Inspiring Generation Episode 18 Recap


This episode starts off showing Ok Ryeon being released to Ggoo. He gives her a meal and makes some pervy comments. Ggoo wants her to sign a contract in order to release Jung Tae. He tells her that it holds Jung Tae’s life and she better sign it now. He drives her to the prison and shows her that Jung Tae and co are scaling the wall to go save her. She wants to warn them, but if she does, Jung Tae will get shot. We see that Gaya has just entered the complex as well. She wants to go interfere with the fight between Jung Tae and Aoki. Jung Tae figures that Aoki’s weakness is his pride and provokes him by making insults about his fighting skill. Aoki gets more emotional as he fights and Jung Tae bides his time. Jung Tae lands several hard punches bringing Aoki to the ground.  Aoki brings the firing squad instead.

18.1 18.2

Leader Seul uses this chance to confirm how good Aoki is and how much Ok Ryeon matters to Jung Tae. Baek San is still massively suspicious of Jung Tae and thinks the boy is sly like his father. However, Leader Seul has a twisted hope in Jung Tae’s survival. Gaya saves Jung Tae’s live by setting a fire to distract the prison. Aoki gives the signal to shoot, but the explosion stops his order. He releases Jung Tae for now. Jung Tae is still focused on Ok Ryeon’s location and almost gets shot again. Gaya comes back from her deed and Yamamoto warns her that this deed may block her career.

18.3 18.4

Ggoo drives away with Ok Ryeon and tells her that Jung Tae will always come for her. He asks her if she has the confidence to run away from him. Ggoo pushes her towards Leader Seul saying that Hwangbang will help out with Jung Tae’s survival. Ggoo persuades her to side with Hwangbang and she signs the contract thinking it will protect Jung Tae. Meanwhile Shinichii scolds Yamamoto for letting Gaya go to the prison. Yamamoto looks sly and says that the Yakuza boss already knows everything. Shinichii is pissed, but Gaya appears saying she was the one who reported. Gaya says that she knows that it was Shinichii who killed her mother/ordered the hit. Shinichii kneels in front of her and gives her his sword and his life. Gaya says it’s the boss who decides who lives or dies. Shinichii again uses Jung Tae’s name to threaten her. He tells her that her mother also loved a Korean man and ended up dead. He wants to tell her everything, but Gaya will ask the Boss herself. Shinichii looks devastated.

18.5 18.6

Meanwhile Jae Hwa and co are counting their profits…or lack of. They have to pay off so many debts, there is barely any money left for them. His underling wants to keep the Hwangbang share, but Jae Hwa is too afraid of the consequences. Jung Tae is brooding in the corner and Jae Hwa tries to cheer him up by shoving a money wad on him. Ggoo walks out with Ok Ryeon and says that she is Hwangbang’s singer now. She has gotten popular at the Hwangbang club. Jae Hwa is embarrassed. Aoki is still fixated on Jung Tae. He has decided to cover up the incident with Jung Tae and the fire. Shinichii comes to visit and says that Jung Tae is stronger than Aoki thinks. He warns Aoki that Jung Tae is experiencing so many different styles of fighting and is getting stronger. He also tells Aoki that the Boss is arriving tomorrow and that Gaya was the one reporting everything back. He even revealed that she was the one who set the fire. Aoki still has Gaya in his heart and is willing to do anything to protect Gaya.

18.7 18.8

Jae Hwa drops off the earnings at Hwangbang and complains that there is not much left for the people of Bangsamtong. He is unwilling to deal with opium because he doesn’t want to see what the drug does to people. He doesn’t want to see his people suffer and would rather take money from Il Gook Hwae than feed his people opium. However Baek San warns Leader Seul that his clubs are under inspection for dealing in opium and that they have to start selling in Club Shanghai soon/killing off Jae Hwa. Ok Ryeon arrives at Club Shanghai finally. Jingjing reveals that Ok Ryeon has been singing at Hwangbang, saying that she is “in bed” with them now. So-So is shocked and unwilling to believe that all this had happened while everyone was worried for her safety. Ok Ryeon tries to defend her honor and is interrupted by Jung Tae dragging her out. She reveals that Leader Seul released her and gloats about how good her life is now that she can sing on stage and has formal contracts. Jung Tae drags out Ggoo and gives him the details. Ggoo shows Jung Tae that the police can’t touch Ok Ryeon now because she is under Chiringbang’s protection.

18.9 18.10

Jung Tae goes to thank Leader Seul for getting Ok Ryeon out. Leader Seul can see that Jung Tae is not pleased with this development. He tells him that once Jung Tae can fully protect Ok Ryeon, he can take her from under Hwangbang. He tells Mangchi (the underling) to fill up the car and grabs a packet of money. He grabs Ok Ryeon and drives off with her. Ggoo is pissed that Ok Ryeon is being taken away. Jung Tae is driving them far far away to a “safe” place. He wants to her to lay low until he takes revenge for his father. Ok Ryon doesn’t want to go though and says there is no safe place for refugees anyways. She tries to convince him to stay, but he says even he dies he won’t send her back to Hwangbang. She says she can endure living under Hwangbang and tells him that Aoki was the one who killed her entire family back then. She is afraid of hiding without him and afraid for his life.

18.11 18.12

Their talk is interrupted by a bloodied up ahjussi who pleads for Jung Tae to save his wife and children. As Jung Tae is trying to fight off the “bandits” terrorizing the innocents, he is shot at. He finds many dead bodies surrounding the scene. Ok Ryeon herself almost gets found out by the bandits. She runs out to find Jung Tae and discovers all the bodies. She faints and gets treated by Soo Won. Ggoo says that Ok Ryeon has a full schedule tonight and needs to be able to sing. Meanwhile Soo Won’s hospital is full of injured Bangsamtong women and children.

18.13 18.14

Jung Tae thinks it is Hwangbang’s work and Mo agrees that it looks that way too. Jung Tae wonders why he was chosen, and Mo says it is his fate to be intertwined with Hwangbang. Jae Hwa also discovers the massacre. Jung Tae tells Jae Hwa it is Hwangbang’s work and they wonder how to defeat such a horrible group. Meanwhile those killers are celebrating with drinks while Mo looks on. Mo knows its the Mongolians due to their celebratory techniques. Mo asks them if they had ever stopped by Dandong. He engages them in a fight and takes them out with ease before being blocked by Baek San. Those two engage in a fight. THEY ARE SO EVENLY MATCHED. Literally, blow for blow. Nobody wins as the tension grows higher.

18.15 18.16

Jae Hwa, Jung Tae, Mo and servant examine blueprints of the other clubs. They know that Club Shanghai is the main vein that Hwangbang needs to access to sell opium, and therefore funding the General. Jung Tae figures out that the reason his father died was because he tried to stop the route. Leader Seul is in danger if his secret front is revealed since the people of Shanghai hates opium. Jung Tae is needed to act as a loyal follower. He visits Leader Seul and apologizes for causing so many problems. Leader Seul asks Jung Tae to be knife and shield for Hwangbang and Jung Tae agrees without hesitation. The Leader tells him that he should run the club as his son. However, Jung Tae wonders about Jae Hwa to which the Leader responds that Jae Hwa can’t protect Bangsamtong. Kill Jung Jae Hwa is the new order. Aoki comes to the club to make a deal with Jae Hwa, offering him leadership of Bangsamtong and Club Shanghai.

18.17 18.18

Comments:  I just realized that the drama is slowly cutting out Gaya. She is has less and less scenes, reducing her purpose as only a tool to keep Jung Tae alive. Ack. Ugh and Baek San is such a party pooper, always getting in the way when the fight is getting good. Can we please have some more badassery from Mo, Jung Tae, Jae Hwa, and Gaya?

5 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 18 Recap

  1. I knew Gaya was going to save Jung Tae’s butt. She always does and if that doesn’t mean “love”, I don’t know what you call it. 🙂 I know, we have a lot of OKRyeon and Jung Tae shippers. But I still have hopes for Gaya and Jung Tae to express their feelings. We know how Gaya feel for Jung Tae. We just don’t know how Jung Tae feels for Gaya except he cares for her a lot. I mean, A LOT.

    Having Mo back and helping Jung Tae is making Jung Tae more confident and more careful with his decision. I like how Mo always says things in riddles….. and the way he says it. SEXY!!!

    • Hahha, when has Gaya ever not save JT’s butt. Man, I wish for that too! I really liked their stalemate scene with his hands around her throat and her knives around his. Neither could finish the dead, just overflow of feelings! NEED MOREEE. We need some JT saving Gaya!

      Yes! I love the JT, Mo, and Jae Hwa trio right now! Such a good group! They need to defeat all the oppressors!

  2. I would like see more JT and Gaya together. they are good. they are the main characters. However, for some reason, the new writer never want to spent time to develop the Gaya and the people around her.

    • I like that they shifted the story to Jung Tae however, the new writer took forever to get to the point of the story. Finally, episode 19 and 20 is getting somewhere with Jung Tae and Gaya, but not a whole lot.

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