Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 3

Carlos agrees to sign the deal with Khun Lin. Carlos tells Khun Lin that he picked the right person – Nark – for this deal. It’s only thanks to her that he will sign the contract in two weeks. Why two weeks? Khun Lin doesn’t understand why the deal can’t be signed now. He is almost certain that Nark agreed to another condition with Carlos. Nark denies it but Khun Lin is far from being convinced. Khun Lin has no choice but to congratulate Nark for now.

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Danny is also surprised that Nark was able to convince his father. What did she say to Carlos? Team Yong Wen and Sang Hui are also frustrated to know that the deal will be signed. If Khun Lin is able to show that he is capable things will be more complicated for them. Sang Hui is slowly showing his true colors to Khun Lin. He wants to know more about the deal with Carlos. Khun Lin only tells him the bare minimum, which infuriates him. Khun Lin shouldn’t be so arrogant. Did Khun Lin forget that if it wasn’t for him he would have never been president of Chaihong Group? He tells Khun Lin that if the deal with Carlos doesn’t happen he will get rid of him.  Khun Lin thanks him for all he has done but also reminds him that his father was the one who originally built Chaihong Group. Jongsing advises Khun Lin to be patient with Sang Hui; the latter was one of his father’s closest friend.

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Danny learns from his father that Nark will be smuggling the weapons for them. If she succeeds, they will sign the deal with Khun Lin. If she doesn’t, they don’t have to sign the deal. Danny doubts that Nark can succeed; she is only a 17 year old, who owes money to Khun Lin. Carlos warns Danny: he shouldn’t underestimate Nark.

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Danny is also unable to convince Nark to give up. Instead she is the one that convinces him to help her. Danny warns her about all the checkpoints and the police being pretty serious about catching weapon dealers. Even ambulances are checked. Nark asks Danny to check all the hospitals and their exact locations still. She wants to use an ambulance to pass the checkpoints.

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Jongsing notices how close Danny and Nark are. He directly assumes that the two are sweethearts (I wish). Khun Lin is also curious (Or jealous) and asks Nark about the nature of her relation with Danny. What’s going on between Danny and her? She should stay away from Danny. The kid can’t be trusted. Nark is shocked. What’s the big deal? Khun Lin is her debtor, not her father. She has the right to meet whoever she wants… Jongsing, who is listening, is surprised to see Khun Lin so invested in the Danny/Nark situation. Their conversation is interrupted by Mei Jing’s arrival. She sits on Khun Lin’s laps; and starts hugging and kissing him. At first, Nark is embarrassed but she starts teasing Khun Lin about it; she doesn’t mind watching them snuggle. Jongsing and Mei Jing smile at Nark teasing Khun Lin, who is not amused at all. Mei Jing is impressed by Nark’s sass.

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Jongsing agrees to help Nark, who tells him everything. He is furious at first but has no other choice but to help her get a fake name and a document proving that she has a heart disease and that she injured her leg.

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Mei Jing and Khun Lin are having lunch when she tells him that she loves him. He reminds her that he has never loved anyone but she is far from being discouraged (Stop setting yourself up for deception girl).They meet Yong Wen and Bai Ling at the restaurant. The latter is excited to see prominent people such as Mei Jing and Khun Lin and asks to take a picture with Mei Jing. Since it’s Bai Ling’s birthday, Khun Lin later asks the waiter to send a bouquet of flowers to Bai Ling. Seeing Yong Wen and Bai Ling acting all lovey dovey, Mei Jing tells Khun Lin she envies the love and affection Bai Ling receives. She adds that she knows her place and wouldn’t dare tell off Khun Lin.. Khun Lin agrees that it’s best that way so he won’t hate her (That hurts).

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While Mei Jing runs to the bathroom to cry, Puey Lin walks in. Seeing Khun Lin, he sits at his table and asks why he sent Nark – a school kid – to negotiate with Carlos. Khun Lin doesn’t want to give him explanations; he is the boss of Chaihong Group and does what he think is best. Puey Lin is not satisfied with that answer and wants to know if Nark is Khun Lin’s wife (Wife here can also mean lover, someone you sleep with, etc.). Khun Lin hits Puey Lin who retaliates by taking his gun out. He wants an apology. Things calm down when Yong Wen takes his gun out too and threatens Puey Lin.

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Puey Lin is frustrated by the humiliation. Aunt Mei, who has raised him, is trying to calm him down but without success. His attention turns to a business deal when Khun Visanu, a professional gambler, comes to borrow an additional 10 million HK dollars. Puey Lin is not convinced since Khun Visanu already owes him money. He agrees only after seeing Khun Visanu’s young and pretty daughter Mina (O_O)

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Nark purposely injures herself. The wound is deep. Meanwhile Khun Lin can’t stop thinking of Nark. He senses that she is in danger. Khun Lin pressures Jongsing in telling him what Nark talked about. Jongsing confesses about the certificate and the weapon delivery. Khun Lin wants Jongsing to call Nark back but it’s too late. The delivery has already started.

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Turns out, Nark used her injury to get an ambulance with the help of Danny. Everyone on the ambulance is on board with her plan and the weapons are placed under the stretcher. The police should absolutely not get on the ambulance. The ambulance safely passes the two first checkpoints but at the third one is stopped by Patrick and his officers. He insists on inspecting the vehicle thoroughly especially after the detector is used. The nurse tells him that it’s because Nark has stitches…

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Mei Jing needs to drop Khun Lin and start looking at Jongsing. From what I have seen in the first episode, Jongsing seems to genuinely like Mei Jing. The relationship she has with Khun Lin is so unbalanced and unhealthy. Mei Jing is clinging onto Khun Lin hoping that he would return her love one day, which will never happen. She needs to get over it.

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I am surprised that Yong Wen jumped in to save Khun Lin. He seems like a coward. His character has been rather nice so far but nothing special. I see him being manipulated by Sang Hui and wonder how far he will go to be loyal. Plus he might look nice but I wonder if there is not more to his character. Everytime I see Yong Wen on screen he looks tortured. Almost like he is carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders. The way Puey Lin is treating him might push him to become less passive and maybe meaner… It will probably make the drama more interesting.

I have noticed how much Khun Lin seems to be preoccupied by Nark spending time with Danny. It might be for safety reasons but also because he is jealous. He kept grilling Nark for answers when questioning her about Danny. Jongsing clearly notices that Khun Lin is not acting as he usually does. I can see that Jongsing is confused, surprised, and amused by the situation.

~ maniac Ride

5 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 3

  1. Hello Picadrama. What do you think so far about this drama? I’m going to give it a few more episodes (and hopefully eng sub picks up faster) before I continue.

    • I am not too sure how I really feel about Cubic. I am still not convinced by Bomb’s acting BUT the other actors are doing a fantastic job. The actors playing Jongsing, Carlos, and Danny are so good that I can’t help but watch. I am going to keep watching until episode 5 for sure but if I am disappointed by then I will drop. I think you should give it a try if you don’t have anything else to watch right now.

  2. Hi May and Picadrama,
    The drama is getting better from ep6. Please try to watch until ep7 before deciding whether to continue the drama.

    • Thanks Rox for the heads up. I have “HIGH HOPE” for this lakorn b/c I’m a huge fan of Mafia/dixy-tough chick storyline. So I’m rooting for it. I’m happy that picadrama is recapping it so I’ll follow this for now.

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