Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 6

Nark starts her job as a driver the next day. She takes Khun Lin to a private meeting while Jongsing subs for Khun Lin in a meeting with Sang Hui and Puey Lin. The meeting with Puey Lin and Sang Hui turns sour when they disagree with some of the decisions or contradict each other. Jongsing proposes that they wait for Khun Lin. Sang Hui notes that Jongsing doesn’t seem focused on the meeting. What is wrong with him? Puey Lin throws out that Jongsing might be scared that someone will try to kill Khun Lin (Bingo! You just made yourself Suspect 1). If something happens to Khun Lin, Sang Hui or Puey Lin will become president of the organization.

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Nark is growing suspicous of Ah Seng and keeps an eye on him while waiting for Khun Lin to finish his meeting. She is right to do so… Khun Lin comes out of his meeting and is almost in the car when Ah Seng’s accomplices start shooting. Luckily Nark screams soon enough to alert Khun Lin. The latter takes out his gun and start shooting back. Ah Seng also starts shooting. Khun Lin and Ah Seng exchange several bullets. Nark is able to escape with an injured Khun Lin.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.14.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.13.59 PMThe killers are still following them and the chase ends near what looks like an old factory. Khun Lin and Nark get out of the car and hide inside. Khun Lin is still shooting while they are running. Ah Seng, Chin Fu and their men are still not giving up and pursue them inside the factory. Running is now difficult because of Khun Lin’s wound, which seems pretty serious. Nark finds a safe place for them to hide and encourages Khun Lin to hold on. He can’t die like this. Khun Lin insists that Nark leave him there. Even if they make it she can’t tell anyone about this.

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Nark has an idea. With the light from Khun Lin’s phone and the bullets he has left, they make the killers shoot among themselves. Chin Fu is the only to survive. Khun Lin and Nark get into a cab and hurry to the hospital. Nark does her best to keep Khun Lin awake. She is scared that if he faints or sleeps, he will never wake up. At the hospital, Khun Lin undergoes surgery to extract the bullet while Nark nervously waits outside the operation room. Nark thinks about contacting Jongsing but thinks about Khun Lin’s orders – not to tell Jongsing until he calls himself. Meanwhile, Jongsing, Sang Hui and Puey Lin are still waiting for Khun Lin…

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Chin Fu calls the man who sent him to kill Khun Lin -YONG WEN. The latter is furious that Khun Lin was able to escape. He is going to give one more chance to Chin Fu and it better be worth it.Chin Fu heads to the hospital but is spotted by Nark on the elevator.

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Nark hurries to move Khun Lin in another room. Chin Fu finds the room but luckily Jongsing shows at that moment. He had called Nark and heard about Khun Lin being shot.

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Yong Wen is furious that Chin Fu failed again. He throws a fit and start taking his anger on Bai Ling until Sang Hui walks in. What is this noise? What is going on here? Yong Wen lies that he accidentally broke a cup of tea. Sang Hui can ask Bai Ling if he doesn’t believe Yong Wen. The latter also acts surprised when Sang Hui tells him that Khun Lin has been shot. Both decide to visit Khun Lin at the hospital. Puey Lin also pays a visit to Khun Lin. There is a lot of suspicion among the three visitors. So far, Puey Lin is the only one who suspects Yong Wen, but the latter insists that there are no benefits in killing Khun Lin. Who could it be then? Sang Hui tells Khun Lin that he would never do something so evil; he was friend with Khun Lin’s father.

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Khun Lin thinks about how Nark saved his life. If it wasn’t for her, he would be dead by now. Jongsing is also surprised that Khun Lin owes his life to Nark. Meanwhile Nark is back at school, where she is the center of attention. Her classmates ask her to give gifts to Khun Lin. They have heard that he was shot and recovering at the hospital. Danny pesters Nark until she gives him all the details. Why didn’t she let Khun Lin die? It was her chance to be debt free and go back to Thailand. Nark explains that she couldn’t just let him there. Danny suspects that Nark has feelings for Khun Lin.

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Mei Jing visits Khun Lin but he quickly tells her to leave. She is asking too many questions. Who shot him? How is he feeling? Who helped him? Why does he have so many bodyguards if they can’t even protect him? Khun Lin asks Jongsing to give her a ride back. Khun Lin asks for Nark: When is Nark getting off school? Mei Jing doesn’t fail to notice that Khun Lin seems to be thinking a little too much about Nark. On her way to the car, Mei Jing meets Nark and Danny. She is obviously jealous and gives a nasty glare to Nark. What are all those presents for(None of your business maybe)? Nark explains that they are from her classmates to Khun Lin.

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Khun Lin is surprised (In a good way) when Nark walks in but his mood quickly changes. She only came to deliver her classmates’ presents. Is this the only reason why she came? She tries to hurry and leave since Danny is waiting for her, but Khun Lin wouldn’t let her leave. He heard from Jongsing that Nark slapped him when he was unconscious in the taxi. Nark explains that she did that to save him. She was scared that he would never open his eyes. If he wants, she’ll come everyday after school to get slapped. He needs to make sure that he slaps a different cheek every time so they are equally puffy though (LOL). Nark gets closer to Bomb, but instead of slapping her, he caresses her cheek. Nark is surprised and grab his hand. Khun Lin then tightly hold on to her hand. How could he slap the person who saved his life? He also thanks her for not abandoning him. Instead of the slaps, Khun Lin wants Nark to come every day after school and help him. She would have to read him documents so he can keep up with work while recovering (What an excuse… At this point, he will do anything to spend more time with Nark).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.32.00 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.32.35 PM

Jongsing brings Mei Jing back to her place and even goes inside her apartment to make sure that it’s safe. Mei Jing  teases him; she wishes that something bad would happen to her so that Khun Lin would actually care (So desperate). The more Jongsing ignores her, the more Mei Jing tries to get his attention. She can’t believe that he is so cold. He has never displayed any emotion – greed, lust, love – since they met…

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The action scene was somewhat ridiculous. In real life, Khun Lin would have been dead by now. There is no way that  he could have escaped this murder attempt with only one gun wound. Who is the director trying to lie to?!

With the murder attempt, Khun Lin’s behavior toward Nark has completely changed. He was already slightly interested in her but now it’s at another level. He relied on her to be his driver, to save his life, and now to help him with his work. Mei Jing notices how Khun Lin is restless when he asks Jongsing where Nark is. Jongsing also notices Khun Lin’s unusual behavior and it contrasts with his behavior toward Mei Jing. When Mei Jing visits Khun Lin, he clearly doesn’t want her there. He can’t wait for her to live and since she is not getting it, he forces her to leave. Whereas when Nark visits, he is upset that she didn’t come because she is worried about him. When she tries to leave, Khun Lin finds any excuse possible to have her stay a little longer.

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The funniest thing is that Nark is so oblivious to love and feelings. Her IQ is high, but her EQ is not. Danny is most definitely sure about Khun Lin’s feelings for Nark and tries to explain it to her but she doesn’t get it. I also wonder if Danny has feelings for Nark. It doesn’t seem so but at the same time I don’t feel like Danny’s character would be possessive and jealous even if he did have feelings.

I am worried about Bai Ling. After seeing Yong Wen mistreating Bai Ling and then acting all lovey dovey with her in front of Sang Hui, I am convinced that he is just using her. He probably doesn’t love her. Hope he doesn’t do anything horrible to her.

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~ maniac Ride




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