Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 5

Khun Lin is more and more worried about Nark. First, he is worried because she drives a bike to go to school and work. What if she gets into an accident? Second, why is she still spending time with Danny? Khun Lin is pretty much ready to do anything to get rid of Danny. If Danny doesn’t do better in school he will be expelled (Power trip much). Nark promises to help Danny study but Danny tries to explain to her that Khun Lin doesn’t care about his grades; Khun Lin is jealous of his relationship with Nark. Nark thinks Danny is crazy. How could Khun Lin look at a girl like her?

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Yong Wen shows an unexpected side of his personality. He has been stealing money from Sang Hui, who blindly trusts him. Yong Wen is in charge of financials and make sure to pocket some money everytime he can. Yong Wen might even have more opportunities to steal from Sang Hui since the latter approve of his marriage with Bai Ling. Sang Hui sees that the two have feelings for each other and because he loves both like his own children he encourages them to get married as soon as possible.

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Puey Lin kidnaps Mina to make sure that her father repays the debt. It’s also because he is interested in her. He tells Aunt Wei to take care of Mina – good food, comfort, etc. Apparently Khun Visanu is not really good at repaying his debts; Puey Lin gives him seven days to repay 20 million (That’s crazy). Khun Visanu insists that he can’t come up with such an amount in seven days. Puey Lin will have to wait. He even asks for more money to gamble (Such a fool). Khun Visanu only takes Puey Lin seriously when Mina is dragged out in the living room. Mina will safely be returned if he pays the money in seven days. If Khun Visanu doesn’t succeed he will not see his daughter again…

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We find out later that Khun Visanu went back to Thailand. Mina can’t believe that her father abandoned her (I am not surprised). The only way Puey Lin can make up for the lost money is by having Mina as his mistress. He tries to force himself on her but ends up getting stabbed. The first attempt failed but Puey Lin is not  going to give up.

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Nark is still doing her best to repay the debt but Khun Lin still discourages her. Nark owes so much that he might be dead by the time she repays everything. He also says that his men have found Nan and her father. Nark begs him to take her money and leave her sister alone. Can he just go after their father and chop his fingers off (Agreeeee)? Khun Lin tells her that their father is useless. Nan is young and beautiful (Perv)… Despite their bickering, both still show a lot of attention to each other. Nark brings him small gifts such as street food and you can feel that Khun Lin is touched by the suggesture. He also enjoys teasing Nark.

Jongsing reminds Mei Jing that she needs to still fulfill her duties when it comes to Khun Lin even if she is upset. If Khun Lin stops spending money on her she might not be successful anymore. Plus when she is with Khun she is happy so even if he doesn’t return her love it might be worth it (Jongsing that’s the dumbest advice you could give her). Jongsing also makes sure to give her a ring that Khun Lin personally chose for her (What a lie).

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Later when she visits Khun Lin, Mei Jing learns from him that he wasn’t the one who choose the ring. It was Jongsing. She is disappointed because she thought that it was a gift that he personally choose for her; and also because she thought that Khun Lin cared so much for her that he knew her preferences in terms of jewelry. Khun Lin forces Mei Jing to thank Jongsing, which she does. She also tries to annoy Jongsing by implying that it was still a present that was bought with Khun Lin’s money.

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Nark tries to contact Nan and her father using Danny’s phone. When she is unable to reach them, Danny asks her why she doesn’t give up. Her father is the one that put her in this situation. Also if Nan cared so much about her why isn’t she coming to help her? Nark explains that Nan is sensitive and weak. That’s no excuse in Danny’s eyes. What if Khun Lin becomes interested in Nark instead? Nark ignores Danny; she doesn’t want a talk about the impossible. Meanwhile Yuttapong and Nan move to a remote area. They are welcome in their temporary/new house by Hourn, who works for Yuttapong. The latter warns Hourn: if someone asks he should say that father and dad are relatives visiting.

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Bai Ling and Yong Wen get married (Poor Bai Ling 😦). All the members of Chaihong Group attend and Mei Jing is also present as Khun Lin’s date.

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When he sees Khun Lin and Mei Jing leaving the wedding, Puey Lin teases Mei Jing once more. Doesn’t she want to get married like others? If she can’t find someone else, he is available. Khun Lin makes it clear that it would be best for Puey Lin to stop talking. Puey Lin wonders why Khun Lin cares so much about a prostitute… (Wrong sentence). He gets a serious beating from Khun Lin. The latter would have killded Puey Lin if it wasn’t for the happy occasion. Yong Wen is staring at the scene and smiling to himself. Sang Hui is also happy to see Yong Wen getting a beating: Yong Wen deserved it.

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Ah Liang, Khun Lin’s driver, is killed when he refuses to help in a plot to kill Khun Lin. Ah Liang met Chin Fu, an acquaintance/friend of his, who asked him to help kill Khun Lin in two days. We find out that Ah Seng, one of Khun Lin’s bodyguard, is an accomplice. He is even the one who shoots Ah Liang.

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Jongsing finds out that Ah Liang has been shot. The body was discovered next to the water. Jongsing guesses that someone might have tried to bribe him (Jongsing should seriously be the boss. So much potential!). He immediately warns Khun Lin. They can’t trust anyone for the time being. If the culprit dares to bribe Ah Liang, he or she might be willing to bribe someone else to get close to Khun Lin. Jongsing can drive. However Khun Lin changes his mind when he realizes that Nark knows the city pretty well (Thanks to her delivery job). He is willing to pay Nark  per day. Jongsing adds that she should protect Khun Lin no matter what.

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Yong Wen is seriously evil. The quiet ones can be the worst sometimes. Not only is he stealing money but he is also manipulating people. He makes everyone believe that he is a good person.

Yong Wen seems to have bigger plans. He is letting others struggle against each other while he waits for a chance to shine (i.e. Puey Lin and Khun Lin). Having the others destroy each other will mean less work for Yong Wen. He won’t have to directly get rid of them. I am worried about Bai Ling. Does he even truly love her or is she just part of his plan?

Seeing Yong Wen’s true colors allowed me to see Puey Lin in a different light. He is still psycho but a lot less. I think he is misunderstood by everyone. He seems to have more feelings than he shows. Yes, he kidnapped Mina but he hasn’t touched her. Partly because she resisted but also because he didn’t want to. There is no way he couldn’t have overpowered her. Puey Lin is upset that he lost 20 million, but also happy that he gets to keep Mina. Honestly, I am sure he could have seduced Mina differently.

Nark’s harsh words (i.e. blood sucking vampire) seem to affect Khun Lin more than he wants to admit. Every time Nark says something mean or hurtful, Khun Lin reflects on it for a moment instead of just dismissing it.

I wonder why Khun Lin forced Mei Jing to thank Jongsing. Is he having some doubts about Jongsing’s feelings for Mei Jing? Hopefully yes! I also don’t want Mei Jing to take Khun Lin’s pity for love.I am mostly referring to the scene where Khun Lin beats Puey Lin up.

I seriously want to know who is the mastermind behind the plot to murder Khun Lin. I want to say Yong Wen or Sang Hui. No offense but Puey Lin isn’t that smart to come up with such a plan.

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