Inspiring Generation Episode 17 Recap


While the party is underway, Jae Hwa is busy kissing up to all the guests. He brings Jung Tae to the Chiringbang table and shows him off. We see Ok Ryeon has taken up backstage singing for that dreaded JingJing while the other girl performs on stage. Jung Tae visits her as a show of support. Both of her friends are so proud of Ok Ryeon’s singing talent. Her excitement as she exists off stage is seen by Aoki. Meanwhile Jung Tae spies Leader Seul strolling in. Jae Hwa blocks Jung Tae’s advances, but Jung Tae drags him off to talk. Ok Ryeon is “recruited” for her singing talent by a record producer, but we see Aoki sitting at the table as well. Ok Ryeon wants to go for the testing, but knows that Jung Tae wouldn’t like it. The “producer” reveals his true colors and threatens her with a gun. So-so and Ok Ryeon are forced outside.

17.1 17.2

Jung Tae feels betrayed that Jae Hwa sent the invitations to Hwangbang. Jae Hwa replies that he has to pay taxes to Hwangbang to survive. He has to protect Bangsamtong with whatever he can. He tells Jung Tae that Leader Seul is too powerful to hit right now. Jae Hwa embarrassedly confesses that he has to live as a dog for Hwangbang in order to keep things running. Jung Tae refuses to be like Jae Hwa and chooses to follow the path of his father. He won’t give in to Hwangbang. Instead, he aims to make Club Shanghai and Bangsamtong his while destroying the organization that pulled down his father.

17.3 17.4

Soon Mo calls out Shin Jung Tae for that fated fight. Jae Hwa urges him to win against Mo first, but Jung Tae just brushes off his hand. Chiringbang also hears the challenge and ask Leader Seul if he is worried that his “son” will get injured since Mo is a skilled fighter. Jae Hwa leads the group out to see the fight. Baek San relays to Leader Seul that Mo has a grudge against Il Gook Hwae because they sell opium and the fact that these sellers killed his mother. Seems like they can’t get a hold of Mo’s weak spot.

17.5 17.6

Mo and Jung Tae exchange words before they fight. As the fight progresses, it seems that Jung Tae is not doing so well against Mo who manages to get many hits in. However, he remembers Old Man Fly’s advice and tries to get a “direct line hit”. Jung Tae finally is able to get several hard hits in on Mo’s chest. Mo is surprised that Jung Tae figured out how to fight him and decides to amp it up. Jung Tae knows he has to close the distance to win. While Mo prepares for a flying kick, Jung Tae uses this chance to land a severe blow on the guy’s stomach and a knock to the head as well. Spitting up blood, Mo acknowledges his defeat. The crowd and Jae Hwa are pleased while Leader Seul has a pissy face on.

17.7 17.8

Jung Tae hurries to help Mo up. There are no hard feelings between those two. Jae Hwa tries to make up with Jung Tae and ends up meeting Ok Ryeon and co. They act suspiciously, and Jae Hwa realizes that Aoki is threatening them. He ends up following the group and confronts Aoki. A brief scuffle occurs until Aoki pulls out his gun. Aoki can’t kill Jae Hwa since its opening night, so he knocks him out instead. Meanwhile Jung Tae “apologizes” to Leader Seul for forgetting to invite him. Leader Seul reminds him that this is Hwangbang territory and that this “old man” will stay on this land. Jung Tae says he won’t forget and glares. So-So rushes out and informs Jung Tae that Ok Ryeon is being kidnapped. Jung Tae runs after the car uselessly. Both Jae Hwa and Jung Tae are frustrated with the situation. Jung Tae is willing to cross over to the English border to rescue her, but Jae Hwa says its his responsibility and that he will take care of it. The rest of the lackeys just realize that Ggoo is gone too.Soo Won tries to reassure So-So that because Jae Hwa is sly, he will figure out a way to get Ok Ryeon out. Jae Hwa goes to see Leader Seul and relays how Club Shanghai, neutral ground, has been breached. Jae Hwa even brings in the safety concerns for Leader Seul.

17.9 17.10

Leader Seul actually considers the benefits of rescueing the girl which may bring Jung Tae onto their side. Meanwhile Gaya considers the harm that may come to Aoki if Chiringbang makes a move. At the prison, the officers question her about the opium routes, but she doesn’t know anything. Aoki steps in says that if she doesn’t speak, she will end up like her mother. He tells the officers to use any method to open her mouth.

17.11 17.12

Leader Seul and Baek San meet Aoki at the prison. Meanwhile Jung Tae asks Soo Won to relay a message to Ok Ryeon that if she waits one more day, he will come and get her. Leader Seul scolds Aoki for carelessly grabbing a girl. Aoki counters that she is a murder suspect. However, Leader Seul counters that there will be a multi-country war if Ok Ryeon isn’t released because the Japanese have no power over criminals in Shanghai. Aoki says that he knows that Leader Seul is using Club Shanghai as a front to finance General Chang Kai Shek’s war. He threatens to start another war between the Communists and the General. Leader Seul says that Aoki’s neck would be danger too then. Aoki requests Shin Jung Tae in exchange for releasing Ok Ryeon.

Shin Jung Tae practices some parkour, but trying to jump walls. Mo comes to visit him and Jung Tae displays concern for Mo’s health. Mo gives Jung Tae, Pyung, his servant, to help train Jung Tae to sacle walls. Jung Tae is super thankful. Old Man Fly strolls by and offers his servant as well to teach Jung Tae to scale walls. Soo Won informs Jung Tae what room Ok Ryeon will be in that night. Both servants set up different ways for Jung Tae to use them as stepping stones in his climb upwards. A bit of humor in this rather serious drama. Meanwhile Mei Ling is on Jae Hwa’s back about Ok Ryeon’s absence. Ggoo then starts asserting his status as Hwangbang’s man over Jae Hwa who is now doubly frustrated.

17.13 17.14

Gaya comes to scold Aoki about his actions. Aoki is using Ok Ryeon as bait for Shin Jung Tae who is poised to take down Hwangbang. The two servants and Jung Tae scale the wall that night and takes out the night guards pretty easily. They find her room, but realize they have been tricked. Aoki and a small army are waiting for them. Aoki scolds Jung Tae for being so rash and endangering his life for just a girl. Jung Tae goads Aoki and he rises up to the bait. They go outside to fight. They engage in combat. Aoki is pretty good at fist fighting, making Jung Tae roll.

17.15 17.16

Comments: Bromance galore between Mo and Jung Tae again, yay! Thank god, they didn’t kill each other. But now the conflict is moving to Aoki and Jung Tae. Perhaps they will make a temporary alliance to get rid of Hwangbang first? That is if they don’t kill each other.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 17 Recap

  1. come to a conclusion about Aoki fighting Mo, who will win? I believe, Mo will win. I didn’t want episode 18, although, I heard Mo and Baek San fought and people are saying the fight was good. I don’t know if it’s true b/c I didn’t want watch it. I will do a marathon on episode 18, 19, 20 this weekend.

    • Ah I agree. Mo would definitely win. I feel that Aoki doesn’t have that much experience fighting, especially hand-to-hand combat. He is also ruled by his emotions and pride. I just watched the fight between Mo and Baek San. Very good!

      • I saw the preview of episode 20 and it’s pretty interesting… I think we finally get to see Jung Tae’s mission.

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