Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 8

Nark gets her Rubik’s Cube taken away from her by a professor. The professor turns it in to Khun Lin since he is Nark’s guardian. When Khun Lin sees Nark, he asks her about the cube. Where is it? Nark lies that she left it at home. Danny and her go to the professor and beg to have it back. That’s when she learns that Khun Lin had it the all time. Nark goes to Khun Lin and asks for the cube back. She promises that she will be more careful in the future and not play with it in class. Khun Lin returns it to her and asks her to not be scared of him. I guess he is referring to her lying about having it at home and then avoiding him because of that. Nark explains that she has the feeling that Khun Lin doesn’t want to see her. He always has this threatening expression…

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Everyone in Chaihong Group is wondering how Khun Lin survived the assasination attempt. Khun Lin doesn’t want to put Nark in danger so he explains that The Shadow is the one that saved him. The Shadow is the person who helps the leader of Chaihong Group – advising, conducting deals, protecting, etc. The Shadow, who protected Khun Lin’s father is dead, but Khun Lin recruited someone that he trusts and loves (Is this a implicit declaration of his love for Nark? O_O). The person’s name is Cubic. Yong Wen is not happy to learn the existence of Cubic. He wants to quickly find the identity of Cubic.

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Mina cuts her wrist and is sent to the hospital. When she wakes up, she escapes and makes her way in the streets. Puey Lin rushed to the hospital only to find an empty bed. He is furious. How can Aunt Wei and the bodyguard let Mina escape?! They start looking for Mina but the latter encounters Nark. At first Nark is hesitant but then she agrees to help. Mina hides in a trash. Puey Lin asks Nark if she has seen a girl her age. Nark lies but Puey Lin is not convinced and keep looking. He tries to open the trash but Nark warns him: She has taken a number two in the trash. She couldn’t find the bathroom and couldn’t hold it in. Puey Lin has no choice but to give up.

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Nark takes Mina to her dorm room and helps her clean up. Both discover that they share a similar fate. Their fathers abandoned them because they couldn’t repay their debts except that Puey Lin wants Mina to become his mistress. Mina wants to go back to Thailand right away but Nark explains to her that Puey Lin and his men must be waiting at every airport. For now, Mina should tell people that she is Khun Lin’s girl. No one would dare to touch her. Nark has to leave for work but that’s when Khun Lin shows up. Who is this girl? What is she doing here? Mina, who has never seen Khun Lin, immediately uses what Nark told her: She is Khun Lin’s girl (LMAO. Your first attempt and your plan already failed).

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Khun Lin hears the story but says that the matter between Puey Lin and Mina has nothing to do with Nark and him. He will call Puey Lin tomorrow and have him come pick Mina up. Nark is furious. Those mafia people are all the same. They get pretty girls and force them to become their mistresses. She implies that Khun Lin is no different than Puey Lin.

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Puey Lin finds Mina alone in the dorm. He tries to drag Mina out and then tries forcing a kiss on her. That’s when Nark walks in. She separates them and tries to protect Mina but Puey Lin takes out his gun and shoots. When Khun Lin walks in, all he can see is Nark on the bed with Mina on her side and Puey Lin holding a gun. Khun Lin pushes Puey Lin against the wall. What has Puey Lin done to Nark? Puey Lin doesn’t understand why Khun Lin is so upset over one girl. It’s that girl that first got involved with Mina. Puey Lin is just doing is best to have Mina back. Khun Lin is about to shoot when Nark wakes up… She had fainted when she thought that Puey Lin had shot her.

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Puey Lin tries to leave with Mina but Khun Lin wouldn’t let him. He will give him Mina back once Puey Lin is calmer. Puey Lin shouldn’t forget that Khun Lin is the most powerful; everyone in Chaihong Group is under his control. Puey Lin gives up for now but warns Khun Lin. If he does anything to Mina, he will hear from him.

Mina asks Nark what’s her relationship with Khun Lin. He seemed so worried about her when he saw her passed out. He almost killed Puey Lin because of Nark. Does Khun Lin have feelings for Nark? Nark protests. It’s only because he wants her to fully pay her debt. He doesn’t want to lose 20 million for nothing.

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Bai Ling is growing more and more suspicious of Yong Wen. Who is Chin Fu? Why is Yong Wen looking for Cubic’s true identity? Money has also been disappearing from the safe but Sang Hui discourages her from asking her husband.

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Sang Hui also learns that Chin Fu is the gunman who tried to kill Khun Lin. He wants more information about the mastermind behind. Khun Lin and Jongsing also find out about Chin Fu. The latter is a professional gunman, who came back from China six months ago.

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Bai Ling connects everything and realizes that Yong Wen is behind the assassination attempt. She confronts him and he can’t deny it anymore. Yong Wen says he did it all for Sang Hui. If Khun Lin dies, Sang Hui will become the president of Chaihong Group. Bai Ling protests. Yong Wen did it for himself. How could he? Khun Lin is their leader. Bai Ling decides to tell Sang Hui and that’s when Yong Wen shoots her. Sang Hui rushes in the room after hearing the gunshot and is heartbroken at the sight of Bai Ling dead. Yong Wen lies that Bai Ling thought that he had another woman. She wouldn’t believe him when he denied and killed herself.

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I am so disgusted by Yong Wen that even writing a comment on him annoys me. How long will he be able to pretend?Hearing Bai Ling say that he must be doing all of this for himself only convinces me that he is selfish and ungrateful. Sang Hui has given him so much and he repays him by killing his niece. Yong Wen is also aiming for something that is not his – the position of president. So greedy.

Bai Ling should have been more careful. She should have played the game – sleeping with the enemy – and find a better plan. Direct confrontation was obviously not the best option.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.59.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.59.11 PM

Also, am I the only one who likes Puey Lin?!


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