I Saw the Devil (악마를보았다)

I Saw the Devil, or I think better re-named as I Became the Devil, tells the story of Soo-hyun’s revenge against a serial killer who killed his wife. The psychopath Kyung-Chul has the habit of kidnapping young women and hacking them to pieces. As a hardened government official, Soo-hyun loses his soul piece by piece as he takes revenge against this man. But instead of just tracking the man down and imprisoning him, he chooses to engage in a cat and mouse game by catching and releasing Kyung-Chul in a twisted revenge scheme. Repeatedly, he confronts the killer, engaging in hand to hand combat and setting traps, trying to have the killer feel remorse. Both carve a giant path of destruction as they refuse to give in. However as the game wears on, has Soo-hyun become the monster he is tracking? How far is he willing to go? The game comes to close in the killer’s own warehouse, but who will come out on top? Even the serial killer himself comments about Soo-hyun, “The bastard is a complete psycho.”


  1. My penchant for revenge films can never be quenched. This movie follows the journey of a man’s descent into madness as he tries to take revenge. While in the beginning, his motives may have been pure, he slowly transformed into the devil himself, committing such gruesome acts that even the psychopath feels fear.
  2. Warning: Gorefest. Do not watch if you have a weak stomach. For a slasher type film, the noir cinematography is visually appealing, dealing mainly in colors of reds and blues.
  3. Can remorse be forced? Soo-hyun uses brutal methods in his quest for revenge. Perhaps scaring the killer into feeling that emotion is not the way to go. The killer has to want to feel that emotion…or he even capable of feeling it at all. That is up to debate in the ending.
  4. SPOILER: Soo-hyun committed an equally heinous act upon Kyung-chul at the end. In his eyes, remorse was futile. Thus he set a death trap to inflict as much pain as he could. His contraption tied Kyungc-chul to a cutting block that could be only activated if the door was open….to which his wife and kid (shocking that he has family) did and witnessed/killed him themselves.
  5. Soo-hyun did not see Kyung-chul as the devil. He saw the devil in himself, he had become what he had most hated.


2 thoughts on “I Saw the Devil (악마를보았다)

  1. This movie is freaking awesome. I was a little scared for a few nights. At the end, Soo-hyun had to come to a stop some point. He knew this man will never stop as long as he’s alive. Soo-hyun no longer can tolerate the torture and pain he has become. Good turn-around for Soo-hyun as a human being. Living as a psycho and living as a hero. Revenge was given but not forgotten.

    • Haha, I watched it a night, and it was pretty intense for me too! Yes, this movie showed how Soo-hyun and the killer danced beyond the point of return. Their cat and mouse game consumed them!

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