Inspiring Generation Episode 21 Recap


The episode starts with Ok Ryeon finding Jung Tae in Hwangbang. JT masks himself and decides to get Ok Ryeon out of the place first. Meanwhile Shinichii is about to die before Gaya rushes in to kill off all the other attackers. Baek San refuses to let her take him alive. However, Gaya says Shinichii is her swordsman and she will protect him. Leader Seul takes this as a declaration of war from Il Gook Hwae to Hwangbang, but knows that Denkai doesn’t approve. He commands Baek San to take their heads.

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Shinichii tries to attack, but is shot down quickly by Baek San. Gaya tries her hand. While JT is trying to get Ok Ryeon out, he sees the battle between Baek San and Gaya. Gaya is faring very badly against Baek San and is coughing up blood from his harsh blows. JT lets go of Ok Ryeon’s hands. Ok Ryeon tells him that he will die if he goes. JT goes, anyways. Gaya tries her last attempt and JT punches Baek San. JT tells Gaya to take Shinichii and go quickly. He starts fighting the people instead. She knows its JT, but somehow Baek San and Leader Seul have no idea who he is.


3 4

Soon Baek San tells the people he will fight JT personally and for them to go after Gaya & Shinichii. JT prepares himself for the onslaught of Baek San’s power. Meanwhile  Aoki is being scolded by Denkai because by attacking Leader Seul, it means fighting against Shanghai and China. Hwangbang is too powerful with Leader Seul alive. Denkai then scolds him again saying to not keep Gaya in his heart. Aoki says will he be killed too, and Denkai says there are a lot of Aoki’s anyways.

5 6

Surprisingly, JT is fighting pretty well against Baek San and even gets a few hits in. He was even able to take one of Baek San’s most powerful hits without shattering his own ribs. JT tries to scale the wall, but Baek San catches him and almost peels off his mask. However, Ok Ryeon turns off the light before JT is revealed. JT escapes and Ok Ryeon goes to hide inside….and finds Ggoo in the dark. Meanwhile Shinichii and Gaya are mad at each other for coming to each other’s rescue. Shinichii is in a bad state. He asks her if she read his letter and is surprised she still came for him. Shinichii tells her his last words and dies in her arms. Gaya is heartbroken and hugs his dead body.

7 8

However, Hwangbang’s men soon rush by and she has rage in her eyes, aiming to kill them. However, Aoki and Aka stop her. Aoki tells her that the leader has gone to Seolrak. Ggoo confirms to Leader Seul that the fighter was JT and that Ok Ryeon has been drawing blueprints for JT. Ok Ryeon defends herself saying why is she treated like a prisoner and slaps Ggoo. Leader Seul doesn’t buy it and thinks that Ok Ryeon is lying and JT is the attacker. He says if JT is guilty, he will kill both the girl and him.

9 10

A messenger comes to tell Leader Seul that Denkai has arrived. Denkai asks Leader Seul to forgive them to keep the peace for now. He apologizes for the mishap and threatens to expose the opium selling rumor. Leader Seul counters by saying if Aoki is killed, maybe things can get glossed over. Denkai seems unwilling to sacrifice Aoki. Leader Seul reminds him that Ryoko died to keep the peace and Denkai said Leader Seul’s son died then too. Leader Seul insists on Aoki’s head. Denkai says thanks and then leaves… that a yes or no?

11 13

JT goes back home to look at maps and Mo comes for a visit. Mo suggests to use one of Jae Hwa’s documents to save Ok Ryeon, but JT says he will save her himself. JT is thinking about using Bangsamtong and invading the French or Hwangbang territories first instead of waiting to be attacked. He will attack simultaneously, but Mo laughs and says there has to be a reason to fight. JT says it will make the streets safe, and Mo agrees to ally with him. Meanwhile, a letter that is being sent to Osaka by the Denkai shocks Aoki. He realizes that Denkai means to kill him and decides to make plans himself.

14 15

JT sees his gang being dragged off by the police and rushes to the club. He finds Ggoo and Baek San stripping all the members looking for the “punch mark” that Baek San left last night. Ggoo commands JT to take off his shirt and JT breaks his fingers. Baek San throws the maps that Ok Ryeon drew at his face and says that if JT doesn’t bring the documents that would ruin Hwangbang in 2 days, Ok Ryeon will be hung. JT says  if that happens, Hwangbang won’t be safe either. A quick fight ensues and Baek San tries to get punches in, but can’t. He finally gets JT’s jacket off and rips his shirt open. NO BRUISE THOUGH!! Baek San is shocked. JT says for Baek San to let his men go and he will bring a plan. If Hwangbang doesn’t, he will expose all the documents. Baek San has no choice but to agree to the deal.

16 17

Before Baek San leaves, JT engages in another little scuffle and delivers a hard blow in Baek San’s cheset. JT says to relay the message that he will pay back all he has received. Mo knows that JT did get hit last night though and is astounded that JT has adapted his fighting style in a matter of days when it took him years to learn at a Shaolin Temple. He commands his gang to find out how many Hwangbang members exist and tells Old Man Fly’s assistant to go to the intelligence office and steal Aoki’s documents about Hwangbang and Club Shanghai. Sun Woo’s task is to look into Chirinbang and Il Gook Hwae’s dealings. Old Man Fly’s task is to find out the number of people willing to fight against Il Gook Hwae. Everybody puts their trust in JT.

18 19

By using Hwangbang’s soldiers, JT will attack Il Gook Hwae. JT aims to use the telephone to confuse the two sides to fight each other out. Mo visits the Japanese Officer at the prison and presents double the money Jae Hwa had given before. Mo asks the favor of occupying the phone company for one day before giving the money. Meanwhile Aoki is pissed that all his documents have disappeared and is busy punching his subordinates. He knows only Hwangbang or JT could have taken them and commands a search. Seems like he believes it is Hwangbang’s attack. JT sits with Leader Seul and tells him that he wants to attack Il Gook Hwae. JT says he doesn’t have enough men and asks for more from his father. Baek San sees through JT’s plan and knows he wants to have the two big powers to fight. JT brings out two boxes full of documents he had stolen from the intelligence office. Leader Seul is shocked and so is Baek San. Leader Seul is suspicious of JT’s intentions, but JT defends his actions and says Aoki would have used these against Hwangbang. Leader Seul gives him 300 men, but Baek San is still hesitant. JT says 2pm at Standard Bank will be the start of his operation. Leader Seul says he will kill JT after killing Aoki.

20 21

Gaya is holding a service for Shinichii and Aoki shows Gaya his death sentence. He says Denkai will soon call them two and asks her if she will join him or die by Denkai’s hands. Gaya says for him to make his move first and that she has something to do first. Aoki reassures her that he can give her a better world after. Gaya comes to visit JT at Club Shanghai. She asks him to ally with Il Gook Hwae and that she can help protect Bangsamtong. JT says he and his people can never do that. They don’t wish for their fate to be enemies, but unfortunately that is what it comes down to. Gaya says that she hopes they will have better luck in the next life.

22 23

Gaya starts to walk out, but JT grabs her arm to stop her. He looks at her, heartbroken, and apologizes for everything that is happened. Both of their eyes get teary. She leans in slowly and kisses him on the lips. He closes his eyes as well. Both of them are crying. This is the final goodbye for them. She thanks him and says now she can finally wield her sword against him. He whispers her name once more and says for her to live well. She leaves.

24 26

He sees a document that she has left for him on the table. Meanwhile Aoki goes to see the Denkai. Denkai uses a sword metaphor to reemphasize that he and Gaya have become useless and need to be thrown away. Aoki threatens to take over Denkai and pulls out a short knife. Denkai calls for Aka who comes in and commands him to attack. Aka doesn’t move at all? Denkai is shocked and scared that Aka is not listening to his command. Aoki approaches Denkai and thrusts the knife in again and again saying it is for all the Aoki and Gayas that were abandoned. Gaya also walks in, face frozen. Aoki thrusts the knife in one more time and Denkai dies. Aoki falls to his knees and Gaya cries. Gaya was waiting for Denkai to say something worthwhile, but Denkai died full of greed. Aoki thanks Aka, but Aka didn’t do this for Aoki. Aka says he now serves Gaya.

27 28

Leader Seul is informed Denkai has died and decides he has to attend the funeral. He will take JT with him and use him as a shield. He leaves command to Baek San if something happens to him. Meanwhile, Gaya is the new leader. Aoki doesn’t want her to kill JT even if she says she can because he will stay in her heart even longer. Instead, he sends Aka and Yamamoto to do the deed. JT gives a pep speech to his army. He says they will wear the clothes of Hwangbang to attack IL Gook Hwae and turn around to attack Hwangbang later.


Comments: Ah, here we officially end the Gaya & JT OTP I suppose, a bittersweet ending. Very befitting, and I’m pretty sure there will be a fight between them two somewhere near the end I think. Thank god, Denkai is dead. You know what they say, karma comes around. He killed the people closest to him and now he gets killed by those who he thought were closest. I feel bad for Shinichii, he dedicated his whole life to Ryoko and Gaya. JT really showed his skills in this episode. He was able to ward off Baek San and deliver some devastating blows too! He is smart in strategy too! Can’t wait to see how the war will go down!

10 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 21 Recap

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  2. Is there a reason why the mission for IL Gook Hwa is still moving on? Because Denkai dies already, why are they still trying to conquer the China? I understand the fight between Hwangbang and Jung Tae. The only reason why IL Gook Hwa is apart of this fight was because Denkai wanted China. Since he’s died now, and it’s not really one of Gaya’s mission. It’s more like Aoki’s mission. Or is it? I don’t know. Just throwing it out there. Shouldn’t Gaya and Aoki team up with Jung tae and take down Hwangbang? It’s not like Jung tae wants the whole China. He just wants peace with everyone and keep/have Bamsamtong be a safe place to live.

    • Mmm I think Aoki still believes in Il Gook Hwae and wants to take it to new heights. He is very ambitious and wants to make his own name by taking over China. Plus, he likes Gaya who is now in a position of more power and she looks upon him favorably, what better place to be? I think Aoki won’t team up up JT because he is still jealous that Gaya has him in her heart (or does she anymore?). He wishes to have Gaya for himself. But perhaps, it would be to his advantage if he can team up with JT and co to get rid of Hwangbang first. Plus Aoki wants Club Shanghai which is connected to JT and a very important piece of territory. I had wanted Gaya to team up with JT, but there is too much in between them. She can’t just abandon Il Gook Hwae right now.

      • This drama lacks one thing… The interaction between Gaya and Jung Tae. We know they love each other but there isn’t much there except when they were in their teens. I really wanted that “power” love between them. However, this drama lacks a lot of things. They do have one thing right, that’s the sexy and hot actors in here.

  3. I also want more interaction between Gaya and JT. However, in some way, the writer and audience prefer JT with OK. Love between Gaya and JT would be a sad romantic story and will be very moving if the writer do it right. I think just lazy script writing.

    • Yeah, I think the new writer definitely prefers the “sweet couple” of OK and JT rather than the tragic one between JT and Gaya. I’m not sure if you have seen Gaksital (similar era of Japanese occupation and fight for independence), but the same thing happened there. The actress in that drama is the same one who plays OK here and the same character type: “sweet”, but a little more aggressive I suppose. In that drama too, I preferred the main character with the “Japanese” brought up second female lead who was badass like Gaya. Gosh to think of it, these two dramas are so similar!

      • I was just thinking about that yesterday. The storyline is almost the same. I didn’t really ship anyone. I did have HOPES though. However, I just wanted the main guy to survive. That was it. I had that in Gaksital: character, storyline, purpose, mission, and accomplishment.

      • Yeah, I know right? I care more about the main character than the others. However, somehow I always enjoy the love/hate OTP ships more. XD
        I hope Inspiring Generation delivers in the end, at least for JT.

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