Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 7

Mei Jing is playing mind games with Jongsing. Asking him if he thinks she is pretty or to unzip her dress. Jongsing is obviously not indifferent but resists the temptation. What would Khun Lin think if he were to be too close to Mei Jing?

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Yong Wen orders his men to kill Chin Fu. The latter knows too much… Bai Ling hears Yong Wen’s conversation and remains suspicious despite Yong Wen lies. The phone conversation she heard was him trying to reserve a table in a restaurant (What kind of restaurant has killing on their menu? Go figure…). Bai Ling asks Sang Hui if he knows anyone called Chin Fu but her uncle answers no. Why is she asking? Bai Ling says she heard Yong Wen mentioning that person’s name.

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Yong Wen and Bai Ling visit Khun Lin who is still in the hospital. Yong Wen tries to figure out how much Khun Lin knows and promises to have his men help in the search(Yeah right). He implies that Puey Lin might be behind it and keeps insisting despite Khun Lin being convinced that Puey Lin would not benefit from killing him. Yes, Puey Lin could want the position of president but so could Sang Hui. Puey Lin and Bai Ling both protest: Sang Hui would never think about killing Khun Lin.

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After their visit, Bai Ling tries to advise her husband. Why would he even suggest that Puey Lin is the culprit? He shouldn’t be making random assumptions. Yong Wen gets upsets and tells her to stop meddling. On their way out, they meet Nark. Yong Wen is hesitant. Has he seen Nark before? What is she doing here?

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Luckily or unluckily (Depending on who you ask, Chin Fu is able to escape alive). Meanwhile Khun Lin and Jongsing are digging into the matter. Who is the mastermind behind the assasination attempt? Nark is able to briefly describe the man. Nark is also spending more and more time with Khun Lin. The latter uses work to spend more time with her.

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Jongsing notices that Khun Lin seems to be in a better mood lately. Once Khun Lin gets out of the hospital, he should try to find time to relax. Khun Lin agrees and thanks Jongsing for worrying. Jongsing also updates Khun Lin on the Nan matter. Yuttapong and Nan are nowhere to be found. Ah Wei has searched every province of Thailand. Should Ai Wei be replaced? Khun Lin doesn’t care much and tells Jongsing to decide what he thinks is best. They already have Nark anyway… Talking about Nark, Jongsing suggests that they send her back to Thailand. She saved Khun Lin and that is more than enough to repay the debt. Khun Lin is not happy (At all) by the suggestion. To make Jongsing stop talking about it, he lies: He will consider sending Nark back. As soon as Jongsing leaves, he admits to himself that he will never let Nark be away from him (O_O). However Jongsing is not stupid; he is almost sure of Khun Lin’s feelings.

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While Khun Lin and Nark are getting closer, Nan is still thinking about the handsome man she saw – Khun Lin. Will she ever see him again (Don’t worry. You will)?

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Mina is able to seduce Puey Lin enough and make him believe that something might actually happen between them. Once she tricks him, she is able to run away. Unfortunately she is rapidly caught and locked in a smaller room. Puey Lin instructs his men to guard Mina closely. If she escapes, they are dead.

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Nark is supposed to meet with Khun Lin the day he is discharged from the hospital but one of Khun Lin’s employee gives her an errand – deliver flowers and a gift to Mei Jing. The latter is not excited about the gift since it’s always the same thing every year – flowers and jewelry. Nark promises that next year she will persuade Khun Lin and have him pick a different gift personally. Mei Jing is obviously happy since Khun Lin would only personally buy a gift to someone who is special to him (I don’t think that person will be you). Mei Jing also learns about the relationship between Nark and Khun Lin. Nark is repaying a debt her father owes to Khun Lin.

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When Khun Lin gets back from the hospital, he is upset to learn that his employee sent Nark to run an errand. No one is to give orders to Nark except him. He is even more upset since he had ordered food for the both of them (Romantic dinner much). Khun Lin calls Mei Jing to find out where Nark is and learns that Nark left an hour ago. Where is Nark then?

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Nark is finally done with her deliveries and stop by Khun Lin’s office but finds out that he left. She waits for a while and then return back home. Guess who is waiting at home for her?!!! Khun Lin!!!

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Khun Lin asks her why she didn’t come to the appointment. Are his words meaningless? Nark explains that she didn’t think he would wait for her. Nark is sorry. She had to deliver the gift to Mei Jing and traffic was awful. Khun Lin asks her who told her to take the gift to Mei Jing. She shouldn’t take orders from anyone except him. Nark apologizes again; she didn’t know that the documents he wanted her to work on were so important. She is done though… She gives him the documents and a present for New Year’s Eve. It’s a watch to replace the one she had to give to the taxi driver to take them to the hospital. Khun Lin is touched by the intention. He pretends to still be mad.

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Nark can only take orders from him only. No one else because he is her creditor. Nark agrees. She is also happy because it’s the first time in her life that someone waited for her and gave her importance (:-(). Khun Lin also has a gift for her: a Rubik’s Cube, which she finds on her bed. She runs after Khun Lin to thank him for the present.

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Nark is now obsessed with the cube trying to solve it and Khun Lin is always thinking about Nark…

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.06.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.06.04 PM



Khun Lin has now officially fallen in love with Nark. The good thing: He is not in denial. He might not admit his feelings to Jongsing but deep down he knows how he feels. That’s all that matters!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.57.53 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.58.02 AM

I am so interested by the love story between Puey Lin and Mina. Apparently the two actors are both newbies and I think they are not doing bad at all. Except that Mina’s voice tend to annoy me when she starts winning/crying. The story between Mina and Puey Lin might develop into a substantial love story. Let’s see what surprise the director has for us. I can’t wait!

Yong Wen is making himself look suspicious by talking on the phone everywhere and asking too many questions. Bai Ling needs to be more careful if she is going to investigate. Yong Wen doesn’t seem to be the patient kind. I am almost sure that he wouldn’t hesitate doing something to silence her if she becomes a burden. I still don’t understand though why Yong Wen would want to kill Khun Lin since he has technically no chance to become president of the organization. Unless he is planning on getting rid of Khun Lin, Puey Lin, AND Sang Hui???!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.52.06 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.52.16 AM

Mei Jing is confused by the relationship between Nark and Khun Lin. Nark seems to be nice and on Mei Jing’ side but Khun Lin seems to have feelings for Nark. Mei Jing is probably wondering how to act. I hope she doesn’t start hating Nark. I am also questioning some of Mei Jing’s outfit… The photoshoot one made her look like a cheap Christmas tree.

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~ maniac Ride


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