Scent of a Woman



Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) works in a tourism company. She spends her days picking the slacks of her co-workers. All that changes when she learns she has only six months to live. Yeon Jae realizes that she has never done anything she truly wanted since she was always saving for God knows what. The thought that she would never be able to spend that money haunts her and she decides to enjoy the last six months to the maximum. She drops her job, gets a makeover, and takes a trip.

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On her trip, she meets Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook). He is the CEO of the company where she used to work. Since she has nothing to lose, Yeon Jae strikes a conversation with him and the two get closer throughout the trip. Things turn sour when Im Se Kyeong (Seo Hyo Rim) shows up during the trip. She is Ji Wook’s fiancee and the woman because of whom Yeon Jae had problems at work.

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Ji Wook and Yeon Jae will keep crossing paths and Ji Wook, who has been apathetic most of his life, slowly starts opening up and caring for someone other than himself. When he learns about Yeon Jae’s disease, he is taken aback and almost runs away in fear. Ji Wook’s mother passed away when he was younger and he was never able to truly recover from the pain. Ji Wook has also been living according to his father’s wishes. He rarely voices his own opinions to the point that one can wonder if he has any… However his feelings for Yeon Jae are stronger and both decide to face her disease together.

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Ji Wook’s father is furious when he learns about his relationship with a woman who has only six months to live. What is Ji Wook thinking about?! He does everything in his power to make the couple break up. Se Kyeong is also hanging on to Ji Wook; this marriage is an escape from her family. Plus why would Ji Wook pick this lowly employee over her?

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As Yeon Jae’s disease is getting worst and worst she has to deal with medications, pain, and the courage to tell the people around her – former colleagues, mother, friends, etc.

Yeon Jae finds another ally in the doctor in charge of her treatment. Choi Eun Suk (Uhm Ki Joon) used to be her classmate when they were little; Yeon Jae used to make fun of him but now he is totally different. Eun Suk is a successful but cold doctor, who only cares about getting his job done without considering the feelings of his patients. Meeting Yeon Jae once more, Eun Suk will have the chance to become a better doctor and explore his feelings for Yeon Jae.

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This is another case of  “I was so scared that it took me forever to watch this drama…” I didn’t want to deal with a sad ending. Reading the synopsis made me so sad but I don’t regret watching it all. The story was beautiful and none of the characters are evil per se. They all have heartbreaks, some selfishness and a soft side, which makes it easier for viewers to identify with them. I hate it when they always try to make some characters purely evil. It is so cliche. Maybe they are not evil but just human beings after all… Don’t we all have flaws?

The parents in this drama were amazing! I know Ji Wook’s father is not the best but everything he does is for his son. Yes, he wants Ji Wook to marry Se Kyeong because of the prospective business ties but he also wants Ji Wook to leave Yeon Jae because he doesn’t want his son to suffer. The father remembers the pain Ji Wook went through when his mother died; he wants his son to avoid anything that could cause him heartbreak again. The methods are not the best, but the intention is. When he realizes that there is nothing he can do, he slowly accepts the relationship between Ji Wook and Yeon Jae.

Yeon Jae’s mother crying when she learns that her daughter was about to die was so genuine. As a mother, there is nothing worst that could happen to her. Having her child die before her and especially after losing her husband. She is happy to see Yeon Jae having a taste of a deserved happiness with Ji Wook.

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The impact Yeon Jae makes on other people’s lives is another thing that I liked. She tries to make people around her better while giving them a piece of her mind before it’s too late. Yeon Jae is able to find a prospective husband for her mother. The mother is able to learn how to become more independent. She is able to build a new relationship and think about her future.

Yeon Jae tries to improve the working conditions in her office when she returns to work on a specific project and more importantly she teaches her colleagues to treat her and each other with respect.

The ending isn’t happy or sad. To be honest, the ending doesn’t matter so much. I know a lot of people would focus on the main female lead’s death or survival but that is not the point. The most important thing I got from this drama is that one should never live in the future. Always live like today is your last day. All those years Yeon Jae kept saving and sacrificing herself. She thought about her mother’s happiness and the company’s before thinking about her own happiness. Her bucket list shows that there are so many things that she dreamed of…

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If you are still not convinced by my review maybe the possibility of seeing a cameo by Junsu might persuade you…

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… or the sexy tango scenes…

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~ maniac Ride


2 thoughts on “Scent of a Woman

  1. Reading your recaps, makes me want to go watch it again. This is on my list of re-watch. There are some scenes you want to keep re-watching. Like when she shows up at his house and he tells her that she’s making him go crazy. Or like, when she had to confess to her best friend or her mom. It gets to me every time. I still cry on those scenes.

    I’m happy to see that you also enjoyed it. Yes, this one took me a while to watch too.

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