Inspiring Generation Episode 20 Recap


Club Shanghai opens again for the fight between JT and Jae Hwa. Even Chiringbang comes to watch. Hwangbang is wondering where there Mongolian missionaries went. Leader Seul only now learns that Mo met the missionaries and he decides to send out people to find them. Hwangbang soon stroll in with Ok Ryeon and co. Mo seems to planning something as he watches from above. Jae Hwa’s lackeys come to get him. Sun Woo gives Jae Hwa her half-supportive comments and Jae Hwa is pleased with even that before he goes off to fight. Jung Tae walks in to the cheers of the crowd and takes in the crowd. Jae Hwa also receives a warm welcome.

20.1 20.2

Jae Hwa arms himself with his tiger claws. Meanwhile Leader Seul figures out that Mo has the mercenaries and plans to expose them to the Bangsamtong as the murderers. He orders Baek San to go kill the mercenaries. JT and Jae Hwa circle each other and Jae Hwa says that it’s a duel to the death. Although Jae Hwa attacks first, JT is doing a decent job avoiding and even landing a few punches. However, Jae Hwa is too quick with his claws and manages to get a few strikes in. Ok Ryeon and So-So go to see Sun Woo, unable to take it anymore. Jae Hwa finds out about JT’s injured shoulder while forcing him to the ground.


20.3 20.4

Taking advantage of the injury, Jae Hwa slices up JT a few more times and receives the crowd’s boos before he can deliver the killing blow. He takes off the claws as a result to gain back favor. JT climbs back to his feet and now Jae Hwa starts boxing. JT is faring very badly due to his multiple injuries. However, JT lands a couple of lucky ones and injures Jae Hwa’s knees. Mo walks out and notices Baek San and co following him. JT and Jae Hwa trade blows back and forth, again and again, both looking delirious. Meanwhile Mo goes to a pile of straw and starts untying it, but is stopped by Baek San. Only sandbags were under the straw. They are tricked by Mo who led them on a goose chase outside.

20.5 20.6

Jae Hwa looks like he is about to pass out and Jung Tae takes him out finally. Apparently, Jae Hwa knew about the shoulder, but chose not to attack there. Aoki is disappointed. Sun Woo gives Jae Hwa CPR and takes him to her restaurant. Meanwhile Mo’s assistant brings in the Mongolians into the middle of the ring. Jung Tae reveals that these two people murdered all those Bangsamtong people and the crowd recognizes them. He asks the crowd what to do with them and the crowd says Kill Them! Jung Tae asks the security director what to do and that elder says to use the law. Leader Seul pops up and pretends to be in the crowd’s side and calls for blood. Leader Seul turns it upon JT to decide their fate. JT says they should find out who ordered the hit and commands the Mongolians to say their boss.

20.7 20.8

Baek San comes in and breaks their necks before they can reveal Leader Seul. He plays it off as Communist Rebels and the security official gives the approval. Baek San sticks it to JT that he won this round. JT is declared the new owner of the club and Leader Seul will treat everyone. JT is pissed, and Leader Seul knows what JT was planning. He threatens JT with Ok Ryeon as well. Mo tries to comfort JT even through this loss and says that Bangsamtong now recognizes a new leader. Aoki is getting scolded by Denkai, but he says he has another plan. Shinichii pops in and Denkai is angry that Shinichii is not dead for entering. Aoki says Shinichii will attack Leader Seul. Meanwhile Leader Seul is angry and wants to kill JT now. Baek San says to take down Il Gook Hwae first.

20.10 20.11

Aoki reveals Ggoo as their Hwangbang spy. Denkai cautions Shinichii to attack cautiously and die with honor. Shinichii asks for Gaya’s reinstatement, but Denkai says it’s not a matter he should be concerned about. He gives his last goodbye to Denkai and leaves. Denkai commands Aoki to tell all the unsavory people of Shanghai to kill Shinichii, but Aoki doesn’t like that order. Aoki tells Gaya that she has been reinstated, but she wants to know where Shinichii is. Meanwhile, Jae Hwa’s lackey’s bring JT the money from the gamblers. He gives money to the lackeys and wants to use the rest to help the families of the deceased. Jae Hwa recovers nicely and is taking a walk with Sun Woo. They reminisce about the past and Sun Woo finally slips her hand into his, accepting him. However, Jae Hwa is sick of Bangsamtong, but Sun Woo reminds him that he has done so much good for Bangsamtong. Jae Hwa leaves even though Sun Woo says she will wait for him to come back. He can’t look at her face for fear of crying.

20.12 20.14

Before Jae Hwa corsses the French border, JT and the club come rushing after him. Jae Hwa was only able to get JT a pass to cross borders and gives him the key to a safe filled with documents about Hwangbang dealings. He gives his trust to JT to take care of the Bangsamtong and acknolwedges JT as the new hyungnim.  Jae Hwa even bows 90 degrees before JT. Jae Hwa leaves with a smile. Shinichii is met with several attackers and he fights most of them off with his uninjured side before Aoki saves him. Aoki passes him documents to help with the emission, and Shinichii asks Aoki to protect Gaya in his place.

20.15 20.17

Gaya finds the other half to her sakura necklace and a letter from Shinichii. Shinichii tells Gaya that Ryoko jumped in front of his sword to save her wounded husband. He tells her to remain happy in her reinstated station. Meanwhile, Shinichii is trying to fight off all sorts of different people after his head, but is unable to fight back. Baek San is commanded to save Shinichii. Ggoo is pleased to see Shinichii make it alive into the arms of Hwangbang. Gaya readies herself for a fight and also heads toward Hwangbang. JT is brooding about Ok Ryeon’s “imprisonment” and rejects the party that the club people want to host for him. Leader Seul is incredibly suspicious of Shinichii’s documents, but is greedy for power under Chang Kai Shek. Ggoo betrays Shinichii to Hwangbang.

20.19 20.20

The Denkai is angry that Gaya is heading to Hwangbang and he commands Aka to go stop her. He even says to kill Gaya if necessary. Aoki tries to leave too, but Denkai commands him to say saying not to ruin his future over a girl. Baek San relieves Shinichii of his sword and presses into his injuries before letting him in to see Leader Seul. Shinichii recognizes that Ggoo has betrayed him as the dude smiles widely. Shinichii wants to leave and even gets on his knees for a bow before Hwangbang as thanks for his life. In that moment, Shinichii tries to attack Leader Seul, but is unsuccessful. He is blocked by multiple swords. Leader Seul engages in some odd singing noises and says to prepare for a beheading. Ok Ryeon is busy making blue prints of Hwangbang for JT. Shinichii is surrounded outside and still manages to take on a large number of people. Ok Ryeon goes out to investigate what is happening and sees JT out as well. Shinichii is now totally vulnerable, but Gaya comes in to save Shinichii. JT meanwhile disguises himself like a bandit, daresay, like Iljimae before heading in to a fight!

20.21 20.22

Comments: The fight between Jae Hwa and JT was really intense! Especially the parts where both of them were delirious with fatigue. I am sorry to see Jae Hwa go, but grateful that he isn’t dead. Perhaps he will come back later to help? Poor Aoki and Shinichii are being twisted around by the Denkai. I am glad that Gaya acknowledges all that Shinichii has done for her and comes to rescue him. She is fiercely loyal. What I am most surprised about and love is that JT is entering the fray, probably to save Ok Ryeon, but maybe he can help Gaya & Shinichii on his way! Iljimae style!

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