leader Seul. She is intent on finding out who killed her mother. He tells her mother was of the Yakuza, but was well liked by Club Shanghai. Turns out the room she was using was her mothers and was left untouched until she came. Even the owner of Shanghai preserved the room the way it was.

15.1 15.2

Gaya is glad that Shinichii is alright even after Baek San’s special move. Turns out Gaya was the one who sent Shinichii to draw out Baek San and open Jung Tae’s eyes to Hwangbang. They now wait for Jung Tae to stand alone. Shinichii asks if Leader Seul told her about her mother’s death. She wonders why he is curious. Jung Tae muses about what he saw tonight and how he should fight Baek San in the future. He choreographs the fight in his head, but even in his head Baek San is too fast and he could only land a few punches. He gets on the floor to try to do pushups….one handed because of his injured shoulder. He continues to train and exercise throughout the town. Old Man Fly watches and wonders what his reasoning is. He asks Jung Tae who he thinks the owner of Bangsamtong is to which Jung Tae replies…Jae Hwa? Old Man Fly tells him that fights start with your head and that it will take him a long time.

15.3 15.4

So-So bothers him while he is taking a bath and Ok Ryeon walks in all dressed up. She is going to audition to be the singer of Club Shanghai, the next “Mei Ling”. So-So is teasing Ok Ryeon about the size of her boobs before crashing into…MUAHAHA Mo Il Hwa. YES, he is back!!! Her heart races while she is in his arms. Aoki is talking to a table of powerful people including Leader Suel. The leader is pissed that Aoki at his young age is stepping up. Aoki says he will be instituting the laws now and that Leader Seul should back him up. Leader Seul is PISSED at having to take orders from this upstart. Aoki is then seen chastising a young man, but giving him another chance instead of killing him.

15.11.1 15.5

Jae Hwa is holding auditions, but is extremely frustrated at the lack of quality performers. Old Man Fly even comes to audition and stabs someone while using a magic coffin box. Ok Ryeon walks in and Jae Hwa is skeptical that she can do anything. She sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”….but it is obviously lip synced..just saying. Jae Hwa is really interested in her angelic voice though and even Mei Ling likes her singing. Meanwhile Gaya goes to the temple for her mother and father’s incense lighting. Jung Tae is taking his father’s memorial tablet for a walk. He asks her for the last time how his father died. If he suffered much and how he was. She told him that his father was in so much pain and that she killed him at his request. She says she sent him peacefully without pain and he thanks her. She tells him to leave Shanghai if it is too painful and that he has a place to go and someone to be with. She is the owner of Il Gook Hwae and she has to cut him down if he gets in her way.

15.6 15.7

Jung Tae has brought his father’s memorial tablet to the doors of Hwangbang. He states formally two requests: he wants to keep the tablet at Hwangbang. He says it will be a reminder at Hwangbang that his father was the owner of Bangsamtong. Leader Seul accepts the request. Baek San takes hold of his father’s tablet. Jung Tae’s second request is for Leader Seul to accept him as a son because he has no family. Leader Seul is surprised and Jung Tae lowers his head to the ground. A crowd watches and Leader Seul has to accept. The crowd cheers while Jung Tae is pleased.

15.8 15.9

Ggoo tells Jae Hwa and company that Jung Tae and Leader Seul are in a Seol Rak relationship now. This means that Jung Tae is using Hwangbang as a mentor. Jae Hwa comforts himself that he still has Club Shanghai. Gaya is suspicious of this new father-son relationship forming between Hwangbang and Jung Tae. She says in China, two things can never be broken. Meanwhile, Jung Tae and Leader Seul are performing the “adoption” rites with a crowd looking on. Jung Tae thanks Leader Seul for letting him into Shanghai, giving him paternal ties, and the life long debt he wishes to pay. They drink to that and break the cups. Leader Seul is pleased with this outcome, but Baek San is suspicious and doesn’t like how close Jung Tae is now. However, Leader Seul couldn’t do anything but to accept the relationship in front of so many people while Baek San just wants to off the guy. They start screaming at each other. Jung Tae pops in to say he is going back to Bangsamtong, but Leader Seul wonders why doesn’t he just stay at Hwangbang. Jung Tae says he will go back to learn under Jae Hwa at Club Shanghai and that he is now the owner of Bangsamtong. Well played, well played.

15.10 15.11

Aoki asks Shinichii why he didn’t just kill Jung Tae. Shinichii answers that even if he did, Gaya would just hate Il Gook Hwae all the more. Futhermore, it would be like following in her mother’s footsteps, a war between Gaya and Denkai (Yakuza). Aoki wonders who Shinichii serves, the leader or Gaya. Shinichii wonders if Aoki is being this way is because he likes Gaya. Aoki says he can protect Gaya like Shinichii wasn’t able for Princess Ryoko. Turns out that Aoki is the adopted son of Denkai. He wants to rework Il Gook Hwae. A mini scuffle breaks out. Shinichii says a new war will start because of Aoki.

15.12 15.13

Ggoo has stuck himself to Jae Hwa’s gang. Jae Hwa tells his boys to get ready since he wants to show them the autopsy report. He wants to drive a wedge between Hwangbang and Jung Tae. Jung Tae himself comes to see Jae Hwa. Jung Tae calls Jae Hwa hyungnim, trying to forge brotherly ties while having paternal ties with Hwangbang. Jae Hwa laughs and breaks the neck of a bottle ready to stab Jung Tae. Jung Tae says he knows who killed his father and that he wishes to strengthen himself under Jae Hwa. He says he chooses to side with Jae Hwa over everyone else. Jae Hwa asks him why and Jung Tae replies at least he didn’t stab his father in the back. Jae Hwa accepts and says Jung Tae must follow his words exactly and stop fighting recklessly. Jung Tae agrees and Jae Hwa commands that Jung Tae may not get revenge until he says he can. Deal sealed.

Jae Hwa decides to test Jung Tae with boxing first. Boxing is Jae Hwa’s talent while Jung Tae is inexperienced. Poor Jung Tae is too slow for the boxer they set him up with. He can only get hit or defend. However, Jung Tae starts looking at the boxer’s feet. He improves and manages to avoid some hits now and hit the oppoenent in the head a lot. Jung Tae knocks out his opponent with a kick. Jae Hwa says in Bangsamtong, use any means to win to protect what he wants. When there is a fight, there is no rules. He tells his men to serve Jung Tae as a second hyungnim. He also tells him to get a suit and stop looking like a hobo.

15.15 15.16

Baek San is still nagging Leader Seul. Leader Seul wants to off Jae Hwa and says that Baek San must control Jung Tae. Ok Ryeon and her girls celebrate her getting into Shanghai Club as a stand-in singer. Jung Tae comes back in a full suit and everybody is light..what? He congratulates her for getting into the club. Jae Hwa oepns his club to all his people, but his original lackeys are a bit dissatisfied with the hierarchy. They feel Jung Tae got in easy and that even Ggoo is acting like a Jung Tae. They want to restablish pecking order and lead Ggoo outisde. Jae Hwa is met by Gaya and her people. She is getting ready to leave. Gaya tells Shinichii and co to go first so she can talk to Jung Tae. She wants to ask him not to touch her mom’s room and to protect it. He immediately agrees and she is touched with his promptness. Ok Ryeon meets Gaya and Ok Ryeon tells Gaya not to make life harder for Jung Tae. Gaya scoffs and says well Ok Ryeon can just leave since Jung Tae is going to live as a fighter anyways. Shinichii is about to scold Gaya about holding Jung Tae in her heart. Gaya responds that it is not Jung Tae that is burdening her.

15.17 15.18

A group of unknown men invade Club Shanghai. Meanwhile Ggoo is engaging in a fight with Jae Hwa’s lackeys. Poor Ggoo never has been that good at fighting, but he is a crazy bastard. He manages to trick the guys into thinking he is weak, but like a crazy dog he lights into them beating the other guy to the ground. He says the pecking order is Jae Hwa, Jung Tae, him and then the other losers. As he is talking, he never sees the other guy pick up a stick and knock him out. They want to get Jung Tae next. Meanwhile Jung Tae faces off against the muggers in the Club Shanghai. The muggers say that no one is the owner of club Shanghai while Jung Tae says Jae Hwa is. A fight of course ensues with Jung Tae beasting all of them. Jae Hwa and Jung Tae fight back to back.


Comments; I am liking this a lot! Jung Tae has finally grown a pair and is taking matters into his own hands. He pulls one over Hwangbang by tying himself to Leader Seul tightly while forming the real bond with Jae Hwa. I am really liking this new brotherly bond between Jae Hwa and Jung Tae. And don’t forget Mo is coming back as well to join the fray! Gaya, again, tries to help Jung Tae see the truth and stand on his own feet even with the disapproving Shinichii. However, Aoki is about to muddy the waters big time. Even Ggoo has grown on me. Although I thought him just a mindless bully blinded by ambition, I like how he fights for himself. Now, I am really stoked as to where this is going.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 15 Recap

  1. This episode was good. I liked it alot because we are seeing Jung Tae grow more and more into this badass character. But it’s like, something is still holding him back or maybe he’s just thinking a lot. I notice that he’s that type of hero that thinks before he acts. I really like that but I feel that he’s thinking too long. It’s like when he thinks it’s right, someone will said something and then he’ll have to think all over again. it gets frustrating…..

    However this episode I can clearly tell that he’s so over-the-hill for Gaya. It’s that relationship that I love you so much but I can’t be with you. It’s a tragic love story. As much as Gaya puts on a hard face, every time Jung tae is in the picture, she gets soft and maybe too soft. That’s probably the only thing that might hurt her at the end. I truly believes that she will give every thing up to help Jung Tae or better terms, sacrifice herself for him.

    As for OkRyeon, I love that she’s finally doing something GREAT in her life and that might be because Jung Tae is back in her life. But I hope she will do this for herself and not Jung Tae. I believe that OkRyeon knows that Jung Tae does love Gaya but OkRyeon’s love isn’t any different from his love to Gaya.

    We only get to see a glimpse of Mo. Well, his lips. How can you not tell it’s MO? That sexy lip. YOu can tell from 10 miles away. 🙂 I’ll wait till you post up the next epi to discuss about Mo.

    • Ah yes, finally Jung Tae is shaping up! I really like that he analyzes his fights, learns and adapts to the new styles he encounters. The fact that he choreos some fights in his mind at night is interesting and shows that he is not just being reckless.

      I agree Gaya may die in the end, sacrificing herself to save Jung Tae in some way. Probably by the hand of Aoki, I feel like. Though he may like her too, his ambition far outweighs his affection I think.

      I think Ok Ryeon is finally focusing on herself more. She wants to pursue her new career in singing for herself even at the start of the show. Too bad Soo-Ok is gone now. He was a breath of fresh air.

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