Inspiring Generation Episode 19 Recap


The episode starts off with Leader Seul trying to convince Jung Tae to kill Jae Hwa. Meanwhile, Aoki serves up a deal where if Jae Hwa sides with him, he will pay back the debts and even forgive the escapee. He even offers up 10% of the Il Gook Hwa’s casino club’s profits and to help attack Hwangbang. Jae Hwa looks interested, but is suspicious. Aoki also reminds him that Jung Tae will stage him up and that even Soo Won is watching. Jung Tae meets Ok Ryeon on his way back and she reassures him. He asks Ggoo to protect her well and Ggoo replies that Ok Ryeon is his singer before Jung Tae’s girlfriend. Ggoo says even he is learning how to fight these days. Haha.

19.1 19.2

Aoki is positive that Jae Hwa will accept the offer since the “stray dog” will bite everyone when it feels threatened. Their musings are cut short by the arrival of Yakuza boss and his posse. Everyone is told to gather and recount for their sins. Uh Oh. Jae Hwa is waiting for Jung Tae, seemingly drunk and tells him that the intelligence officer made an offer to him. Jung Tae surprises Jae Hwa by saying to crush Hwangbang now, but Jae Hwa is still cautious that Hwangbang is too powerful. Jae Hwa reminds him of his promise that Jung Tae will only follow his actions. Jung Tae apologizes that he may have to dethrone Jae Hwa.


19.3 19.4

The people of Bangsamtong are angry at Jae Hwa for letting them suffer so much. Meanwhile Aoki is explaining General Chang Kai Shek’s Mori strategy where the economy is fueled by counterfeit money. The boss wants to start dropping bombs and taking over. Gaya is being blamed for all the events she let happen. She replies that its beacause she loves Jung Tae, a Joseon man. She asks him if he will order her death now like he ordered her mother’s death. Boss puts a sword to Gaya’s neck and still Gaya insists on her love and how she follows her mother legacy. She spouts back the boss’s death order for her mother and glares defiantly back at her grandfather, asking him to kill her now.

19.5 19.6

Boss is shaken, but now commands Shinichii to kill Gaya. Shinichii refuses and says he is Gaya’s sword, not the boss’s sword. Shinichii blocks the blow and says only Gaya may kill him. Even Aoki rushes in to stop the boss’s sword. Aoki says he will carry out punishment and does so by slicing Shinichii’s shoulder deeply. Gaya is shaken and starts crying desparately. Aoki has ended Shinichii’s career as a swordsman. Boss tells his people to spread the order that anyone may now kill Shinichii and Gaya is no longer the owner of Shanghai branch. A nod is exchanged between Aoki and Shinichii before the two leave.

The boss commands Aka to bring Jung Tae, but Aoki counters and says he has something planned already and that he needs Aka too. Hwangbang is surprised that Il Gook Hwae’s Shinichii is out of action and that the group will be trying to take over Shanghai now. Old Man Fly comes out of the club saying that Jae Hwa has been giving out extra money to Bangsamtong people. He walks in upon Aoki and Jae Hwa talking. JT is shocked that Jae Hwa is siding with Il Gook Hwae and insists that Bangsamtong should not have anyone backing them. Jae throws down the gauntlet for a fight tomorrow and said that JT is no longer his underling. Aoki tells Jae Hwa that his police will help patrol and that Jae Hwa will get a gift before the fight.

19.7 19.8

As JT walks out, Aka stops him for a second and tells JT to follow if he doesn’t want anybody else hurt. They go down a secluded path and a fight is initiated. JT gets in the first few punches and seems to be faster than Aka. However, Aka insults him that his skill is not as good of a fighter as his father. He gives him 10 blows before attacking. For JT’s tenth blow, he throws one in Aka’s chest. Aka throws him off a wall and starts choking him. He wakes up to Mo tending to his injuries. Mo tells JT that Aka doesn’t feel pain and JT’s shoulder is “separated”. JT can’t win with his injury, but he insists on fighting. Jae Hwa tells Chi Gi, his minion to get a “toe nail” from Dae Ha Restaurant to use against JT.

19.9 19.10

Leader Seul is watchful to see if Yakuza Boss Denkai will be making a move through the Bangsamtong confusion. Ok Ryeon and So So arrive to eat with Leader Seul. She notices at the other table, the killer of the Bangsomtong people. She tells So-So that she recognizes that person and decide to go out to inform the others. However, the two Mongolians walk in before they can get out. Jae Hwa fingers his special knife, but Soo Won rushes in and slaps Jae Hwa across the face. She reminds him that he promised not to hurt others again, but Jae Hwa says he has to protect Bangsamtong. Jae Hwa says it is too late now to go back to how he was before.

19.11 19.12

Old Man Fly tells JT that Jae Hwa will be suing his metal tiger clubs and that his nickname was Bangsamtong’s Fighting Tiger. He goes on to say that the only people that defeated Jae Hwa is JT’s father and himself. Meanwhile, the Mongolians recognize Ok Ryeon’s hair ornament when they serve her with fruit. JT asks Old Man Fly how to fight the claws and says only Dong Chae Shi Reuk technique can defeat the claws. A betting ring has started to see who wins, odds favoring Jae Hwa. Old Man Fly debates on who to place his bets on…probably JT.

19.13 19.14

Leader Seul comments on how the Joseon risk everything to bet. Baek San and the Leader also wonder who would win. JT trains with Old Man Fly and the assistant. Old Man Fly uses a fencing sword to train him and tells him to watch the shoulders. They use water droplets to test his eye concentration. Meanwhile, Jae Hwa practices boxing and using his claws. The Mongolians try to kill Ok Ryeon and So-So in their sleep, but they had already escaped. They are caught in between as they rush outside. However, Mo and assistant rescues them and knocks them out. Ok Ryeon wants to get info on SeolRak which will help JT in fights instead of going back to Bangsamtong.


Jae Hwa and his two lackeys have a heart to heart the night before the fight. JT is still getting treatments for his shoulder and Soo Won gives him a shot for pain. She tells him to not go at it too roughly or else she will be stuck taking care of Jae Hwa for the rest of his life. Mo brings in the Mongolians and JT attacks them angrily. Gaya is practicing her knife fighting before Aoki walks in. She questions his loyalty to her and he asks her that if he helps her revenge, he wants her as exchange.


Comments: Oooh, I really liked this episode despite the breaking of the bromance between JT and Jae Hwa. It was bound to happen sooner or later I realize, as will Mo, maybe as well. The highlight of the episode for me was when Gaya stood up to Denkai and basically revealed her intense love for JT at the risk of death. She was spiteful to the Denkai and didn’t care if she lived or died, so much was her hatred. I also liked that Shinichii stood up for her, saying that only she can kill him. And the little exchange between Aoki and Shinichii. Now, I am excited to see Jae Hwa and JT fight! Maybe there will be a fight for Mo or Aka in there somewhere as well?



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