My Love From The Star’s Success In China

My Love From The Star’s Success In China

I stumbled upon this article from The Washington Post today. My attention was immediately drawn to the picture of Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun ~ Apparently Chinese officials are wondering why China is unable to produce shows as successful. The Korean drama featuring our favorite alien has also taken China by storm.

According to the article, the show had 2.5 billion views online (O_O) and a Chinese woman was so obsessed that she almost had a miscarriage. Apparently she stayed late too many nights binging on 치맥 (chicken + beer)… Some people are taking it a little too far… It’s only a drama (A good one I have to admit).

My first surprise was to find out that authorities perceive the success of the show as a  blow to China’s cultural dignity. Some officials have a hard time understanding/accepting that Korean shows are that popular.

My second and biggest surprise was to find this article in The Washington Post – one of the most well-known American newspaper. I guess My Love From the Star should be taken that seriously ~

Check out the article if you want to find out more ~


5 thoughts on “My Love From The Star’s Success In China

  1. As much as I love that drama, I have to admit, I’ve seen better ones. However, the actors were amazing and I believe if the actors weren’t that good, the drama wouldn’t be that good. We have to give props to the actors.

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