Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 9

Yong Wen is seen crying at Bai Ling’s funeral. The other guest – including family, members of Chaihong Group, and Mei Jing – are also present. Why did Bai Ling die at such a young age? Mei Jing has some doubts about her death. Just the other day, Bai Ling was talking about having kids. Could it be that Yong Wen killed her? Khun Lin is doubtful. Why would Yong Wen kill the woman he deeply loved?

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Mei Jing discovers that Jongsing has secretly been taking pictures of her. Does Jongsing like her? Jongsing denies; he has been keeping pictures of her because it’s his duty. He needs to be able to protect her if needed since she is Khun Lin’s woman. Jongsing hurries and deletes the pictures. If Khun Lin were to see them that wouldn’t be good.

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Jongsing finds out that Nark is in danger since someone is trying to find out who is Cubic. Khun Lin warns Nark once more: no one should find out that she is Cubic. Otherwise she will be in danger. Nark realizes her importance and makes a suggestion since she has the power to advise Khun Lin: He should help Mina by telling Puey Lin that Mina is Cubic’s woman. Khun Lin is on board and lies to Puey Lin but the latter isn’t that stupid. To discourage Khun Lin, Puey Lin asks for 100 million instead of the 20 million Khun Lin offered for him to release Mina.

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Jongsing insists once again that Khun Lin should let go Nark. It would avoid problems with Puey Lin and would be a way to thank her for saving him. Khun Lin explains that’s his way of helping Nark; he doesn’t espcially care about her. Khun Lin just doesn’t want to look like a selfish person (Excuse me if you don’t care what she thinks shouldn’t matter AT ALL). Jongsing enjoys teasing Khun Lin and keeps making him defend himself. Khun Lin keeps lying that he doesn’t have feelings for Nark and he doesn’t want Jongsing to believe the opposite. To convince Puey Lin, Khun Lin stages a little performance. Danny pretends to be Cubic and affirms that Mina is his. Puey Lin doesn’t care much. Cubic is Khun Lin’s shadow, not his. He tries to drag Mina away but Khun Lin reacts and the two end up fighting (Skip skip skip that part! The fighting part is so ridiculous and unrealistic SMH).

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Puey Lin is so injured after the fight and surprisingly (Or not) Mina seems to be genuinely worried about him. She kneels next to him and keeps screaming his name. Nark, who has been watching the scene from afar all along, rushes in the room. She is so impressed by Khun Lin’s fighting skills (*Cough cough cough*).

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Khun Lin thanks Danny for helping and offers him money. Danny refuses the money; he did it because he wanted to save Mina from a pervert like Puey Lin. He is also referring to Khun Lin indirectly (😀). Khun Lin seems offended by the comment but starts smiling again when Nark compliments is fighting skill on and on.

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Khun Lin is also jealous of Nark paying attention to Danny. She had promised Danny that they would have dinner together to thank him. When Khun Lin hears that, he makes sure to create extra work for Nark. Danny is upset and lets Khun Lin know that he understands what he is doing and thinking about (Watch for Danny’s little dance 😀).

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Nark has to translate documents right away but as soon as Danny leaves, Khun Lin invites Nark to have dinner. They are having a good time when Mei Jing shows up. Nark leaves the two of them and before doing so she even sets a plate for Mei Jing. Khun Lin is not happy seeing Nark leaving and serving Mei Jin, but as usual Nark is oblivious and even happy to see the couple together.

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After dinner, Mei Jing sticks around and brings up the photo topic. Has Khun Lin seen the pictures that Jongsing secretly took? Khun Lin says no and Jongsing justifies that he just thought that the photo shoot pictures were pretty that’s why he took them. The conversation is getting more and more awkward and Jongsing lies about not having the pictures anymore since his phone fell in the water. He then leaves in a hurry. Khun Lin suggests that Jongsing might secretly like Mei Jing and if that’s the case he sees no problem in giving Mei Jing to Khun Lin (OHHHHHH SNAPPP). How can he jealous or worry about love? Mei Jing is offended and quickly leaves. She sees Jongsing on her way and takes her anger on him.

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Khun Lin later tells Jongsing about the conversation he had with Mei Jing. Jongsing has been so loyal to him that giving him Mei Jing shouldn’t be a problem. Plus he would do anything to get rid of Mei Jing right now (Trying to make space for Nark I see). Does Jongsing like Mei Jing? Jongsing denies. Khun Lin smiles; Jongsing wouldn’t probably like someone like Mei Jing (You are mistaken).

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Sang Hui is grieving the death of Bai Ling and finds support with Yong Wen (O_O). All he has left is Yong Wen (Sang Hui you would be better off without Yong Wen). Sang Hui still doesn’t have a clue about Yong Wen looking for Cubic and being the one trying to kill Khun Lin.

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Mina is moving to a safe house that Khun Lin prepared for her. She will be sent to Thailand when it’s the right time. Nark notices that Mina isn’t looking relieved now that she is safe. Is she worried about Khun Lin??! Is she developing feelings for Khun Lin (Of course she is)?

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The cuteness between Khun Lin and Nark is killing me. The almost kiss scene when they discuss the plan with Danny being Cubic and Mina made me so happy! He was trying to get so close and if it wasn’t for Nark falling on the floor, they would have probably kissed T_T.

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Khun Lin cares so much about Nark that he even lowers his pride and asks Danny for help. He says it himself: If it wasn’t for Nark, he would never ask Danny for anything.

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Mei Jing has also been really helpful when it comes to giving clue about Khun Lin’s feelings for Nark. A few episodes ago, she is the one that said that Khun Lin only gave present to someone he cared about. Seeing Khun Lin giving a Rubik’s Cube to Nark we can guess how he feels about her… In this episode, Mei Jing notices that Khun Lin eats with Nark although he usually hates eating with people. We are getting all the hints thanks to Mei Jing. I hope that she understands the hints she’s been giving too; and leave Khun Lin alone. What he did to her in this episode is so embarrassing. A man who loves you would never even think about giving you to another man. Mei Jing please give up.

The fight scene between Puey Lin and Khun Lin was so ridiculous. It was a pain to watch. If you can, please skip that part. It looks so overdone… The only thing we got of that scene is Danny making Khun Lin jealous and Mina showing her feelings for Puey Lin. Mina being worried about him was quite cute.

~ maniac Ride


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