Brothers by Yu Hua

Brothers by Yu Hua

I read this book while in Beijing this summer. I picked it up in a Sanlitun bookstore looking for something interesting and simple to read. I can say that I haven’t been in love with a book for so long, but this one was @$%@!!*&!!! That sensation when a book is so good that you can’t put it down?! YES!  It’s a must read. Yu Hua’s writing is simple and he has an ability to switch from the funny/satiric to the sad. Since finishing Brothers, I tried some of his other pieces, which I greatly enjoyed too – To Live and China In Ten Words. I tried writing my own review of Brothers but I kept jumping from one topic to another. It was impossible for me to make it concise enough and say all that I wanted to say. This link will take you to a NPR article, which gives a quick review of the book and a translation of the first chapter. Check it out!

~ maniac Ride



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