Le Jun Kai

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Original Title: 乐俊凯

Episodes: 9

Year: 2013

Country: Taiwan

Channel: Sohu

Theme: Revenge, love

Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho) is a successful businessman, who lacks nothing material, but who lacks love and warmth. His first wife was killed by Ye Zi (Janine Chang) ‘s father while she was pregnant. To seek revenge Jun Kai goes after Ye Zi . The best way to avenge his death wife and their baby is to torture the person his enemy loves the most. He seduces Ye Zi and convinces her to marry him. As soon as they get married he starts mistreating her – bringing other women home, abusing her verbally and physically…

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However Jun Kai can’t help but develop genuine feelings for her. At first he denies those feelings, but the more he pushes her away the more attracted he is. He feels guilty toward his ex wife.

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Jun Kai has a picture of his first wife and a picture of Ye Zi on his desk. He always covers Ye Zi’s picture with a black cloth.

Conflicted he decides to chase her away. Ye Zi leaves while pregnant and decides to keep the baby. When the drama starts the child, who is called Tian Tian, is 5 years old. Jun Kai tries to get in touch again with Ye Zi because of his feelings for her, the fact that they have a child together, and to protect mother and son from one of his business competitor. The latter is trying to use Ye Zi and her son to blackmail Jun Kai.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.27.11 PM

Jun Kai pretends that he is only approaching Ye Zi because he wants his son back; part of it is true but he is obviously in denial. Having the custody of Tian Tian is a way of keeping Ye Zi close. Even if they don’t live together, Jun Kai believes that Ye Zi will always be close by just to keep an eye on Tian Tian.


I purposely didn’t include any spoilers because this drama is too short to spoil anything. I would rather let the viewers enjoy. I had never watched a drama with Peter Ho before and this made me want to look into his previous dramas.

The similarities between this show and Sealed With a Kiss – one of my favorites – drew me to this show. Both male leads have someone they love being killed directly or indirectly by the main girl’s father. The male leads both go after the main girls and try to make them pay but along the way they develop feelings.

It is a rather dark and twisted drama so I would advise sensitive souls to refrain themselves from watching it. The ending is not the happiest and I know a lot of people were pretty annoyed by it. I was annoyed at first too but then I realized it was not that bad. I was impressed by the acting, mostly Peter Ho’s. He was hell of scary when he got mad and the way he displayed his emotions were really impressive. Watching a drama with such a plot, viewers should expect seeing a tortured soul – something that is perfectly portrayed by Peter Ho.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.29.57 PM

Three negative comments that I have concern the show’s length, flashbacks, and costumes…. The show is ONLY 9 episodes long; each episode being no more than 30 minutes. With such a length you would expect the director to go straight to the point. Well that is not the case, the director throws a ton of long and unnecessary flashbacks. I mean the story is pretty clear so why so many flashbacks? I still don’t get it. Lastly Peter Ho’s suits were definitely not the right size. He was definitely too muscular for those suits. He looked like he couldn’t breathe with his suits on lol.

~ maniac Ride

4 thoughts on “Le Jun Kai

  1. I was never a big fan of Peter Ho but in this drama, he did an awesome job. Making me hate him yet pity him. To watch this drama, you have to have an open minded and remember, it’s just a DRAMA.

    • You should try Ring Ring Bell (if you haven’t already). I really liked that one; so cute ~ It also has Janine Chang and Peter Ho paired! I watched that one after Le Jun Kai. I wanted to see more of PH lol.

      • I tried watching that drama and it was hard for me to watch it. I’m not a huge fan of Peter Ho. So it takes a very good drama for me to watch him. Le Jun Kai is good, I mean, GREAT as in “good acting by Peter Ho.” I watched Summer’s Desire and from then on, not and never have been a fan of Peter Ho. I don’t know if it was the character, acting, person, or all three.

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