Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 1


Starring Bomb Tanin as Lin Lan Ser/Khun Lin and Mint Chalida as Ruthainark/Nark.

Yuttapong, Nan and Nark’s father, borrows 20 million HK dollars (~ 80 million baht – GASP) from the Hong Kong mafia boss Lin Lan Sir/Khun Lin. Yuttapong promises to pay back in three months and interest will be charged. Yuttapong also agrees to give his eldest daughter Nan as collateral. Khun Lin is shocked at first but when he sees the beautiful Nan he agrees.

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Nan and Nark are the only two daughters of Yuttapong. Nan is  beautiful and liked by everyone while Nark is disliked by everyone. She is not as pretty as Nan and others kids always prank her.

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Because of their dad’s debt, their family of three moves to the countryside. Nan is unaware of their father’s financial troubles. Nark, despite being the youngest, is more mature and able to accept the situation. The father and Nark decide not to tell anything to Nan from the time being. The father had previously asked Nan how she would take it if his business went bankrupt; Nan immediately threw a fit saying that she could never face her friends if their family was poor. Thankfully she gets along with her younger Nark and is able to forgot about them living in the countryside a little bit.

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Yuttanapong  decides to flee with Nan leaving Nark behind. Nark is caught by Jongsing, who is Khun Lin’s right hand man. At first, Jongsing doesn’t know what to do with Nark but hands up bringing her back to Hong Kong. Once in Hong Kong, Nark meets Khun Lin. She spends quite a long time explaining to him that she doesn’t know where her father and Nan are. Who is he anyway to mistreat her and drag her all the way from Thailand??! Nark slowly realizes that Khun Lin is part of a mafia to which is father is indebted. Nark realizes that her father chose to run away with Nan leaving her behind (That feeling of betrayal). Khun Lin’s men scare Nark so badly that she faints. Khun Lin shows Nark her father’s letter when she wakes up. The father decided to give her to Khun Lin instead of Nan. Nark will be more useful than Nan and Khun Lin must let her continue school.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.39.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.40.15 PM

Khun Lin makes a deal with Nark; if she is able to repay the debt he will leave Nan alone. Jongsing then takes Nark to her new place – a dormitory. She will also work in the construction site where the dormitory is located. Food will be eaten at the construction site’s canteen and her wages must be turned in to Khun Lin. She is also ordered to attend school. How can she repay the debt doing manual labor while attending school? On her first day at work, Nark befriends another worker Tar Hai. He helps her find another job and listens to Nark’s concerns. Tar Hai is shocked to learn that she owes money to Khun Lin but reassures her by saying that it’s better than being a mistress. Mistresses are quickly dismissed when men do not fancy them anymore (Good point). 

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We get a glimpse of the mafia business aspect of the drama when Khun Lin meets with his associates. Their organization wants to make a deal with Carlos Tapia, a weapon dealer. Of course Khun Lin has to make the deal since he is the head of Chaihong Group. Everyone else agrees to give Khun Lin a chance – he can finally prove his ability as a leader. Khun Lin’s  authority and ability to conduct the deal is challenged by Puey Lin only (Or let’s just say that he is the only one to be straight forward about it). Yong Wen and Sang Gui call out Puey Lin for disrespecting their boss and not giving him  a chance.

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Turns out Yong Wen is the adopted son and Puey Lin is one of the main owners of the mafia business  (Already feeling the power struggle). Puey Lin doesn’t understand why Sang Gui is always on Yong Wen’s side. Sang Gui explains that Yong Wen will replace him one day. It doesn’t matter that Yong Wen is the adopted son because he has as much rights.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.44.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.43.54 PM

Jongsing warns Khun Lin to keep an eye on Sang Gui and Puey Lin. They could do anything for power.

Interpol is following Carlos Tapia in the Czech Republic. He is staying in a hotel with one of his girls when the cops barge in. Carlos is able to kill one of the cops and escape. The one that survives, Patrick Button, a member of Interpol vows to catch him.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.46.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.47.22 PM

We also meet Fang Mei Jing, a woman interested in Khun Lin. When Mei Jing  pays  a visit to Khun Ling she is advised by Jongsing not to bother since Khun Lin is not in a good mood. That doesn’t deter Mei Jing (She should probably have listened to JongSing). Khun Lin is in a terrible mood. He is annoyed by every word she says. When Mei Jing notices the picture of Nan, she asks Khun Lin if he thinks Nan can handle being a mistress. Nan seems weak. Khun Lin implies that Nan might be more than a mistress… Mei Jing is not happy about the way Khun Lin treats her. Khun Lin uses her service when he attends cocktails and parties but doesn’t give her any attention outside of that. 

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Back in Thailand, Nan and her father are driving far far far away. Nan is still confused about where they are going. What about Nark? Nan shouldn’t worry about Nark; she can take care of herself. Nan and her father end up having a big argument. The car is stopped on the side of the road and Yuttapong has to run after her. Would she have agreed to be a mistress?! Nark is not that pretty to be a mistress that’s why he sent her. Nan calms down but is pretty depressed by the news. Nan is also thinking about the man she saw in a restaurant while she was waiting for her father. That man is none other than Khun Lin (Feelings?). They find a quiet place to stay but their peace is quickly disturbed when they are attached by some men. Most likely Khun Lin’s men.

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Bomb’s acting is not terrible but not that good either.  I was expecting so much from that drama that I am disappointed. We have to take into account that Bomb is relatively new in the industry. I believe this is the second drama he does for Channel 3. The character he plays is also young. Khun Lin seems to be the new leader of their organization; as the godfather he needs to prove his leadership skills and competence, which explains his confused and not so convincing scary face. Hopefully the drama will get better plus I like Min’s acting.

I  realized that the father never intended to give Nan to Khun Lin. From the beginning, it was Nark. The father always praises Nark saying that she should have been the first daughter since she is so mature. The letter he wrote also shows that Nark has exceptional qualities that Nan clearly doesn’t possess. Honestly if the father had given Nan away she wouldn’t have lasted. Khun Lin would have probably been tired of her. Nan is pretty but not the smartest; she seems to be the kind of character that would create more trouble than anything else… Khun Lin hasn’t given up on her yet but I wonder how long he will fancy Nan. Probably no more than three episodes…

Also can they please get rid of this fake moustache that Sang Gui is wearing??!! It’s awful and it looks so FAKE!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.43.39 PM

Seriously tho…

I am not sure if I will keep recapping this drama but we will see…

~ maniac Ride

26 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 1

  1. lol, yeah the mustache is bad. but was surprised to find the recaps, thanks pica. will most likely wait til its completely subbed before giving it a try and see whether or not i’ll watch it to the end.

    ps,oh baby i and can i be the man to love her songs are still running through my head. at work i even hum it and sing it

      • i know right….i’ve been trying to find a new drama fix but so far started star no koi but i’m dropping it after watching the first 5 episodes. Special Team TEN seem interesting but going to put it on hold after episode 1, and try watching Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar. Secret relationships or contract relationships, old and or recent, as long as they’re completed, does anyone have any suggestions. Don’t care if it’s from korea, taiwan, china/hong kong or thailand, just as long as it’s good enough to fill the hole in my heart now that full house is gone

      • love raeng pradtana, kim as a spoiled brat was great and hilarious at times. but loved her best when she shows how she’s someone not to be messsed with. and i still haven’t decided to check out emergeny couple.

      • @lidy: picadrama summarize Lan Ling Wang. I highly recommend that if you want something GOOD to watch. I would recommend you to go to my tumblr but I believe my tumblr is private. WAIT. let me post it here. You can read my top 10 dramas 2013.

      • thanx for the suggestions may. i’ve seen sud sai pan (love it and toontam), secret (love) and raeng pradtanah (love). tried midsummer’s night and master’s sun but gave up on them and haven’t seen the rest on your list but heard good things about khu kham and been thinking of watching it in the future

      • @lidy: Have you seen any of the Khu Kham? I love the storyline and I gave it a try on all remakes. I watched Barry and “new chick” verison too.

  2. Thank you for recapping and please continue recapping so that non-native Thai speaker like me can understand… Umm, do you know any links that have english subbed of this lakorn??

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  4. whoever wrote the recap should change the episode 1 coz than san isn’t puey lin is dad. than san is a friend of LLS is dad.

    • Hi! Everything is clarified in the following recaps. The scene where San, Puey Lin, and Yong Wen meet in the bathroom was a little confusing.Thanks for pointing it out though ~ I fixed it.

  5. LLS is dad and than san isn’t freaking blood brothers. whoever wrote the recap in the episode 1 should paid attention to the drama more lol. will gives fault info.

    • I don’t see where it says that they are blood brothers. Also recapping takes a lot of time and yes, mistakes happen. It is alright to point out mistakes or disagreements as we are always looking for ways to improve our blog, but offensive comments will not be tolerated. If you show me where it says that they are blood brothers I can fix it. Although brothers in the mafia means companion or someone who has endured the same hardship.

  6. in episode 2 part 5 where LLS and jongsing were talking in the office anyways, i’m curious what did LLS said cuz some of the subtitles wasn’t show up properly. anyone got the recap for that. i’m appreciated it a lot. they said it’s 100% subbed but some of the subtitles are missing in viki

  7. if anyone got the whole convo between LLS and jongsing in episode 2 part 5 recap pls post it here for me to read, thanks.

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