Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 18

It turns out that Guy is there to see Mike. They go next to the water and Aom goes inside the house. Is Mike feeling alright? Mike admits that he is not OK. He messed it all up and feels exhausted. Why is everything so hard? If Mike could he would run away really far. Guy keeps smiling. Mike asks him why is he smiling. Guy’s answer: he is here to listen. He adds that Mike needs to clear it up fast.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.30.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.30.21 PM

Aom takes a bike ride in the park. She meets Mike and he starts walking toward her. Mike asks if she is tired. Yes, she is. What about Mike? He is too (I think the question refers to them being tired physically and also mentally exhausted) but he can still take her home. Mike gets on the bike and Aom sits on the back. Should they go to the world’s edge? Aom says yes but only if there are the two of them there. There she would be the best scriptwriter and Mike would compose the music he loves. There no one will never come between us; no Mint especially. The scene turns into a back hug and then they start riding back home.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.31.11 PM

Aom sits outside at night and is joined by Mike. He tells her that he has never looked for anyone but he is always looking for her. That is so strange. He especially looks for her when he can’t find things in the house (Way to kill romanticism). Would Aom look for him if he disappeared? Mike wants to see her again says Aom. She is shocked by his question and adds that she is sorry for the house. If it wasn’t for the house all this wouldn’t have happened. Mike insists that he should be the one apologizing and despite everything that happened she is the best thing. Mike tells her about the press conference. He is going to confess it all. Aom thinks that he is doing this for Min. She starts crying and tells him that it’s alright they should follow what was in their agreement. Mike tries to explain but Aom doesn’t give him time to do so. She doesn’t want to be hurt anymore. Aom runs into her room and keeps crying; Mike is still outside crying too.

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The next morning Pao shows up and Aom and him end up discussing the current situation – fan clubs and reporters going crazy. Pao tells Aom that her photos are all in the news. What photos?! How come she doesn’t know about it? Pao asks her if she hasn’t been out at all (Danggg Pao talks too much). Hasn’t Aom turned the TV on? He tells her that there are photos of Guy and her and photos of Mike and Min. Some of the photos are six months old. Mike is now the guy who lies to his fans and the all country. Aom is the one who cheats with her husband’s best friend. Pao turns the TV on for Aom to see all the gossips, rumors, pictures, and fans’ reactions. She immediately starts crying and clueless Pao is seating there like a fool. When Mike gets in the living room he is not happy at all and makes Pao turn the TV off real quick.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.33.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.34.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.33.28 PM

Mike heads out but before he makes sure to warn Pao. He never wants Pao to turn the TV on again and let Aom watch all those gossips. He doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. Pao agrees but still lets Mike know that the fact that Aom and him worry about each other is clearly love (Nosy again haha). They head to Mike’s office first and then to meet Mike’s father.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.34.50 PM

At the office, Mike’s boss tells him that he doesn’t have to tell all the truth. He can make it reasonable. Benz asks Mike what is the truth. What will he say during the press conference? Mike doesn’t answer.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.36.31 PM

When Mike meets his father he apologizes. Mike adds  that he won’t be able to tell all the truth; he can only say that it was all his fault. Mike’s father tells him that when Mind was sick he kept treating her although he knew the outcome. He couldn’t let her go. He couldn’t tell others how he felt and people misunderstood that he hurt Mind. A true man must acknowledge his mistakes and apologize. A true man must explain to get rid of misunderstandings. Therefore Mike must try to explain especially to the person he loves.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.36.48 PM

Mike is now sitting on a swing in the park when Pao asks him if he is ready to go home now. It’s getting late. Mike gives him an envelope for Aom. Why can’t Mike give it himself to Aom? Mike says that he will be waiting in the car after the press conference and he will let Pao know what to do next. Mike then asks Pao to drop him off at the office. He will sleep there tonight. Meanwhile Aom is waiting for him to get back. She ends up falling asleep in the sofa.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.37.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.37.33 PM

The day of the press conference is finally here. Everyone is supportive of Mike except the faker (Sorry I never got his name and he truly doesn’t matter. He is not that likeable)… The latter makes it more stressful for Mike telling him about all the reporters present. He keeps rubbing it in and telling King, a newbie in the industry, to follow Mike’s example (Stop making fun of Mike!) and keep his spirit high no matter the situation. Pao steps in and asks if King can even make it that far?! Both start bickering and Benz is obviously happy that the faker was silenced. The manager tells Mike that he can rest for a few days and maybe come talk to her (I guess to continue his job).

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.38.54 PM

Before entering the press conference room, Mike heads to the bathroom and tries to forcefully take his wedding ring off. He is unable too and gives up (I feel like he truly didn’t want to take it off too…).

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.57.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.58.04 PM

Mike apologizes for letting his fans down. Everything that happened is his fault. He apologizes for dragging Min and Guy into this matter; they are his friends. There is nothing between Min and him; they are just very close. The wedding between Aom and him was a business agreement. He asked Aom to do it and this agreement is now over. Mike also begs the reporter to let Min, Aom, and Guy alone. If reporters have anything they should come to him. Reporters start asking more and more questions. How much did he pay Aom? Is this the end of his career? Fans are looking disappointed.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.59.27 PM

After the conference, Mike tries to find a quite place to think, which is in the middle of nowhere sitting on the road in front of the car. Mike has decided to leave. Pao is trying to talk Mike out of it. If he loves Aom he should fight for it but Mike has already made up his mind. What if Aom is better off without him? Mike is sure that Pao will do the same (Hummm I highly doubt it). Pao is convinced that Mike is making this up himself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.59.54 PM

Pao goes home alone after dropping Mike off at the airport and hands the envelope to Aom. Turns out that it’s a letter he wrote to Aom. He left because he doesn’t want her to be sad anymore. He is giving back the house to her and wants her to purse her dream as a scripwriter. As predicted by Mike, she can’t hold back her tears meanwhile Mike is on the plane and thinking about his plane adventures with Aom.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.00.43 PM


This week’s episodes were seriously too sad. We got some sweetness in this one especially when Mike has the heart to heart with his father and the bike ride with Aom. But even that small amount of sweetness can’t make up for all the tears and stress.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.32.21 PM

I don’t agree with Mike leaving. Simply because the situation hasn’t been resolved yet. By leaving, he is letting Aom face the public opinion and reporters by herself. It’s true that he begged reporters to leave Aom alone but there is no guarantee that they will do it. I believe that Mike is doing what he thinks is best but he might want to consult other people rather than making a decision without analyzing all the consequences.

The press conference scene was so powerful. Mike being unable to take his rings off shows  that he is not ready at all to let go of his marriage with Aom. During the conference, he keeps playing with the ring on his finger. Almost like he is looking for support and courage. That’s also how I see his relationship with Aom; always looking for her when he is feeling down and lonely.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.58.22 PM

Seriously look at his hands…

The press conference was shown from different perspectives, which I also appreciate. Min is obviously hurt that Mike came out and clarified that there are only friends (Too bad). Guy is worried about Mike’s decision to tell the truth: was this the only solution? Aom is heartbroken.

With only two episodes left, I hope that the reconciliation between Aom and Mike won’t be rushed. I don’t want them to get back together within the 5 last minutes of episode 20. That would be a joke. I also don’t want Aom to be the one running after Mike because he put her through so much that I think he should step up his game. He needs to make up for all the tears. 

~ maniac Ride

21 thoughts on “Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 18

  1. i love you pica! thanks for recapping episode 18. already can’t wait for this weekend for the final 2 episodes. and i’m with you to being against a reconciliation in the last 20 minutes of the show’s end. definitely want to see mike doing the chasing. at first he needed her and got married because he was angry at min and to save face in front of the reporters. but now he needs her because he’s always looking for her, needs her by his side, because he loves her. and so he has to step up and get her back or else he’ll regret it, just like his grandma’s ex boyfriend.

    • continue….i want mike to not only regain his title of prince of romance but to ascend into the king of romance. sigh, maybe if i blink, it’ll be saturday already

    • I can’t wait to go home and watch this episode and cry with Mike/Om-Am. I love this couple. Fighting!!!!

      On the other hand, let’s have episode 19 be the reconcilation and episode 20 be the finale of their sweetness and bitterness. Let’s end this in a nice way please……

      • I’m marathoning episodes 13-17, and leaving the last 3 episodes for this weekend to next week Monday. Viki is fast in subbing this

      • Indeed, I went home and watched this episode and cried.

        Om-Am is such a great actress. Hands down on her on crying scene. (&laughing scene)

        I just want this ending to be BEAUTIFUL.

  2. if they are going to follow the original script, mike will be chasing aom on the next episode. and i really want to see if what will be their version of the i-will-be-a-monk-after-that-press-confession scene. haha

  3. found the previews of ep19-20 and omg, i feel like crying when om-am cries. still don’t care about min but something tells me she apologized to om-am or something, idk. anyways, enjoy!

    • AFterall, Min has a heart. Enough to cry and enough to know what was good in front of her was good. Should have appreciate it while it was there.

      Can we not have Mike missing for an episode, my heart can’t take it. I’m pretty sure he won’t be…. I can imagine many endings to this lakorn but let’s have a different yet beautiful ending.

      It’s Wednesday. 4 more days to go.

    • i have the translation thanx to Jennifer. much love!

      “he refuses to tell us where he’s at”
      “he only calls to say that he is fine, dont need to worry”
      min tells om-am that she wants to talk to her regarding mike.
      min crying: “I dont know. I love him first i dont know what to do”

      • Thanks lidy.

        As for Min crying.. OH no you did NOT love him first. You love Guy first so you need to recheck yourself, woman.

    • Thanks for the preview! This is it! Only two days and two episodes T_T I think Aom will be the one traveling to meet Mike in Korea because I remember the Namsan Tower scene too. I wanted Mike to be the one chasing after her. Oh well 😦

  4. …before she wreck herself, right may?

    anyways, lol, that was too funny. and you’re right. who did she love first?! then why was she chasing guy then? apparently she’s more selfish than we thought bc that would mean since she already had mike around her pinky she chased guy bc he wasn’t wrapped around her finger. so basically in truth, she loved herself and her little selfish butt, could go and regret for all the time wasted and losing mike.

    min gets no sympathy for me, none at all.

    • I second that, lidy. Min is someone that I dislike. (character) She only wants what she can’t have and Mike is long gone. You can’t have him back when his heart is with someone else. I know, Om-Aom is not giving it back either. Well, Mike doesn’t want back if it’s with Om-Aom. He can run far away but his heart will always be with Om-Aom.

      Thinking about it, I cried so much when they were sitting outside together. Mike wanted to confess to Om-Aom and she didn’t want to hear it because she thought it was bad news…. Then she ran back inside the house. That hurts!!! Then Mike didn’t come home but left to Korea. Here we have Om-Aom waiting at home. That hurts even more.

      Mike will come home when he’s ready and when he’s ready, let’s hope he wins Om-Aom back.

      • hhmmm, i remember seeing in the ending credits for some of the previous episodes that om-am is in korea, probably namsam tower where they locked their keys, when mike and om-am are reunited. don’t know if they changed the reunion scene, but was it ever mentioned that mike was lying low in korea? then wouldn’t that mean that om-am is doing the chasing, most likely spurred by whatever min came by the house to tell her? and then most likely the story will unfold from there with mike coming clean about his real feelings, finally and om-am yelling at him that he’s an idiot. and hopefully photos of the couple together again leak out and send the media to a frenzy, benz proves that faker was behind things and gets fired, pao speaks up that they were in love and all the interlopers (min, media and paparazzi) got between them, min goes to ny etc.

        on a side note, i’ve been wondering for awhile that aside from loving music, that part of the reason why mike got into the entertainment industry was because guy used to be and he was trying to get min’s attention.

    • From what I recalled or heard when Mike was sitting in the airplane the host was speaking through the speaker stating “korea” but I can be wrong.

      I didn’t catch the information about Guy being in the entertainment and that’s the reason why Mike got into music. Very interesting.

      That’s the only reason why I said Om-Aom is going to do the chasing was because there’s that preview she was at the love lock tower. But maybe she might just use an excuse to go to Korea for a getaway because she miss Mike. And then Mike happen to be at the love lock tower and so was she… timing was good between them. Missing each other and visiting old places.

      • Well pica and may, already the Thai version had set itself as a different full house from the Korean version. Don’t remember the Korean version too much, but as compared to mike, rain didn’t portray his growing affections for his wife through skinship, enjoying each other’s company when they hang out, staring at her, wanting to be near her, looking for her, etc. What he did was try to stop her from hanging out with his friend, feeling guilty for standing her up and filling the house with flowers in one episode. I don’t even think he tried to confess his feelings but in the past couple of episodes, Mike was letting his true feelings show. When Om-am asked for a divorce, he confessed that she’s already won but he has to keep his promise. Ultimately she took that as she lost because he’s choosing Min over her, so when he tried to confess his feelings to her in episode 18, she ran away because she didn’t want to hear it. She thought he was going to tell her how he’s going to choose Min again, plus she herself didn’t think she was suitable for him, something she admitted to her cousin Oom.
        So later, when Mike is having a man to man talk with Pao, he tells him how he thinks she would’ve been better off without him in her life. And then Pao scolded him that that’s just what he’s thinking but their women might think different. So this might be why it will be Om-am who would have to do the chasing this time, because if only she’d listen to what he was trying to say to the end, believed like everyone else believed how in Mike’s eyes she’s perfect, then the press conference wouldn’t have gone down like it did and Mike wouldn’t have to lay low in another country.
        Also, here’s to hoping that the fans that are still loyal to Mike have a hand in Mike coming back more popular than before. The ones who didn’t buy into the negative media and believe that Mike and Om-am had something real, that it wasn’t all a set up and maybe have Oom and Pao repay Om-am back by coming out and saying how those two loved each other, but “people” got in the way.
        And that the faker ends up jobless and blacklisted for his hand in what happened to Mike. But his star should at least get a pass because it looks like maybe he knew nothing of what faker was doing.

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