Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 2

Yuttapong and Nan are able to run away from Khun Lin’s men. Khun Lin is furious that his men are unable to complete such a small task but Jongsing explains to him that Yuttapong might be very cautious. Khun Lin doesn’t care what it takes as long as they bring Nan back.

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Nark is getting used to her new life. She is  working hard to quickly repay her debts. Jongsing keeps an eye on her to make sure that she doesn’t create trouble or run away. He tries to hide it but it’s clear that he is impressed by her intelligence, sass, and courage. Khun Lin latter is greatly annoyed by Nark’s disrespect; if it wasn’t for the debt he would have gotten rid of her a long time ago…

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Khun Lin and Jongsing are struggling to establish the deal with Carlos Tapia. The latter, who is helped by his son Danny, is not someone who deals with everyone.

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Sang Hui is hoping that Khun Lin will fail, which will allow Yong Wen to replace him at the head of Chaihong Group. Yong Wen is trustworthy and loyal, which is also motivated by the feelings he has for Sang Hui’s niece Bai Ling. Bai Ling also has feelings for  Yong Wen; the only thing the two need is blessings from Sang Hui, which Yong Wen easily obtains.

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Nark finally starts school. She is late on her first day; she is really bad with neck ties. She runs to Jongsing for help but is ignored and also ends up riding in the trunk of Khun Lin’s car. Turns out Khun Lin is the principal of the school.Nark’s first day is far from peaceful:

– Other kids see her getting out of the trunk of Khun Lin and immediately start making fun of her. We find out that Khun Lin is really popular; he is the center of the crush of all girls (Those high schoolers LOL).

– Nark is late to class and of course gets scolded by her instructor

Nark catches the attention of Danny, the son of Carlos Tapia. They are both rude to each other and have strong personalities. One of the first things Danny asks her is if she is Khun Lin’s mistress. Nark wants to know how many rotten dogs has his mouth eaten for him to be so rude (Danngggg). How come Khun Lin’s taste is so bad in terms of mistress? Danny saw Nark getting out of Khun Lin’s car so he assumes that there must be something between them. They get close really fast and start hanging out, which Jongsing and Khun Lin notice. Should they use Danny to get a deal with Carlos?

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Carlos finally agrees to meet Khun Lin. Jongsing suggests that they use Nark to negotiate. She is special and in the past has helped her father conclude a deal. If she succeeds, her debt will be reduced by one million HK dollars plus an ID. She also expects Khun Lin to congratulate her with two thumbs up saying that she is awesome. Nark wants him to recognize her worth. Khun Lin is pressured to conclude the deal with Carlos as soon as possible because of Puey Lin, who keeps challenging his authority. Khun Lin and Jongsing give Nark documents about Carlos Tapia; she has five hours to study everything (That’s probably not going to happen…)

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At the same time, Carlos is trying to find a way to smuggle arms to the other side of town. The problem: how to not get caught at police check points, especially with Patrick Button after him?

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Khun Lin is slowly opening up to Nark. He is still as rude but shows that he cares about her. In the elevator to meet Carlos, Khun Lin helps Nark with her necktie. Everyone in the elevator – Jongsing and other bodyguards – are shocked by Khun Lin’s gesture. Why is he acting so weird with Nark? Even Nark is intimidated by Khun Lin helping her (Finally some REAL interaction between the leads).

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The meeting with Carlos is held in a restaurant. Some of the members of Chaihong Group are also present although not sitting next to Carlos – Yong Wen and Sang Hui. Mei Jing is also in the restaurant. Like everyone else she is surprised to see Nark there.

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Carlos himself is shocked. Why would Khun Lin send a kid to negotiate with him? Does Nark know what she is getting herself into? This is serious stuff – weapon deal, illegal agreements, etc. Nark explains that she owes Khun Lin 20 million HK dollars. If she is able to make him sign, her debt will be reduced by one million. Carlos is impressed by Nark’s honesty and courage. They stop talking about the contract and get to know each other.

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Nark guesses right that Danny’s mother asked for a divorce when she found out that her husband was a weapon dealer. Carlos is shocked and annoyed that she was able to guess a private detail right. He admits that she is smart but she has no talent for business. Nark asks why did he come to the meeting if he is not interested. Does Carlos not need help to transfer weapons? From the minimum amount of reading she has done, she found out that Carlos might lose his biggest client if he doesn’t transfer weapons without the police noticing. Khun Lin, who found out from Jongsing that Nark didn’t do all the research/reading on Carlos, gets frustrated and barges in the room where Nark and Carlos are…

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Mint doesn’t look like a high schooler… I am sorry. I don’t know if the main lead is a high schooler in the novel but Mint looks like a college student. It is awkward to see her sitting next to all those high schoolers who you can tell are younger.

Jongsing is one of the first to recognize Nark’s worth. He sees the potential in her and that’s why he convinces Khun Lin to let her negotiate with Carlos. Jongsing is also smart enough to see that Khun Lin acts differently around Nark. His eyes in the elevator: he looks so shocked and uncomfortable seeing Khun Lin helping Nark with her necktie.

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Last thought: how come the actors playing Jongsing, Danny, and Carlos are doing a better job than Bomb??!!! They look a lot scarier and more mafia style. Especially Jongsing; I am impressed by his acting skills. I know Bomb is overall more attractive but at this point I would even root for the actor playing Jongsing to play Khun Lin…

~ maniac Ride


3 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 2

  1. To me, Mint does look quite young though to be a high schooler. And Bomb is probably not so used to playing such a tough role. Anyways, Danny doesn’t convince me in his role. Some parts yes, but mostly no. Have to agree Jongsin’s actor (forgot his name -.-) is brilliant and is more convincing than Bomb…

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