Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Recap

Jung Tae gives his people a speech to prepare them for the upcoming war. Leader Seul goes with JT to the funeral while leaving Hwangbang in Baek San’s care. JT asks Leader Seul to return Ok Ryeon back to him after the war is over, but Leader Seul says to win over Il Gook Hwae first. JT says he will win and to keep that promise. Both are incredibly tense. They arrive at the funeral and JT sees Gaya. They exchange loaded stares. Gaya says if he returns, he will survive and to not die for Hwangbang. He says he won’t die and she tells him to stay alive so that he can meet who he longs for (Chung Ah?). Leader Seul insults Aoki by saying he will be eliminated soon. Aoki smirks and counters the verbal attack and says goodbye to JT.

22.1 22.2
Leader Seul is shocked and angry at JT for his plan. The whisper about it while surrounded by samurais. JT explains that he and Leader Seul went to the funeral so that Hwangbang and Club Shanghai will be empty for Aoki to mobilize his troops against. JT says he will take care of what is going on here. They stand back to back and JT looks like he is ready for a fight. Aka walks in and Gaya says the war has started. Gaya commands Aka to kill Leader Seul and Leader Seul hides behind JT asking his “son” to defend him. Aka attacks and though JT blocks that blow, he let Leader Seul feel fear for a second when he did not act as quick as he would have. JT tells Aka that he will fight him.

22.3 22.4
Meanwhile, Aoki’s police officers arrive at Club Shanghai. Aoki tells his army to search all the rooms for the documents and take any liquor they find. JT’s gang make their move outside while Aoki is preoccupied inside. Mo and Old Man Fly go to the phone company. Another branch of Il Gook Hwae pay a visit to Hwangbang and tells Baek San that they are there to search for opium. Aoki’s subordinate has brought a warrant. Baek San says if they don’t find any opium that they will all be fired since Hwangbang is the face of Shanghai. Baek San calls out his mini army and tells them to keep an eye on the police officers. Ggoo and Ok Ryeon are stuck inside. He tells her that Il Gook Hwae and Hwangbang are at war and that JT is in the middle of it with Bangsamtong. He tells her that this war will determine whether JT and her will die or live.

22.5 22.6
Meanwhile JT and Aka are engaged in combat. JT is quick on his feet and delivers several good blows on Aka. Aka can’t seem to even touch him! Wow, when did JT get this good! Even though Aka can’t feel pain, JT manages to dislocate or impair the use of the man’s sword arm. Aka drops his sword and can’t pick it up. Leader Seul notices this and how Aka now uses his other hand to pick up the sword. Mo and company take out the phone company guards easily and go inside. Old Many Fly and So So are already inside and Mo explains to the other staff that the situation is just a simulation. They uncover their table to reveal a bunch of phones with lights upon them and the territory map. They have staked out all the important places with black stones. Mo looks at his watch.

22.7 22.8
JT continues to demolish Aka. Leader Seul is pleased with JT’s skill. Aka is coughing up blood now and falls to his knees. He can’t even get up since his nerves have been repeatedly attacked by JT. Mo explains the strategy of attacking and calling. It is reported back to Il Gook Hwae that one of their branches is being attacked. Gaya asks JT if it is his doing. She lets her knife out of her sleeve. So-So calls Il Gook Hwae and Yamamoto picks up. She transfers the call to one of JT’s gang members who pretends to frantically scream that north branch is being attacked. The rest of the staff are laughing at the guy’s acting. Meanwhile Yamamoto mobilizes more men to go there. Now Mo tells So So to call again, but as the casino. They act out another scenario and say they are attacked. Yamamoto now requests to hear about East branch who also says they are being attacked. Each place is acted out by a different gang member. Yamamoto is freaking out and sending even more men out to see what is happening. He is told that he has no more men left. Second operation now comences.

22.9 22.10
The rest of JT’s gang cover their faces and go to “rob” Standard Bank. That is reported to Gaya and she wants soldiers mobilized to cover that main branch, but Yamamoto has already used up everybody. Gaya is pissed while Leader Seul smirks and claps. JT tells Leader Seul they are going to the phone company and that he will break Il Gook Hwae’s soldiers one group at a time. Aoki finds no documents at the club, but rather a map with all the territories listed. So-So calls Club Shanghai and Aoki connects the call to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya tells Aoki that they were counterattacked and all the banks are attacked at the same time. Aoki tells her to send all the soldiers to the main branch. She tells him not to come there and just focus on finding the documents. Gaya and Yamamoto with all their soldeirs now head out to Standard Bank.

22.11 22.15
Mo says it is now time to back out while watching Hwangbang and Il Gook Hwae fight each other. They are waiting for Mangchi and co to come back. That group seems to have stolen a lot of gold bricks from Standard Bank. JT now sends all his men to Standard Bank. A huge fight breaks out between Hwangbang men and Il Gook Hwae men. Il Gook Hwae are being overwhelmed. JT connects a phone call to Aoki at Club Shanghai. JT says he has left a present for Aoki to find. Aoki asks if it is the operation maps and commands JT out to fight. JT tells Aoki that war is being waged right now. Aoki realizes that he has fallen into JT’s trap. Gaya has joined the fray at Standard Bank, but is being surrounded by Hwangbang men as well. Aoki commands for all Il Gook Hwae’s soldiers to be deployed even at the cost of his career. He will go to Standard Bank as well because Gaya is being massacred with the rest of Il Gook Hwae.

22.16 22.17
Aoki going to Standard Bank was also part of JT’s plan. Gaya is fighting for her life and get’s sliced. She falls, but is saved by Aoki coming in with guns blazing. He shoots the Hwangbang men to hold them at bay. Aoki surrenders his gun and takes up a sword to keep fighting. He stands over Gaya’s fallen form. Aoki’s men arrive ready to start shooting, but is stopped by the Shanghai Officer (who Mo had bribed) and his men. The officer arrests Aoki for using government assets. Aoki says it is enough if he just resigns, but the officer pulls out a gun and tells Aoki that he will go to prison, not back to Il Gook Hwae. Gaya limps over and the officer says to arrest her too. Aoki accuses the officer of allowing JT into the phone company. The officer doesn’t care and says to arrest everybody, but Gaya.

22.18 22.20
JT and company make it back to Club Shanghai. They are super excited over all the gold they acquired. Everybody is praising JT for his accomplishment of making Bangsamtong rich. They want to host a party, but JT is a party pooper and says next time! Mo convinces JT to hold the party and stop worrying about Ok Ryeon for awhile. Ok Ryeon is so proud that JT defeated those two forces without spilling Bangsamtong blood. Ok Ryeon is also pleased that Aoki is arrested and that JT took revenge for her mother. Baek San reports back to Leader Seul that Il Gook Hwae members have been annihilated. He also reports that a bunch of Hwangbang men were lost as well, but known of JT’s men suffered. Furthermore, he tells Leader Seul that JT has his hands on a bunch of gold too, but didn’t bring any to Leader Seul. Leader Seul is pissed and calls for Ggoo to send a “congratulatory message”.

22.21 22.22
Everybody is enjoying the party at Club Shanghai. A flashback shows JT and Mo are discussing about luring Leader Seul to the club for him to die. JT’s gang personally brings a box full of gold to Leader Seul as a present. Leader Seul is pleased and asks how much is there in total. The two gang members say they don’t know and Leader Seul probes about the 5 boxes of gold rumor he heard. The members say that Leader Seul is invited to the party and to bring Ok Ryeon too. Leader Seul has a greedy look on his face, but refuses to go. Mo and JT discuss plan B which involves Gaya. JT tells Mo that will ask for an engagement with Ok Ryeon and invite Chiringbang to attend as well as act as a shield. He also says to spread the message that the Standard Bank money will be divided amongst the Chiringbang since he can’t use the gold anyways. So-So and Sun Woo are measuring Ok Ryeon for her engagement dress. Ok Ryeon is really excited at the prospect of JT keeping his promise and marrying her.

22.23 22.24
JT dresses again according to the message Ok Ryeon had written him years ago in Shineuijoo. He redos the entire date again. Leader Seul is angry that Chiringbang elders will also attend the proposal. He tells Baek San to prepare THE drug, the one they used to kill JT’s father. WHAT. Ok Ryeon can’t sleep because she is so excited and decides to go out for a fresh breath of air. Outside, she spies Baek San with a vial, but thinks nothing of it and walks away. Hello, suspicious much?

22.25 22.26
The next day, the proposal event begins with Leader Seul greeting everybody. Ok Ryeon and So-So are getting ready for the event. Mo is watching everybody eat and drink at the party. Leader Seul finally walks in and immediately JT is suspicious. JT stands up at the table and announces to the elders that he plans to marry Ok Ryeon now. JT asks for permission and of course Leader Seul agrees. Ok Ryeon walks out in her wedding dress and JT is entranced. He thanks her for waiting for him for so long. He pulls out a ring and slips it onto her finger. He then hugs her and tells her he will never be late again. He kisses her! But WAIT, he looks a little dizzy as he comes away from the kiss, or is it just me? I know its not just young love…..

22.27 22.28
Comments; Uh Oh, has Leader Seul poisoned everybody’s drink? I wouldn’t put it pass him. Maybe it is just me, but JT and even Ok Ryeon look little fuzzy coming away from the kiss. Shared poison? Wah, I hope Mo will save the day? But he was drinking too. Anyways, I really enjoyed the trick JT played on Hwangbang and Il Gook Hwae. One big player is out of the game, but how will Gaya still be involved? JT did mention something about her still being in the plan. Hmmm. Please, Leader Seul just die. AHH.


12 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Recap

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      • I looked again but I think you were right, what the heck is he planning for her? He really does no deserve her love at all. SMH….

      • Yeah, I’m not sure at all! He had basically took apart her entire organization….he hasn’t really done too much for her while she keeps on saving his life.

  2. “They arrive at the funeral and JT sees Gaya. They exchange loaded stares. Gaya says if he returns, he will survive and to not die for Hwangbang. He says he won’t die and she tells him to stay alive so that he can meet who he longs for (Ok Ryeon?)”

    I don’t think she meant Ok Ryeon, my guess is Chung-Ah. I think Gaya know where Chung-Ah is…

      • My crazy guess is that Chung-Ah will appear in the last episode as the ‘happy ending’ for Jungtae. I pretty sure Gaya only recruited Dok Goo back then because he mentioned Chung-Ah, which sparked Gaya’s interest?
        If Gaya really know the whereabouts of Chung-Ah I don’t think she’ll hold her against Jungtae…

      • Yeah, that might just happen! Gaya is always thinking of JT. I hope that brother and sister are re-united and I am really curious as to where she has been. I hope Gaya survives as well and can move on with her life without JT. She deserves some happiness.

  3. that is the reason I like Gaya. She love JT without any condition. She never told him that she saved him, or ask him any favors. the only thing keep her from show love to him because of her organization. Actually by stay at her grandfather org. She knows everything about JT and will be able to keep him alive. She is the heroine never appreciate by my hero JT. on the other hand, OK take all the credit for waiting for JT and taking care of him while he was injured. Everyone around her telling her how great she is to JT. OK’s character like a little princess. everyone around her has to adore her and serve her and please her. If she dies at the end, I don’t think I will miss her that much.
    When Gaya tell JT to stay alive to return someone he love. I hope she refer to his sister. If Gaya has been helping his sister all this years, What a great girl Gays is.

    • I really do appreciate all that Gaya has done for JT and I hope that he acknowledges it a little better. As for OK i dont have any particular feeling for her since she is boring to me. Maybe if that soo-ok actor hadn’t dropped b the drama there may be a little more excitement

      • I totally agree that by dropping soo-ok character. The middle section of the drama moving slow and Ok character is dull.

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