Inspiring Generation Episode 16 Recap


Episode sixteen starts with the muggers trashing Club Shanghai. Jung Tae steps up to block the muggers and they start fighitng. Jae Hwa and Jung Tae fight back to back. Ok Ryeon and So-So hide in the back before they get discovered by one of the muggers. Jung Tae is blocked from saving her, but luckily WHO SHOULD APPEAR BUT MO IL HWA. YES YES! Using his awesome skills Mo takes out the muggers with ease. Jung Tae is surprised to see Mo here. They greet each other like brothers and hug. Jae Hwa feels left out and comes to say hello. Mo concentrates on Jung Tae and says he came to greet Bangsamtong’s new owner. He heard from Hwangbang that the place has no owner. Jae Hwa is pissed at being ignored. Mo comes to warn the group that there will be blood soon. Jung Tae asks him if he is here to attack and take over Club Shanghai. Mo becomes evasive and just says for them to prepare well for opening night. Jung Tae is frustrated with this answer.

16.1 16.2

Mo and his servant walk the street and wonder if this will be the new place they will live or will they die here. We finally get to see Mo training Jung Tae in the past. Jung Tae is visibly improving and getting faster and faster, even landing a punch that makes Mo gasp. They parted on good terms, with a handshake and hug. Mo, meanwhile, is paying respects to Jung Tae’s father with Hwangbang watching. Mo tells Leader Seul that he will face off Shin Jung Tae at opening day since Jung Tae instigated it. Mo sees right through Leader Seul’s plans and wants to take out Jung Tae as a stab against Hwangbang. Mo smirks and walks away. I LOVE THIS. He is so mysterious.

16.3 16.4

Jung Tae waits for Mo outside and the two square off. Both are very well matched and aren’t able to touch each other at all. Mo compliments Jung Tae on his skill. Jung Tae asks Mo if he absolutely needs the club. Mo responds to why is he serving under his father’s dog. Mo sees right through Jung Tae too, knowing that Jung Tae wants revenge against Leader Seul. Mo tells him to be careful of ruining the “hunt”. Jae Hwa muses that Hwangbang is testing them to see if they can keep the club. Jae Hwa calls Jung Tae the hyungnim and says he will settle the challenge. Jung Tae responds to send invitations to Chiringbang. He is banking on his position as Hwangbang’s son to catch all the wolves, including Mo, who want the club. Jung Tae says he will find a way to beat Mo, but Jae Hwa says be careful of all the other wolves who want a piece of the club too. I wish Mo was on Jung Tae’s side, but I knew this would happen, Mo doesn’t do things for free. But Jae Hwa seems to have his own plans too…..

16.5 16.6

Mo understands why Jung Tae asked for the Hwangbang relationship, but continues on his quest to take over Club Shanghai. Jung Tae sees flower bouquets and decides to buy one for his girlfriend. He is accosted by Jae Hwa’s lackeys who want to establish pecking order again. Ggoo is tied up in the alley still. Jung Tae, while still holding the flowers, knocks off the first three gang members. The two second in commands challenge him to a fight. Jung Tae sets his flowers down and says for them to attack all at once. They do and he tells them to beat up the bad guys who want the club just like they are trying to do to him. He approaches the two lackeys easily and takes out the first one with his own weapon. Ggoo laughs as the other dude falls next to him. The second guy acquiesces immediately and calls Jung Tae hyungnim. Pecking order established. Ggoo tries to Jung Tae his friend and praises his fighting skills. The two lackeys ask if Ggoo is at least below them. Jung Tae says of course Ggoo is. HAHA. Ggoo is smacked for not calling Jung Tae hyungnim. The poor flowers got smooshed a little.

16.7 16.8

Ok Ryeon is nervously getting ready for the show. So-So found a pretty dress for her to try on from the rack. Uh-oh, I think those are Mei Ling’s dresses. They go to Mei Ling’s personal dressing room. Meanwhile another show girl is trying to find her dress….that Ok Ryeon is wearing. Jae Hwa escorts Mei Ling in, but they come across Ok Ryeon in her personal dressing room. They apologize and hurry out. They are discovered by Jing Jing, whose dress they borrowed. Jing Jing slaps Ok Ryeon across the face even after she apologized. Jing Jing tells her to take off the dress right now. Ok Ryeon actually peels off the dress right then and there to spite her.

16.9 16.10

Aoki asks Gaya out for a dinner date. He tells her that the war will soon come to Shanghai. Aoki has set his eyes on the Club and Hwangbang’s casino to control the city. He offers her his help, but she says she is fine. He warns her that if she can’t make any progress, her life will be taken away. After this threat, he tells her that he will help her take revenge after she gets the club. She sits frozen at these words. Aoki requests for the guest list of Club Shanghai and of people who are related to Jung Tae. Meanwhile Ok Ryeon has caught a cold because of Jing Jing. So -So is worried that Ok Ryeon’s voice won’t come out so Soo Won will give her a shot! Ok Ryeon exposes her butt to the air….where she will receive the shot and is walked in on by Jung Tae. She is so embarrased, but Jung Tae isn’t fazed and says he saw her butt before when they were small anyways. They flirt and Jung Tae says he “stopped” her marriage anyways. He gives her the bouquet of flowers after some teasing. Ok Ryeon requests red dahlias and geraniums, and forget me nots for her next bouquet. Cute.

16.11 16.12

Jung Tae again starts training in preparation for his fight against Mo. Dang, those exercises, those muscles! Dem pushups. Waterbucket weights, hahaha. He thinks back on how Mo fights and practices defenses he might use. Pretty fast, and Mo-like. He fights the fight in his head. Unfortunately, he isn’t faring very well even in his head against Mo. Not to be deterred, he practices harder. The club’s grand opening is well underway. The lackeys straighten out the waiter’s bows and even test them on 5  different ways they can take out rowdy guests. Leader Seul is wants to attend the opening as well and is getting phone calls from Chiringbang for VIP invitations, but he himself hasn’t received an invitation from Jung Tae yet. Leader Seul thinks that Jae Hwa and Jung Tae are scheming against him.

16.13 16.14

Old Man Fly walks in on Jung Tae practicing and says Jung Tae basically has no chance against Mo. He offers to help Jung Tae to which Jung Tae is skeptical. Old Man Fly is hiding his own past and calls in Geum Seuk, his servant. Geum Sam is skilled in Shaolin, which is the way Mo fights. Old Man Fly says there is one way to break Shaolin. He starts hitting Jung Tae randomly, seemingly unprepared. A slap on the face, kick to the chest. Young Choo Gwon, attacking without preparation. Geum Seuk spars with Jung Tae, who is hopelessly slow. Old Man Fly says to attack without preparation, stop defending first. They spar through the night and Jung Tae gets faster and better. Running on no sleep…. Old Man Fly is skeptical that Jung Tae can beat Mo who had 30 yrs of Shaolin training. Jung Tae is persistent and says he has to.

16.15 16.16

Aoki looks over the guest list and the Kokobu murder is brought up, the officer that Ok Ryeon killed. Aoki focuses on this new piece of information, that Jung Tae and Ok Ryeon are dating. Meanwhile Jung Tae is getting ready for the opening, in a new suit. She pats his butt in affection, and he is embarrassed. So-So and Soo Won unni are both going to go too since they work there. Soo Won gets a little put off that Jae Hwa didn’t send an invitation. Jae Hwa, immaculate in a white suit and his whole gang struts down the street. Mei Ling gives a pep up speech to the showgirls.

16.17 16.18

The doors OPEN, with fireworks. Ggoo is super excited by the fireworks. Old Man Fly prays for a lot of dead bodies and shit for him to pick up. Aoki also views the fireworks…cue evil dramatic music. Gaya smiles at the display of fireworks. Leader Seul also chuckles that it has finally started. Mo is meditating before the fight and is going to the fight….but is stopped by Baek San. Guests have started to file in the club. Foreigners are even coming. A bunch of people have gathered outside to see the fight between Jung Tae and Mo, not for the opening. Aoki recognizes Ggoo and tells him that he heard from Gaya.


Mei Ling greets the crowd in several languages and starts the show. Wow, cue lip syncing again. But the visual is pretty good. Ok Ryeon watches from the back and wishes she was up at the front. Meanwhile Baek San is still blocking Mo. Baek San wants to make a deal, saying he knows that Mo’s family is at Qindao. Baek San wants control of Club Shanghai and an open opium route. Mo receives this threat badly, but Baek San warns that war is coming and to keep this deal in mind. Baek San says don’t lose purposefully, and to win all the way or die at the place. Nothing will save Mo’s family. Mo is now set on winning and surviving.


Comments: Ah, as much as I wanted Mo to be on Jung Tae’s side, I kind of knew this was coming. Mo needs to survive on his own first. Fortunately, we see that Jung Tae stands a chance against Mo. He is getting faster and better at fighting, though not totally at Mo’s level yet. It was very enjoyable seeing them training together and parting on such good terms. I also saw Old Man Fly’s skills coming! That part in an earlier episode where he stopped Jung Tae from going after Baek San’s tester samurai. Man’s gotta hidden past, I wonder how good he really is! Hwangbang is now pissing off a whole lot of people. Jung Tae, Mo, Jae Hwa, Il Gook Hwae. Why don’t they all band together to get rid of the corrupt Hwangbang first before fighting amongst themselves?

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 16 Recap

  1. I enjoyed this epsiode because of Mo. I feel like he has this agenda that we won’t being see it till the end. He does need to survive for himself and his people too. But Mo isn’t that bad. (I really want to believe that…) I’m on Mo’s ship from day one so I hope the outcome of the fight doesn’t mean someone dies. If anyone dies, it’s not Jung Tae. That’s a fact, unless it’s the last episode.

    BTW, Jae Hws look so HOT in a white suit.

    • Me too! I am really glad he is back. Hmm I believe he wants to find secure footing somewhere before he can “help” Jung Tae. They had parted on good terms, so there really isn’t any bad blood between them. Plus Mo lost Dandong when he went to help Jung Tae. Perhaps he thinks Club Shanghai is due payment. He seems very much the type of guy to honor debts and play give/take.

      I really hope that Mo doesn’t die in the fight for Club Shanghai. There may be a fight between Baek San and Mo first. Both are really good, but I wonder if Mo’s shaolin style can match up to Baek San’s special hits. I wish Mo and Jung Tae could team up against Baek.

      I loved the scene where Jae Hwa + company strutted down the streets in suits.

      • I want to see Gaya & Jung Tae just team up and take all the organization apart. With the help of Shinichi, Mo, & Jae Hwa. I really want Aoki on this ship too, but I believe that he won’t betray his godfather.

        Let’s hope that Mo and Jung Tae has a plan about this Club Shanghi. Overall, when we really do look at the drama, what is this drama really about? We are in episode 16 already and I still don’t know the POINT of everything. We know Gaya’s mission and purpose. I’m still at lost about Jung Tae’s mission besides finding his father’s killer. But Jung Tae know who it is already…. So….. what is Jung’s Tae story in this drama? One of the best fighter in China? How he conquer Shanghi? Or who is Jung Tae? I’m still not getting the whole point of this drama.

        Oh well, I suck it up this long for Kim Hyung Joon…… So FIGHTING!

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